TS4- Whim Challenge 2.2: Love and Loss

Gen 2 Chapter 2


Sadly, you won’t see much of our beloved Lulu in this chapter.  It would have been weird dragging  his parents to dates and stuff so they got left behind at home most of the time.  I didn’t realize until I was taking the pictures that I had so few pics with them.  He saw them every night and morning.


This was pretty cool.  He had to start a protest here for his job.


After he was finished with his protest he went looking for his next victim and found Navya sitting alone inside.


He flirted and kissed.


Then took her out to the observatory for some more fun.


This popped up after the woohoo whim was completed.  What??? He just aged from teen.  Obviously, I ignored it.


Here have yet another key to his apartment… everyone has one!


After the fun with Navya, Tate meets up with Luca for a dinner date.


He’s soon putty in Tate’s hands… first kissed and given a key.


He had just rolled into bed when Pixey called to invite him to a party at the ruins.


After Pixey went to sleep he saw Ingrid and took advantage of the flirty vibe to get to know her better.


He had to talk to neighbors about neighborhood changes for work and invited over good old Raj.  Sadly, this is the last we see of him.  I couldn’t figure out why his son kept showing up and realized our Raj had passed away.


Tate went to a festival with a bunch of other sims and couldn’t find most of them.  Even in the Sims game girls congregate in bathrooms together!


After the slip up with Pixey falling asleep the night before, Tate wants to make up for lost time and asks her on a date to a park.


First-kissed, keyed and woohoo’d all in one day.


But the day is still young!  Tate sends her sister Trixey a flirty text after his date with Pixey is over and she invites him to a lounge in Oasis Springs.


First kissed and keyed.


I didn’t bother taking a shot of Ingrid’s first kiss because some weird dude got all in their faces angry or something because of the kissing.  So she was first-kissed and keyed.


The days are running together.  I’m assuming this date with Blake is the same day as Ingrid.  For a change they went to a museum type place.  (I’m too lazy to look up the name of it.)


There was no place to woohoo there so they headed back home.  It might not seem like it because I don’t think there’s any more pics of them but Blake is one of my favorites.


Up bright and early the next day to stage yet another protest.  It’s so funny to watch.  Especially this time because they didn’t pay him much attention.


I realized that for his Serial Romantic aspiration he would need to kiss two more sims.  So he kept Auston behind after the protest to get their relationship up.  Auston’s needs were bad, he kept thinking about needing sleep and trying to nap on the bench so this one was put on the back burner.


Sadly as soon as Akira got off of the elevator after work that night he passed away.


All the neighbors and Lulu ran out to see what was happening.  Tate was in the apartment trying to figure out which of his many suitors he hadn’t kissed since the current level of the aspiration.  He was inviting them over and kissing them then asking them to leave.


Jarrett was the 10th kiss for his aspiration.  Lulu seems a bit shocked to see her son in the living room kissing some guy in the morning.  If you only knew Lulu.


This time he has a proper date with Auston when he calls and invites Tate.  Now it’s time to ask 8 sims to be his boyfriend/girlfriend.  I didn’t bother taking any screenshots of that.  He had two more to go when the inevitable happened…


Our dear Lulu left this world bright and early two days after Akira.


Tate was heartbroken after the loss of his dear mother.  He has no idea what he’ll do in this big empty apartment now.  Lulu was level 9 in the reviewer career, I just couldn’t get her writing skill up high enough.  I should have looked up the end job requirements when she started the career like I usually do.

Chapter 2.3

Chapter notes:

Most days Tate worked from home and had two or three dates or meet-ups a day so it might seem like this was a really long period of time but it was less than a week.  As stated, he just needs 2 more gold dates and 2 boyfriends/girlfriends to complete his aspiration.  With Lulu, I wasn’t very interested in pursuing an aspiration but with Tate, this one just seemed right.  You’ve gotta think, he didn’t have the most normal upbringing.  He hung out in clubs with his parents most of his childhood years until they got married when he was a teen.  Even then, they were dragging him everywhere they went most of the time.  

Once he’s done with the aspiration I’m really not sure what’s going to happen.  He’ll have 8 boyfriends/girlfriends and 10 total romantic interests!  He’ll have the player trait so he won’t have to worry about jealousy.  (hopefully)  I guess it’s just up to him… whoever he has whims for and whoever asks him on a date or something and catches his interest.  This has been really fun doing it this way this time.  There were even more sims that he didn’t even pursue.  I’ve got my favorites and a few I’m not keen on mostly because of their traits.  We’ll see what happens.  I’m not sure how things with go since he’s mourning the loss of his mom.

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