TS4- Whim Challenge 2.4: Babies and Birthdays

Gen 2 Chapter 4


When Tate invited Pixey and Ingrid over to check their pregnancies I was surprised to see Pixey still had a flat belly!


Then the craziest thing happened.  She was there for a few minutes and when I looked she had a belly!


The neighbor, Raj’s son is really weird.  He just barges into the apartment all the time to use their bathroom and stuff.  Most of the time he’s filthy.  I can’t figure it out.


I decided to help Blake along in his job as something for him to do instead of just roaming the house like Akira did.


The group heads out to the flea market.


Tate feels the baby.


Ingrid goes into labor!


I didn’t realize there would be a pop-up and kept checking the family tree.


So the guys now have a daughter.


Then during Tate’s adult birthday the next day Pixey goes into labor too.  It’s strange that she went into pregnancy after Ingrid since technically he tried for baby with her first.


It was so funny.  He went into the pre-parental panic and freaked out.


I swear it’s so hard to get the group to celebrate the birthday.  They’re all over the apartment.


After everybody leaves they enjoy some alone time.  Think of it as the calm before the storm.


While they wait for news about the baby they head to the Humor and Hijinks Festival.


Tate lights a firework and gets scared.


When Phoenix starts crying Blake goes back up to the apartment to care for her.  The fireworks look awesome from there.


Then this notification pops up!


Yep.  Three babies at once!


They were both exhausted by morning.


Some of their friends stop by.  For some reason the “play such and such game” whim isn’t registering as completed.  I guess I’ll just start clicking them out.  He played for freaking hours as a test and it did nothing.


Phoenix ages up.  I was so excited that she got her mom’s red hair.  Sadly, she didn’t get her dad’s blue eyes.


She was really mad when she saw her brother and sister.


Blake tried to calm her down.  It was really strange, even though Blake helped take care of her when she was a baby she had to introduce herself to him… and then they had a “friends” relationship right away.  She also had a bunch of sims in her relationship panel that I’ve never even heard of let alone her ever meeting them.  I finally figured out that they are her relatives.  Her mom came from a randomly generated family so she has a grandma, grandpa and an uncle!


Playing dolls with dad in the morning.


She wanted to cloudgaze (which for some reason you can’t seem to do in the city?) and Tate wanted to get a collectable so they all went to a park for the day.


Phoenix met a little girl named Jamie on the pirate ship and Tate played sea monster.


Then the notification that it was Blake’s birthday popped up and back home they went to bake a cake and throw a party.


During the party the notification popped up that it was the twins birthday as well so their dad’s aged them up too. Looks like a bit of a makeover is in order.


The kids clothes were straightened out as well as their bedroom.  I also changed their names to Brody and Rea.  Life will definitely be different this generation!

Chapter 2.5

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