TS4- Drifter II 001.3: It’s Electric!

House 001 Chapter 3


This was funny.  I was having Febe make the collection rounds and I saw Lexi Rover from the previous house 005 fishing and for a split second I thought what the heck is she doing fishing she’s supposed to be collecting?  Then I realized that’s not my sim for this challenge!


Back to the correct sim.  Pepper gives her mom an autonomous hug.  I love little Pepper.


She has such personality.  She’s very spunky.  They played chess most of the day Sunday for something to do and to get Pepper’s mental skill up.


Wade Rover from house 003 knocked on the door and Febe invited him in.  He headed straight for the plants and talked to them ignoring the sims on the lot.  Well, he does have level 10 gardening after-all.


Ohmygosh!  There were several things broken in the house so I had Febe get free services and call a repairman instead of trying to fix the stuff herself.  Good thing I did too because he shocked himself to death!  Febe was out collecting and I was queing up stuff for her to collect when all of the sudden the screen panned back to the house and I paused just in time to get this pic.


Stanley was like what the heck?  I’m trying to watch tv here!  He does pretty much nothing but watch tv since I bought it.  He barely paints anymore.  Actually he was sickened by the whole thing.


Squeamish turns out to be pretty entertaining!


The guy died so close to the wall I had to leave the walls down for these shots.


After sending the poor repair-man on, Grim sits down next to Stanley (who is still watching tv and feeling ill) and reads a book.


Once he was no longer feeling sick Stanley heads outside to pay his condolences properly.  He takes this thought a bit too far and cries at the tombstone a few times a day…. every.  single.  day!


Febe runs and helps Pepper with her homework each time she starts it.  I’ve found that this keeps the kids doing it instead of stopping halfway.


The homework pays off!


Stanley went to sleep in Pepper’s bed so she had to sleep with her mom.


I got this science table in the off chance that she might autonomously make some emotion potions for her aspiration. No dice.  She only used it this one time and apparently it’s one of those objects they get stuck in because she played until her needs were really low.  Febe had to form a group to get her off of it!


Moira invited Febe out to ladie’s night just as she was about to crawl into bed.  It’s funny, they barely have any relationship and yet she’s constantly asking her out to clubs and stuff.


Moira beat Febe at foosball and she decided to call it a night and head home.


She helped with the garden the next day and spent most of the time there mourning the repairman she’d never met.


You can’t tell me this girl isn’t adorable!  No idea why she’s reading on the bench instead of the couch or dining chairs in the house.  Now, as much as I have been adoring little Pepper I was starting to worry that she wouldn’t be so darned cute when she aged up.  Sims 4 is weird like that.  They always look fairly cute as children… not as cute as Pepper but pretty cute.


Stanley ages up to adult.  I almost thought it was elder but remembered that they had Pepper super early.

Let the fangirling commence…


They went to the flea market and I saw a lot of the heirs from previous houses there.  This is Thaddeus from house 007 hugging his mom Kelsie from house 006.  I’ll admit to being a bit teary eyed seeing them together again.


Then we have Vihisha the creator of the challenge with Lessthanzero one of the playtesters… both of which I consider friends.


Later Vi gives little Pepper some drifting tips.  She’s gonna need them cuz house 002 isn’t the easiest house.  “You’ll be fine as long as the hermit is there when you go!”  (Let’s not open that can of worms!)


Next we have house 003 heir Brett running the food stand, house 006 heir Kelsie we saw earlier, she’s talking to her mom house 005 heir Lexi and the sim with sitting in at the table with the red hair is house 002 heir Mindy.  It was so nice to see them all.  I haven’t really shown the house 001 founder because he had CC hair when I played him and he looks goofy as heck without it.

End fangirling…


Oddly, this is one of the first autonomous romantic interactions I’ve seen from these two.  I had to snap a pic quick.


While her parents make out Pepper finds a pile of trash to play in.  Look at her face!


The next day (Pepper’s birthday) she gets really into playing sims.  I hope I don’t look like that playing… although sometimes I probably do!


Pepper wanted to go to bed and it was almost birthday time so mom got them all together to watch a movie.


I had to wake them up for the blowing out of candles.  Her birthday pop up didn’t show until around 10pm.  I was a bundle of nerves waiting to see what our girl looks like!


Ohmygosh look at her!  I love her to bits already.  She rolled the loves the outdoors trait and Chief of Mischief aspiration.


Not bad!  I looked at her teen aspiration and there’s no way to trick her into doing any of that one.


The house so far.  There’s not much left to do.  Pretty much just decorating and landscaping.  The house doesn’t seem to be very big to me but it takes up almost all of the darned lot!  It’s valued at $28,831 so I guess Febe won’t need to collect as often although I have no idea what she’ll do with her time now.


The holy grail of frog breeding.

Chapter 001.4

23 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 001.3: It’s Electric!

    1. It’s been really neat. I loved them all so much. Each time one of them passed on I cried so seeing them around has been great. I’m so glad I saved them to the gallery.


    1. I adore Pepper. As I said to Karise I get very attached to my heirs in this challenge so it’s been wonderful seeing them all again.


    1. It was great having everyone hanging around while playing that house. I’ve rarely played squeamish sims since there’s really no benefit to the trait so some of the moodlets surprised me.


        1. At this time it only goes up to 001.3. 001.4 will be published in like an hour. I have the first 3 or 4 chapters in 002 written. I’ll add pub dates to the index so it’s not so confusing.


  1. Pepper grew into a beauty which I expected as she was a cute kid. Its good that you hired the repairman as that could have been your founder. I hate when the non controlled sims are constantly mourning. I had that happen a couple of times to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, pepper aged up so well and she was even a Grade A student, as a child 😀 I’ve not played a household where I can’t control certain sims, before, so I can only imagine how difficult it can be to get them to have good grades and complete an aspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you have the Parenthood pack it’s easier than it was back then. Then, I’d have focusing decor out to make them want to do homework. Now, if the parent has high parenting skill they can influence to do homework.


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