TS4- Whim Challenge 2.5: One Big Happy Family

Gen 2 Chapter 5


This is the funniest haunting they’ve had yet.  He was the original maid!


You see the monster light on the wall right?  I only have 2 mods in my game but either the monster light doesn’t always work or one of them interferes with it.


I had to snap a pic because they were all chillin’ together.  Tate’s generation might have started a bit wilder even than Lulu’s but once he married Blake he’s turned into quite the family man.


He had to give an inspired speech for work.  He brought a bunch of friends and everyone except Blake left as soon as he started.  So much for being inspirational!


When his speech was over he started blowing bubbles.  Perhaps this is why nobody follows him?


They headed into the gym and Grim showed up and talked to Blake.


I couldn’t figure out what he was doing and then realized that Rea was putting on a puppet show.  Also, they practically live on popcorn in this family.


I was wondering why Phoenix was talking to this random guy selling stuff when I figured out that it was her uncle! Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a whim to buy from street vendors or to collect the globes so this is the first I’ve actually seen of them since starting City Living.


Pixey invited Brody to her house and he brought along his sisters and dad.  I think it was just a ploy to see Tate.


Poor Phoenix.  It’s not her mom’s house so she had no interest in being there.  She really needed a bath but when she got in Pixey ran in and yelled at her!


One of them wanted to watch tv so I qued up for all of them to watch a movie together.


Pixey did make food at least.  Poor Rea heard about her sister getting yelled at for taking a bath so she sat there filthy until she couldn’t stand it any longer and insisted they leave so she could bathe at home.


In the morning Tate had the most annoying at-home work task yet.  He had to paint a political mural… which looked identical to the previous mural by the way.  It took most of the day even with some stranger helping him most of the time and Blake helping until he had to go to work.  At least there was something for the kids to do.  I picked his old ‘hood because I knew it has monkeybars and basketball.


Dang this monster!  The kids were so tired from lack of sleep the night before too.


Another cute pic.  I love this family.  In the last generation, I loved Lulu but wasn’t very interested in Tate until he aged to teen and Akira never really grew on me but this time around I’m pretty attached to all of them.


Since the twins got to see their mother I thought it was only fair to take Phoenix to see her mother and her family. I kinda stretched the one free social interaction since this trip wasn’t whimmed or invited.  I figure I had it coming since I forgot about that rule and didn’t take advantage of it much in this generation yet.  This trip was a bit short though because it turns out that her uncle Dawson hates children.  Sadly, her grandparents passed away before she could meet them.


Ingrid wasn’t paying any attention to Phoenix at all and I started getting frustrated.  I kept making her walk into the room with her but they wouldn’t interact and then she’d walk out.  Finally, right before they left they hugged and took a picture together.


To make up for the crappy visit to her relatives they took her to the park where she met this boy named Lamar.

Chapter 2.6

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    1. Yep, that’s what I ended up doing and it worked. I believe that the light has an area of effect and Brody’s bed was too far.


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