TS4- Whim Challenge 2.6: More Family Time

Gen 2 Chapter 5


Phoenix’s grandma Tracy stopped by the apartment for a visit one night.


Rae wanted to play an instrument and I remembered the keyboard Tate bought and never used.  She was embarrassed and everyone else was tense.


The goofy neighbor Soren came over when Tate needed someone to play a multiplayer game with and nobody was home.


Tate and Blake went to Geekcon.  Tate won.


For some odd reason my sims can’t sing duets with other sims in their group.  The only option this time when Tate had the whim was the mixologist.


I finally figured it out.  I looked it up online but the only thing helpful I could find was that if you have the room set to autolights the monster light turns off.  But when I changed it it was still happening.  Then I realized it was only Brody’s bed getting the monster!  Apparently there must be some kind of a proximity to the light.  I put another one near his bed and we’re now monster free.


I completely forgot that I had put this building in.  Tate got donations from everyone there for his cause.


Then he wanted to find a collectable so he ran down to the beach and grabbed a few.


Phoenix brought home this boy Nobuya from school.  She had a whim to make a friend so they’re friends now.


This was so hilarious I had to take a pic!  Blake just tipped his daughter!  I was laughing so hard.


This is a side of Soren I think none of us wanted to see.


Phoenix needed a best friend for her aspiration.  (Also, Tate looks like he has elf ears in this pic!)


I guess Tate’s singing skill is up high enough that he can sing now.  It was pretty cool.  I think I saw his dad do it a few times too.


Nobuya was at the house again and I was going to go into build mode and it said I couldn’t because a sim was aging up.  I thought I forgot someone’s birthday and it turns out he was aging to teen!


Everyone took the spicy curry challenge at the Spice Festival.


Brody was the only one that didn’t complete it.


Previously I’ve never paid attention to the kids athletic clothes when I give them makeovers because they never wear them.  I guess I can start paying attention now because they change into them to play basketball.  Yay!


Caught them taking a selfie.


When they got home Phoenix was filthy so she headed for the bath.  The light turned on and then off and I couldn’t find her.  Then I saw the z’s and realized she was sleeping in the tub.


Yet another outfit I never change on kids… formal.  Blake has been wanting to eat and learn experimental food for days and finally they have a day off together to go to Hell’s Kitchen.


It was hours and the food hadn’t come out.  I had them go when they were all hungry so at this point they were starving.  When I looked to see what the problem was I realized this chef was stuck.  (She’s standing in a pan.)  I had to go into buy mode and sell her chef station, put a new one in and place their order again.  Sheesh.


Finally they got their food.  I love the way the experimental food looks.  A few of them even had whims to take pics of it.


Since they never have whims to go swimming I decided to stretch the one social interaction thing again and instead take them to the pool.  I’m thinking I need to add a rule saying that you can take them to a un-whimmed lot like once a week or something because they just don’t get many whims for particular locations.


A bunch of kids showed up shortly after them.  I’m not sure if the kids were already in the world or if they were generated when they arrived.


When they got home they all took naps and then had dinner.  Soren stopped by when he smelled the cooking and joined them.


Finally!  It’s been driving me crazy that I haven’t been able to get any of these globes.  For the first time someone was selling them at the flea market and after fulfilling a bunch of whims Tate finally got one to buy an item and got one.


This is so funny and it took me forever to pause in time to get a pic.  With the walls down it looks like the blocks are falling down the building when they drop them.


At the end of the day Lamar came to visit again.  Then they were off to bed and tomorrow will be Phoenix’s birthday and the day after that is the twin’s!

Chapter 2.7

7 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 2.6: More Family Time

    1. The keyboard came with City Living. Soren drives me nuts. He’s always barging into the apartment and he doesn’t have a key! The kids are all very good looking as teens.

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