TS4- Drifter II 002.1: A Fruitless Search

House 002 Chapter 1

pepperssatisfaction 002housetraits

Welcome to Drifter II house 002!  As you can see our Pepper started out with 1,805 satisfaction points.  I rolled for her lot traits and got some really good ones… so good I almost re-rolled but thought that would be goofy since the next time I might get 3 bad ones.  No point in putting her skills here, she really had nothing.


Here’s our girl.  It’s like 11pm on Sunday.  She’s bright eyed and bushy tailed because of the glitch her needs filled when she aged up.  To be fair, they were all pretty much full except energy to begin with.


Right after I took the previous pic she ends up looking burnt.  I’ve decided it’s not going into CAS that’s doing it.  It seems to be directly related to aging up.


No, I didn’t put her in a shower.  I had stopped playing this save to take the pic for my banner from my Whim Challenge and when I returned to take a pic of Pepper too she looked normal.  Such a weird bug.


She bought herself a toilet and fenced it and then the bills came!


She was getting hungry and I was like what am I going to do?  There’s no grill and no money for a cooler.  She fished until she had the $25 for a pizza and I just kept it in the household inventory to keep it fresh.  The pizza dude was scary!  And an adult.


Woot!  Then this bad boy gets caught!


She got herself a bed but I can’t remember if this was day one or two?  It almost feels like cheating getting that cheap double bed!


Her social had tanked and she invited her dad and brother over.  Her mom must have been around there somewhere because she wasn’t available to invite.


She’s questioning her decision to get a bed instead of a shower at this point.


No worries.  After gathering in the morning she gets one.


She looks so sad.  The maillady is an adult woman and she’s the same mail lady that was at the old house the whole time so I’m sure she’s about to age to elder.  The pizza guy is scary.  The gardener for the little area nearby hasn’t shown up.  She doesn’t have money to travel to look for any other service sims and hiring a maid or repairman seems like a huge waste of money too.


When I see the scary pizza guy walking by the lot I decided to order another pizza to see if someone new would deliver it.  I was right.  Her name is Nicolette.  She seems kind of afraid to be delivering the pizza there.  Maybe she’s heard stories about this lot from other pizza delivery people!


When she tries to form a group with anyone around to help water the garden Vihisha pops up.  Nothing like having a professional drifter help.


I think I got a bit excited.


Alright so she threw 2 dance parties before this one but they were a bust and I didn’t take any screenshots.  This chick Anaya was the dj at all of them and there was a female mixologist too.  I started to consider the option of marrying a female and moving in a male to provide the heir but wasn’t too keen on the idea of having two non-working non-controllable sims roaming around.


The only guests she invited were her parents.


She throws the next party at Von Haunt.  This dude Naoki was the mixologist and the same girl was the dj.


He seems interested and she spends quite awhile getting to know him.


Not the best traits but I decided to keep him on the back burner.  The reason being, I’m rolling for traits now and using Pinstar’s trait generator it factors in both parent’s traits when determining the child’s.  Also, I don’t know what the deal is with the names in this save.  There’s a bunch of sims with the last name Watanabe and there’s another Naoki too.  She’s met several others that have duplicate names as well.  I wish there was a setting for what type of names the randomly generated sims get.


She threw a quick party at Narwall Arms but it produced nobody exciting.  I wrote down so many djs names I forget which one this is.


Another party and it’s Anaya again.  This time a mixologist didn’t even show up.


She gets to know her better.  She’s an adult so if she does give in and marry her she won’t be around too long.  That sounds horrible!  The only problem with that option is none of the guys she’s met are really worth a second look except one dude that had the mean trait.  I hate that trait.


She invites her mom to a cheap meal to tell her about her woes.  I was getting pretty darned frustrated at this point. I believe she’s about 5 days in now and all she’s been doing since she got the $1,000 is gather collectables and water her plants each day.  The clock is ticking and the fun of looking for someone has passed.

Chapter 002.2

16 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 002.1: A Fruitless Search

    1. I get all fangirlish when any of the sims I’ve put in show up. I did end up deleting the household with my old drifters because it was just depressing seeing them all as elders. She does find someone and I think everyone will be shocked who it is!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ah!! Somehow I missed Peppers start! I love your comment about having over 1K and it being party time!!

    I need to consider cleaning elders out of my game. I don’t know how though. Perhaps I’ll look into it this weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s easy. Go into manage worlds-household management-unplayed households and hit the little garbage can for all of those you don’t want in your game.

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  2. Oh lol, the memories. Poor Pepper – it’s so hard to get good “help” these days isn’t it? I remember my one-time ordering pizza in this game…for this challenge… and the NEVER showed up and I couldn’t order anymore because they were “on their way”.

    I always get so nervous when the clocks start ticking and you’re so far from your goal. Excited to see how Pepper solved it!

    Liked by 1 person

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