TS4- Whim Challenge 2.7: Teen Time

Gen 2 Chapter 7


Before starting up again I added 8 teens to the game including this girl named Kelly.  I’ll add their creators into the chapter notes below.


When they got home from school it was time for Phoenix’s birthday.  Her mother, uncle and a few of the teens that Tate has met were there.


Here’s what she looked like before spending an hour putting together all of her outfits and makeup.  I got a little wilder than usual with Phoenix because I think she has a very outgoing personality and her appearance should reflect that.  For those of you reading this when it’s first published now that you’ve seen her I’m sure you recognize her as the girl in my banner… yes, Phoenix is the heir.


Right after exiting CAS she suddenly looked burnt.  This bug is getting old quick.


They ended the party early and headed downstairs for the Humor and Hijinks Festival.


Everyone joined the pranksters as usual.  Technically, I guess I shouldn’t make any of them drink punch unless they have a whim to but I hadn’t really thought about it before this.  Usually I just put them into a group and have them all drink it together.


The next morning Tate was invited by someone to the Von Haunte Estate and met another teen or two.


After school the next day it was time for the twin’s party.  Rea went first.


She looks pretty cute but of course she’ll need a makeover too.


Then it’s Brody’s turn.


Umm no… just no.  This look says nerd to me, maybe an author or artist?  He’s an athlete.


The twins in their party clothes after their makeovers.  I went more subdued with Rea’s clothes and makeup because I see her as more of the calm presence in the house.  Brody has mostly athletic type clothes.


Oddly enough Brody suddenly looked burnt a few minutes later.  I saw it happen this time.  He was standing there and all of the sudden boom he was burnt!


Daddy Blake has always been Rea’s biggest fan.  He almost always watches her practice.


Tate painted this autonomously.  I was wondering where he was and he was painting.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before and I liked it so much I hung it up on the wall.


Another one of the teens I added comes home from school with them.  His name is Bradley.  I don’t think his haircut suits him very well but other than that he’s a cutie.


They got invited to Tate’s childhood friend Advaith’s birthday party but nothing ever happened.  Tate and Blake spent the whole time in the bathroom.


The kids hung out upstairs.  Finally, halfway through I got frustrated and ended the event and sent them all home.


In the morning Tate had that stupid mural work task.  Truthfully the at home tasks for the political career are kinda boring.


After he was done with the mural he joined some nearby protesters.


Later I saw this dude.  He’s one angry leprechaun!

Chapter 2.8

Chapter notes:

Here are the creators of the 8 teens that I added to the game: Teen Time by Deadlyrozel & Grayson by Gwaltney82

5 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 2.7: Teen Time

    1. Ohmygosh I know! Between the really odd names and the horrible outfits the townies are just not right. (spoiler alert!) Although, we do find quite the catch later.


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