TS4- Whim Challenge 2.8: Elders Already?

Chapter 2.8


Phoenix wanted to start or join a club and there’s no karaoke club so I started one with some of the teens that I added to the game.  The guy singing with her is Hunter.  He’s a hottie!


Of course while the kids are at the karaoke place dad is off protesting something or other.


Everybody listens to Brody sing… badly.


Obviously this is a game generated teen.  She wanted to meet someone new and her dad was still protesting so I just played her while he was at it so she went and met this guy named Vihaan.  What’s up with the weird names in sims lately?


Whew Rea!  You need a bath girl.  Time to head home.


The apartment noise always seems to start as soon as Blake gets home from work.  He gets so angry I usually let him be the one to complain.  I know there’s no whim to complain but it doesn’t stop if they don’t and nobody can sleep.


Mimsy from Von Haunt visited.


Awe Brody.  Stop cleaning and go eat buddy!


I couldn’t believe it when the pop-up said it was Tate’s birthday!  What?  Where’d all the time go???


Either way it’s time to blow out the candles.


He’s a pretty dapper looking elder if I say so myself.


How are they supposed to see the game to play if everyone stands in front of the tv to watch it?


Still a kid at heart.


Suuuure the day the maid comes to clean y’all decide oh let’s clean the bathroom!


Tate gives another inspirational speech to an audience of one.  He’s now level 9 in the political career.


While dad is inside attempting to make a friend for work the kids hang out in a little group talking.


Tate binds the voodoo doll to the neighbor lady.  Also, MC Command Center needs to stop messing with my sim’s clothes.  I need to turn that off cuz it’s annoying.  I decided to wait until Blake aged up so I can fix both of their clothes at the same time.


It’s Blake’s birthday and Tate figures that Blake always stays for his speeches so he has to listen to him sing karaoke.


Then it’s time for some rocket woohoo at Geekcon.  Tate had a whim to woohoo and I didn’t even think about him getting that uncomfortable moodlet, oops.  After this I closed all of the woohoo whims.


Time for yet another birthday party.


C’mon Blake blow out those candles and let us see you!


Not as a graceful aging as his hubby but he looks pretty good.


Tate gives Blake a peck on the cheek.  These two are so sweet together.  It’s hard to believe that Tate had such wild beginnings because he was made to be a family man.

Chapter 2.9

6 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 2.8: Elders Already?

    1. They really are. If you remember when toddlers came out yesterday I said I had an important task that needed taking care of first… it involved them.

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