TS4- Whim Challenge 3.1: Blast From the Past

Gen 3 Chapter 1

New Apartment Pics…








701 Zenview Downstairs by Kathryn2035 – 701 Zenview Upper 2/2 by Krystinmyriexo – 701 Zenview Balcony runnerchick7 As you might remember the apartment was unfurnished when they moved in.  Furnishing and decorating the entire place was too daunting to me so I found “rooms” instead.  I used different people’s because I just liked the looks of one part of their setup more than others.  I have no idea if the upstairs was supposed to have more to it (ie empty room and hallway unfinished) but I couldn’t find it in the catalog so I figured I’d do that myself whenever I have need for that space.


Phoenix and Tate headed to the apartment next door to give a key to Rea and Brody and they’re both burnt.  I don’t think I’m going to give keys to anyone else.  I like the idea of these two visiting all the time since they live in the building.


Whew!  Luckily they moved in with furniture intact.  I don’t know if I could go through finding new rooms for them too!


When Phoenix had a whim to join a new club I was like oh geeze another?  Then I looked and she was no longer in her old club!  Turns out I had that one set to teen and it kicked everyone out when they aged up.  So she had to make a new club.  I tried to remember who was in the other one but had a hard time so she invited a bunch of sims she knew to the karaoke bar and picked from those.


So at the end of the last chapter I had my mind made up that it was between Hunter and Bradley for a love interest. Of course, it’s all up to her in the end.  She decides she wants to flirt with Nobuya.  (He’s the one that aged to teen in their apartment.)  Truthfully, I hate his name and he’s super freaking pale.


She wanted to sing a duet so she dragged her sister Rea up there with her.


She had an open-ended whim for something like “flirt with someone” and I had to choose between the two I’ve been going for all this time.  So I had her find out what their final traits are.  Bradley’s are creative, loner and loves outdoors & Hunter’s are insane, neat and self-assured.  So after thinking about it I decided to go for Bradley because I don’t really feel like having another insane sim around.


Oh it must have been “bold pick-up line.”  They now have a tiny pink bar.


Back at the house she hangs out and chats with her dads for a bit before bed.


Then, at like 3am the dude in the yellow shirt (who I’ve never seen before) calls her and invites her to a club.  I just had her drag a bunch of sims with her.


She chatted with Bradley most of the night/morning and he was tense the whole time.  Ugh it’s the loner trait!  We’ve got his extremely outgoing girl who is always wanting to go out and do stuff with her friends and a guy that only wants to be alone.  *sigh*


Then a miracle happened!  Remember Lamar?



This little cutie… the first friend that Phoenix ever made aged up to be quite the hottie!




Brody stopped in while Phoenix was sleeping off her long night/day and gives his dad a hug.  Seriously, I’m not ready for him to go.  I’m considering having him take a potion of youth.


I mean he’s such a wonderful sim and such a cute elder… can we really let go already?


Wow.  Just wow.  Only in the city.


Tate lit a firework and I guess it backfired?  His hair looks young again!


That night he crawled into bed with Phoenix even though I made sure that he’d claimed his bed.  (Later I figured out that the plants were blocking the way to the bed!)


Okay, this is the (I think) Waterside Warble lot.  Look at how small the actual building is compared to the rest of the lot.  There’s so much wasted space.  At first I thought it was just a really small lot.


Then I found this lot Le Chantant by Lyadrielle.  It’s a 30×30 lot and I was going to put it in Newcrest then I looked to see what size the lot in the city is and it was 30×30!  So I bulldozed the one in Newcrest and replaced the Warbler.  I really like this lot.  They did a wonderful job with it.  Although the food vendor booths are kinda useless unless you hire a vendor.


Yet another club meeting.  They’re gonna get old at some point.  Luckily she had another open-ended whim this time to flirt and I picked Lamar.


Bold pick-up line anyone?


Loving these open-ended whims.  Kiss someone.  Don’t mind if I do.


Then she got flirty and wanted to ask someone to go steady.  That was way too easy!  Although she did get a flirt whim for Bradley I decided not to do it because I don’t want their romance bar any higher.


While his daughter gets herself a boyfriend Tate is singing his heart out in one of the karaoke rooms.

Chapter 3.2

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