TS4- Drifter II 002.5: Scrambling for Cash

House 002 Chapter 5

As you might remember from the end of the last chapter I had just gotten Pepper pregnant for the second time.  Shortly after this toddlers were added to the game!  I totally panicked afraid that I wouldn’t be able to complete the house because from my experience with one toddler in another challenge they take a lot of attention.  Finally I couldn’t put it off any longer and decided to try to make as much money as possible before it was born.



After selling everything from the camping trip there was quite a bit of money to play with.  Did you notice that the house is smaller?  It took some figuring but I managed to cut it down because it was just too big the way I graphed it out originally.


Fern plays with her toy while she watches the mantis that her mom saved for her.


Lucas does nothing but woodworking.  It doesn’t sell for much but in the amounts he’s doing it it adds up.  He’s level 7 now!


In an effort to give Pepper as much time as possible to make as much money as she can she got free services and hired a gardener and a maid.


I took her to Sylvan Glade a few times during her pregnancy but her needs dropped so quickly she didn’t stay long.


Quality time with little Fern.


She slept in the tent with Fern for 3 nights and completed the aspiration.  I have no idea why it was so much easier this time around.  I sold the tent after that so that Fern would sleep in her darned bed for once.  She was obsessed with the tent.


Evolving has become weird.  She’ll evolve the one I told her to and then one more random one and stop until I que up another and do it all over again.  Gotta get those babies up real high so she can make the big bucks!


I was looking for Lucas and he was way over here.  I’m assuming he followed someone to the edge of the map.


After waking up from her final night in the tent Pepper goes into labor.  That belly is just goofy looking.  It’s like oblong.


I just felt like going to the hospital for a change.  I don’t normally.


And so little Ivy was born.  This is the little scamp that has had me so worried about getting money!


Now that I know the baby is a girl I can complete the bedroom.  I put her in her parent’s room though so she doesn’t wake Fern.  Notice the two monster lights?  If you don’t read my Whim challenge I discovered that there’s a proximity to them!  This must be why I’ve had so many problems with the monster all along!


She hired a nanny for the day so that she could get some collecting and fishing done.


Fern was not happy about the baby and really took it out on the poor nanny.  They now have a negative relationship. I’ve never seen a kid so mad!  She had a bad day at school too so she was double angry.  She just wouldn’t stop yelling at the nanny and the nanny just smiled.  Poor thing.



Pepper was on her way to take care of the baby when I was shocked to see Lucas change her dirty diaper and then feed her.  Wow.


She spent a full day in Sylvan Glade waiting for it to be closer to time for the baby to age up.


Eventually she passed out, took a moodlet solver potion and went back to fishing some more.  She made a little over $6,000 and caught a whopping 4 sturgen!


She also caught 4 cowberries which she planted right away so that she can sell them when they are fully grown.


I guess Fern is more interested in Ivy now that she’s almost a toddler.  Now she won’t leave her alone.


Isn’t she adorable?  As worried as knowing she was on the way made me I have to say I look forward to seeing how toddlers affect this challenge as opposed to my Whim challenge.


Time to spend all of that moola from her fishing trip!  I’m so glad not to have to look at drywall anymore.


Here’s the downstairs.  I still have to do something with the small office and of course the huge empty living room.  I was going to put a backdoor in the kitchen but there’s only a very very small yard back there so I’m not sure if it’s worth it.  The house value is now $30,902.  $10,000 to go and Fern is 4 days from teen so even with Ivy I think we’ll be fine.


Although it might be kinda rough.  Ivy rolled the fussy trait.  I didn’t pause fast enough because I wasn’t expecting it but the first bowl of applesauce she got she dumped onto the floor!  We could be in trouble.

Chapter 002.6

19 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 002.5: Scrambling for Cash

  1. Awe Ivy is a cutie I haven’t played with one with the fussy trait I bet that’s interesting. I have had more than one throw the bowl of food on the floor. That’s why I normally don’t even get the highchair I just give them something out of the inventory of my controllable sim and give it to them they will just go somewhere and eat on their own. I see someone told you that you don’t have to wait for the cowplants to age up to sell so I won’t mention that one here. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ivy was pretty darned cute. It feels to me like I form more of an attachment to the kids having them as toddlers. Yea, I thought we had to have the highchair before.


      1. She was a cutie and I’m with you on feeling more attached to them when they are a toddler, it seems to give you in a way more time to spend with them even though it’s not really more time. Yeah I didn’t know about the highchair for a while until I saw my toddler take a plate off the counter and sit down and feed himself. I was like ok no more highchairs for me. LOL

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on finishing the aspiration! Damn 6K for a sturgeon. I didn’t know there were fish that sold for that much.

    It must be tough that Ivy rolled the fussy trait. That has got to be work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it was 6k for the entire fishing trip not just one of the sturgeon. I haven’t seen one for over 2k yet.
      The fussy trait was hard but I enjoyed that time with Ivy.


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