TS4- Drifter II 002.7: House 002 Complete!

House 002 Chapter 7
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When I was writing the last chapter I realized that I hadn’t posted pictures of what progress I had made.  I believe that the house value was around $36,000 at this point.


Pepper aged to adult.


The old nanny invited them to the flea market they were only there for a short time when the notification popped up that it was Ivy’s birthday too.


I have no idea how I selected Fern to help Ivy blow out the candles instead of Pepper.


She’s a cutie.


It was the weekend and I realized that the gardener wouldn’t be there to water everything.  I put Lucas into the group too but he stopped and went over carving on his woodworking table instead.


Not really sure why I took this pic.


Without the stress of caring for a toddler she has all kinds of free time to fish.  I catch the small fish here and then take them to Sylvan Glade to use as bait.


Awkward hug.  That looks really painful.


Off to spend the night fishing.  She didn’t make much this trip.  I was disappointed because I had so much I still wanted to do to the house.


Then Lucas aged to elder.


Fern started using the woodworking table too.  It was really annoying because she would let her needs drop really low and just use it obsessively.  I ended up putting it into the family inventory several times.


Poor Lucas can’t carve so he helps with the plants.


Sage visited and they’ve barely touched the game set so I had them all play a multi-player game.


The next morning I was so bored.  I think at this point all I needed were finishing touches on the house so they watched a movie together.


Then Sage called and invited them to his house.  It was odd seeing it again.


He didn’t really interact with them and after awhile I just sent them all home.


Random sims invite them to pretty much every festival.  Half the time I don’t know who they are!  They went to the Humor and Hijinks festival but everyone’s needs were kinda low so they didn’t stay there long either.


Sage invited them to dinner.  I look at it as a last meal before Fern takes the reigns.


The morning of her birthday I caught Fern going to the cowplant.  I went into build mode and put it into inventory quick and then put it back out later.


Final photos: front of the house…


The girl’s room…


The parent’s room…


I thought I’d shown the living room and kitchen enough but took an overhead view…


And lastly an overhead view of the upstairs.


It’s so hard to get them all to stand still in order for them to be there while she blows out the candles.


Her final trait was childish.  It was weird, it let me pick a new aspiration.  I think house 003 has to complete the fishing one so I picked that.  Her needs were decent and I’ll take shots of her skills and stuff in the next chapter. Onward to house 003!

Chapter 003.1

Chapter notes:

According to the gallery the house costs $69,751.  If you’re interested you can download the house here: Raines Cabana      They only had $3,355 left in reserve.  I finished the house 5 days before Fern’s birthday and didn’t really try to make any money after that.

Pepper also completed the Freelance Botanist aspiration.  She had 13,140 in satisfaction points left unused.  In addition to working on the nature aspirations for points I have gotten into such a habit of following whims with the Whim Challenge that I’m doing as well I just have tons of points to spend.

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    1. Ugh! I have been doing scheduled auto-posts of the chapters which is nice but means I have to remind myself to do all the links later.


        1. I don’t think I can. If I can I have no clue how? I might just have to go back to setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to post the chapters instead of scheduling them.


    1. I agree with you. I think with the previous play through I was more focused on the challenge instead of the sims for the first houses. I don’t think I got very attached until around 004.

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    1. Errr – I should check before I comment. This is another coming soon link. I do the same thing all the time because of scheduled posts. I wish you could make links that would work once the other post was live.

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