TS4- Whim Challenge 3.4: A Sad Day

Gen 3 Chapter 4


That old floorplan just was not working.  It was nice having the downstairs bathroom but in exchange the sims couldn’t get around each other and had to do this weird squeeze to get past each other in the dining area that looked like their bodies merged and made them move super slow.


This is 701 Zenview by libbydab.  I did change a few things to add more of Vintage Glamour stuff since I just got it.


Khloe had a bad dream and grandpa read her back to sleep since she woke him up.


This highchair setup is so much nicer than having her alone in the kitchen.


But I guess she won’t have to worry about a highchair anymore!


Isn’t it cute that she aged up with pretty much the same hairstyle.


Neat!  Also, she rolled the klepto trait and it’s already annoying me.


What a cutie.  I feel like I’m going to be more attached to the kids now that I’ve seen them grow as toddlers.


I took her into CAS to give her more outfits and when I came out everyone in the household was in their party clothes.  They all headed upstairs to dance on the balcony.


I tried to get an actual pic of her playing with the makeup but each time I paused it went away so just imagine she’s playing with makeup.


Wow!  Then I couldn’t figure out how to get it off of her!  I had her take a bath and it did nothing and I couldn’t remember how I finally did it when she did it again but it was gone when they traveled that time.


A family breakfast gearing up for the new baby soon.


But first a little fun!  They technically went to the flea market but spent most of the time at the karaoke bar.


So cute.  He turned out to be a pretty good dad.  Phoenix?  Not so much.  She only does stuff with the kids when I direct her to do so.  I’m about fed up with it and thinking of putting the computers into the inventory for awhile.


It’s a boy!  Baby Colin was born.


I think she was angry because of the voodoo curse.


I could only handle waiting a day again this time around too.  Babies are so boring in comparison.


This guy turns out to be Lamar’s dad Timothy.  Who knew?


He gets to spend some time with his son that he hasn’t seen since he married and his new grandson at least.  Poor guy!


Now grandpa’s angry.


Then he cried over the dollhouse and I made him repair it because he made Colin sad too.


I guess all that smashing and repairing was too much for him.  Phoenix was reading Colin to sleep and Khloe was about to get into bed too.  For some reason Phoenix acted like nothing was happening.


Blake collapsed after getting out of the elevator.  Grim went to him first.


As you can see after trying fruitlessly to get around her dead father Phoenix gave up and went to bed.  Poor Khloe mourns alone.


Then Grim appears and she popped up and gasped.  I thought for sure she’d start mourning then but no.


I’m a bit heartless too.  I pretty much immediately went into build mode and changed the room and redecorated the other room for Khloe.


Colin’s room is pretty much the same except the colorscheme so I didn’t take a pic of it.  Here’s Khloe’s.


Oddly when he woke up in the morning Colin had “witness death” qued up.  I tried closing it but he still got a 2 day sad moodlet.  Now both of the kids are sad and the parents couldn’t care less.


I wanted to see what the flashcards do but it wasn’t all that exciting.


Big sister helps little brother with the blocks.  I thought it was cool she could do that.  I had to keep pausing to get this pic because she kept stopping and crying.  It’s going to be a long two days.

Chapter 3.5

8 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 3.4: A Sad Day

    1. When they passed away I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it did. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed having them around. I’ve thought of bringing Tate back as a ghost to the household but there’s no room for him now. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, whoever built that did a really good job and the funny thing was if I remember right they didn’t have a lot of downloads.


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