TS4- Drifter II 003.1: Deja Vu

House 003 Chapter 1


Fern’s starting skills, traits and needs.  She only had 425 Satisfaction points.


The traits I rolled for this house.


Being on this lot again felt like deja vu.  I’m not sure why it was so strong this time around and it wasn’t as much in the first two houses.  Still in her party dress she starts out fishing while waiting for spawners.


After a toilet she didn’t have money for food then she caught this.  Whew!


Eating good tonight!  Maybe?


She didn’t manage to get enough for a shower or a bed though unfortunately.


Not until gathering in the morning.  I was worried someone on the street might notice her but luckily nobody did and I was soon able to fence it in.


Her social needs were tanked so she chatted with her uncle Sage and sister Ivy.


The next morning I didn’t realize she was in her pjs when she went gathering so when I told her to fish next to her mom I was in for a surprise.  Oh, she got a bed the night before.


There wasn’t anything really exciting to plant yet so it’s just tulips to get her gardening skill up some and also to work on the Botanist aspiration.


Chatting with Ivy again.


Finally!  On the third day she has enough money to travel so she invites the family out to eat.  I’m sure she was sick of the cooler food by then.  The whole meal cost $12 cuz I’m that cheap.


While she’s there she gets all the spawned collectables.


Then she fishes for a bit but doesn’t really catch anything.


I remembered Sylvan Glade and took her there.  She made a little over $300… nothing too exciting.


Ivy invited her to see a performer at the flea market.  I was hoping there would be something exciting to buy there but nothing caught my eye.  She didn’t stay long.


Well, long enough for Ivy to age to teen before her eyes!


When she got to Sylvan glade this time I remembered that there are strawberries and snapdragon plants there!




I was just trying to decide whether to keep her in Sylvan Glade or take her home when her mom invited her to a dance party at Narwal Arms.  She didn’t stay long because she was tired.


In the morning she was awoken by another call from her mom inviting her to a party at the ruins.  She went and was collecting stuff when I noticed these two young adult guys jogging.  Both had decent traits but the guy in the yellow shirt was better looking… you wouldn’t think so with his odd clothes and the expression on his face tho!


She was really hungry so she went to the restaurant and took the guy.  His name is Damion.  He looks a lot better out of his athletic clothes.


Sadly no job.  I couldn’t decide so I didn’t go any further with him.


Let the marathon planting and watering begin.  She was up way into the night with all of this.


While she slept I re-arranged the garden and sold the tulips.  You know she’s got her priorities straight when she’s still living on the lawn but has a beautiful garden!


I started grafting the plants but decided to call it a night.  She has over $5,500 in reserve.  I have to figure out how I want to build the house.  I figured it up and with the new toddler lifespan she has to have the heir before 5 days to adult.  (around there at least)  So she’s got like 9 days.  She’s caught 12/20 of the fish required for her aspiration.

Chapter 003.2

22 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 003.1: Deja Vu

    1. It’s so funny, I’m not usually too attached to the children from previous houses but since I raised Ivy as a toddler I just like having her around.
      I learned the dirt thing from LessThanZero.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. It was nice that she got to see Ivy grow into a teen. The garden looks great and once you get those dragon fruit growing money won’t be a problem anymore. She is really moving along with the fish 12/20 already. Good job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 5 days to adult is the cut-off huh? I’ll have to remember that. Toddlers are certainly going to complicate drifting! I’m almost thinking of restarting just to give myself that little bit of extra challenge…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adding up all the lifestages baby-teen (35) and then subtracting that from the young adult-elder stages (~50) gives you 15 days before you have to have the baby in order for them to age up around the time the elder dies. That’s not factoring in pregnancy actually. This makes drifter in later houses much more difficult imo!


        1. Yep. I’m nervous about 004 to tell you the truth. The job takes a long time to finish and there’s the rocket to build and all that. Last time my main sim died a week before my heir aged up!


    1. That garden was so much work! Even with the gardener she had to spend most of the day out there and weekends were an all day thing.


  3. Wow!!!! I never though of fencing in the ‘bathroom I bet fence is cheaper than walls and still gives the privacy! Awesome!!

    Also as someone else said having the terrain paint for dirt really makes the garden look great.

    Fern is so pretty. She’s such a lovely heiress!!

    Liked by 1 person

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