TS4- Whim Challenge 3.5: The Kids Take Over

Gen 3 Chapter 5


This sums up in one screenshot Phoenix as a mother.  I tried putting the computers into the family inventory and then she started watching tv and playing on her phone all day.  She does the automatic “check toddler” thing but always puts him on the potty even if he doesn’t need to go and is hungry or tired.  All in all I’ve given up on her.  I gave her terrible traits and she doesn’t get any good whims.  I’ve been pretty much playing the kids this whole chapter.


While Khloe was at school I followed all of Colin’s whims which make Phoenix look like a great mom but it’s just that he kept wanting to do stuff with her.  First flashcards…


Then reading a book.  The lighting in there looks weird, I’m just noticing that now.


Khloe wanted to play a game so she plays with her dad.  Sadly as much as I like him Lamar is almost as bad a father as Phoenix is a mother.  Maybe it’s just that I miss Tate and Blake.  They were such good dads/grandpas.


Everyone sits on Colin’s bed.  It’s pretty funny.


I saw movement from the apartment next door and Brody was dancing in a towel!  I couldn’t see anymore of the apartment other than this.


Getting dance help.


Taking clothes off.


When Khloe had the whim to take her clothes off she put them back on.  Colin didn’t!


It was so funny I just left him naked.


This keeps happening.  At the same time that the maid shows up a bunch of random sims will walk into the apartment and act like they belong there.  It’s really weird and sometimes annoying.


Taking after grandpa Tate.  I think that the makeup was put on while doing her homework at the desk behind her.


I got Phoenix a job to get her out of my hair and chose to have a nanny come when she left.  He reminds me of the maid they had in the first generation!


Erm, odd name!


I just love how cute bathing toddlers is.


I adore these two.  They are such wonderful siblings.  I already have decided that they’ll stay together in the next generation.


It was Saturday and there wasn’t much to do so I had Khloe work on her aspiration.


What on earth?


I tried having her take a bath and a shower.  I couldn’t get it off.  Clicking on the dressing table did nothing.  I ended up selling it and after like 4 hours the darned makeup was gone.  I feel like I totally wasted my money on that pack since this keeps happening and I can’t put the vanity table out.


Since his parents never feed him without him asking for food first I just got lazy and started dragging the food from the fridge to wherever he was and having him take a serving then dragging the rest back to the fridge.


Onto the next stage of the aspiration.  I forgot how horrible this sounds.


Colin came down to chat with his dad and aunt Rea.  It’s so cool how their interactions change as they get higher in their skills.  I think at first all he could do was babble.  It really makes it appear like they’re growing.


Her parents were both at work and uncle Brody was being noisy.  Khloe couldn’t sleep so she had to go herself to ask him to be quiet.




So sad.  Poor baby.


I wonder if he had a nightmare about going to daycare?


Chatting with mom while he eats his fish taco.


It’s been awhile since any of my kids have gotten a goofy A outfit!


Then it’s time for little Colin to age up.  I’m going to miss having a toddler in the house!


He rolled Whiz Kid and hot-headed.  I’m using this Random Trait Generator now and unchecking any of the traits that don’t work well in this challenge.  I haven’t played a hot-headed sim in a whim challenge before so I’m interested to see how it goes.


Child skills.

Chapter 3.6

Chapter notes:

For those of you reading this when it’s published: This is the last chapter I have pre-written.  I tried to play more after Colin aged to child and was really bored with it.  I didn’t want to force it because I know readers can tell when I’m not enjoying myself.  I think I’ll take a break and get back to it after the excitement of the Vampire pack wears off.

10 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 3.5: The Kids Take Over

  1. Wow, Phoenix is not a great mother, is she lol? I love little Colin dancing 🙂 The makeup thing is funny, but I bet it got annoying! Good idea on the break. It’s no fun forcing a challenge…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I am caught up! I am amazed at how the traits affect this challenge. I hope that Khloe and Colin have some better traits when they age to teens – but I am also excited to see what other challenges you are blogging next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I started a page tracking the different whims I’ve seen based on traits but I’ve barely gotten anything on there so far. There’s so many traits I don’t normally play.


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