TS4- ISBI Challenge 4.1: Skipping Forward

Gen 4 Chapter 1

For those of you who are reading the generations in order I’m sure you’re confused.  I said at the end of chapter 3.10 that there were 4 days until Jaci aged to YA and the 4th gen began.  That was 4 months ago.  It had been 2 months between 3.9 and 3.10.  I think I was just bored with the 3rd generation.  So I kinda high-speeded through those last 4 days…


Tess spent those 4 days working on her aspiration.  She was already on the last level but needed to max painting and create 5 masterpieces.  So she lived on moodlet solver potions and painted pretty much non-stop.  I didn’t know they could drink and paint!

tesspainting tessaspiration

Yay!  This is the first aspiration I’ve completed so far in ISBI.


linaa jacia

Jaci got her A the last day she went to school!


Then it’s time to age up.  The plates and stuff are everywhere because I switched to hard mode… no hand of god cleaning up for them!  (Later I realized that unlike the Whim Challenge I can make the torchholder clean!  Sheesh.)


Wow!  Non-committal.  That should be interesting.


I know I used to love their house but when I started playing there again I just wasn’t feeling it.  I decided to try an apartment.  I changed it from the one that was there to one by articorns called 122 Hakim House.  I think it’s really cool.  I also deleted pretty much all of the randomly generated townies because I was getting terrible lag when I was playing Tess.  There were at least 100 households!  Most had a lot of sims in the household because I used to have the MCCC pregnancy mod.


The apartment is historical.  According to the rules I can pick 3 (2) lot traits and they have to stay that throughout the challenge.  At first I rolled like I have been in my other challenges but I decided to just pick ones I thought would be beneficial throughout the challenge instead.  If they move I’ll pick another one.


Here’s the apartment.  I thought it looked pretty fun.  It cost way less than their old house!


Since Jaci has the Musical Genius aspiration and is an art lover I figure she’ll spend a lot of time here at the arts center.


I was looking around while she played and saw this.  Dunno why Grim roaming the game is so funny to me.


In my Whim Challenge when the neighbors wake them up in the middle of the night I can click their sleep needs to make them go back to bed or nap.  I can’t in an ISBI and I hadn’t thought of that.  Hopefully it isn’t too much of a problem for the uncontrollable sims.  (Also, look they forgot to paint the wall there by the elevator!)


This is really funny.  I read the last post of gen 3 and for some reason I said she was going to most likely marry the guy in the blue shirt Zackary.  Now I have no idea why?  There are 4 guys in the household.  (I used MCCC to age them up to YA.)  The ironic part is she didn’t even know Zackary in her relationship panel!  She knew the other 3 but not him!  Geeze.  So she went to meet him and so I could see the others.  As you will probably notice I did take them into CAS to change their clothes because they all looked like a hot mess.


While there the Flea Market was announced so I figured she could drag the boys, her sister and cousins to check it out.


I’m starting to think Grim is stalking her.  Vendor indeed!


I was bored so I had them “shoot around together.”  I didn’t realize this meant the entire group would shoot simultaneously!


Okay so at this point she’d learned the traits of all 4 guys and it is between this one, Branden…


…and this one, Talon.  He’s cute but I’m not sure I want to pass that chin on if she has a girl someday!


Her relationship was close to friends already with Branden so they cloudgazed for a bit.  I had to take this shot at this moment because of the basketball.  I was laughing so hard when I paused it!


Then a bit later she cloudgazed with Talon to become friends with him too.


The girls make it home from their day out and tell their parents about it.  Isn’t this room snazzy?  I have a terrible time trying to decorate like this even though I love it!


Jaci had learned a new recipe while she was out and tried cooking it later.  She’s joking around with her dad.  I’m surprised that her dad and mom are so young.  Then I remember her mom got pregnant the DAY gen 3 started!


Viewing art at the Arts Center.


Practicing some more guitar.


I figured that was enough messing around and got her a job in the Entertainer career.  She started at level 3 due to her good grades.  Here she’s writing jokes.  Side note: Her grandma got that computer as a career reward in gen 2 and it’s just been sitting in inventory!


This darned chair.  I love it but they keep taking the food from the kitchen and walking past the dining table to sit in Jaci’s bedroom here to eat!


She was invited to join the club Major Chords and I thought why not?  The club meets at members houses so she bought some guitars so everyone could play.  I wasn’t sure what time the apartment neighbors would get upset about noise so they stopped just before 9pm.


Maybe I shouldn’t have been concerned with bothering them because they woke everyone at 2am with the noise. The daughter Billie answered the door yelling at Jaci like she’s the one at fault.  Oh man this apartment living in an ISBI could get interesting!


She’d gone to bed so early even with getting woken up she was up super early so she went to the arts center to play again so she wouldn’t wake up the neighbors… she’s so considerate even though they’re not.  I thought the raccoon was funny so she introduced herself then another walked up.


Then another walking by in the background.  It’s an invasion!  Also, goofy lady in wrestling outfit!  This game cracks me up.


Only 3 days progress, not bad!

Chapter 4.2

5 thoughts on “TS4- ISBI Challenge 4.1: Skipping Forward

    1. I really hadn’t thought that out properly. It’s not that bad in my Whim challenge so I thought it would be okay but it’s gonna be pretty bad with kids.

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    1. I do like them. I didn’t like them in Sims 2 or 3 but for some reason I do in 4. It does sometimes give me vertigo because I’m afraid of heights though!

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