TS4- Drifter II 003.3: Raking in the Cash

House 003 Chapter 3

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Fern spent her first “trimester” of pregnancy in Sylvan Glade fishing.  As the pictures show she caught five of the eight fish she still needed.  After selling the cowberries she made a total of $5,117 this trip!


Since she’d made such good money I decided to buy a room off of the gallery to use as the babies’ playroom.  I know I could have made it myself but I lose patience with this type of detailed room.  I did have to change a bit to fit the dimensions of this room but if you’re interested it’s called Happy Toddler Room by Fantaflip.


Ivy came over shortly after putting the room in and went straight there to yell and hit poor Blarfy the bear.  She probably got the anger curse from voodoo.  That lot trait can get a bit old after awhile.


When the cowplant stuck out the cake I watched and waited hoping she would take the bait and we’d get an essence of anger.  She did!


Oddly when milked it came out as essence of happiness.  Darn.


Pepper must have aged to elder sometime recently.  Sadly Fern’s dad Lucas has passed away.


She has two fish that I normally catch all the time and it’s driving me nuts trying to catch them.  My last time through house 003 I think it was a tetra I couldn’t catch.


Playing with the dollhouse while waiting to go into labor.


I was really surprised that it was another girl!  It took me forever to find a science-type name for her.  Her name is Tesla which is a unit of magnetic flux density.  No clue what that means but it sounds cool.


For the short amount of time Fern spent at home during Tesla’s baby stage Damion was really good at taking care of her.


I had a bit saved up waiting for her to be born so I would know what color to paint the bedroom.  I did most of the house while I was at it although I do change some later.


Fern went to Sylvan Glade and stayed there almost the entire baby stage.  She used two moodlet solver potions while there.  Altogether she made a whopping $12,146 from selling fish, 7 cowberries and some various junk she caught.  I was in absolute shock over this!


She also maxed her fishing skill while there so I put down a park.


After coming home and spending a few hours sorting her needs out it was time to age up Tesla.  At first I was like meh about the super short hair and then when I took her into CAS it grew on me.  Although she does have quite a few outfits with hats.  She rolled the clingy trait which I haven’t had yet so I’m interested to see how that is.


There wasn’t really any food in the fridge and I know I can feed her without the highchair but it’s convenient to just plop her in and choose a food that appears.  (I do change my mind about this later.)


Then once Tesla’s needs are sorted they all head to the park.  This is the park that I created my last go round with this challenge.  I added some things from Outdoor Stuff and City Living in addition to some toddler items.


Dude!  I put these toys out for the toddlers!  Not for all of the angry adults to beat up the stuffed animals.  That guy in the grey shorts beat up and yelled at the bear for almost the whole time they were there.


Awe adorable!


I took out two of the bathroom stalls and put in a couple potty chairs instead.  They didn’t stay long.  Fern did manage to fish up a bass which was one that she was missing.  But all three of them were tired so they headed home.


So funny!


Time to read the angel to sleep.  I think it gives them creativity skill.  I know it doesn’t really matter because there’s not much I can do with toddler/child skills in drifter but I like the interaction and it’s kind of a habit already.


After everyone headed to bed I spent about $15,000 on the house.  My mind is completely blown that she made so much money fishing!  The house value is $37,267 and she’s barely harvested any dragon fruit yet.


Bonus for your entertainment.  Damion has a negative relationship with Sage and one day Sage asked him on a date!

Chapter 003.4

Chapter notes:

Fern just needs two fish to complete the Angling Ace aspiration… perch and red-tailed black shark.  She has 2/5 emotional essences and as you saw, she’s maxed both fishing and gardening.  Last time I did house 003 I also maxed the handiness skill to access Forgotten Grotto.  She already has a level 4 because of the darned carving table obsession in house 002 so I plan to do it again as a bonus goal for the house.  I’m thinking she can work on that while Tesla is a toddler and then she can get the wolf eel and batfish if she can’t catch the others.

15 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 003.3: Raking in the Cash

  1. I can finally comment lol. I don’t know why it was giving me trouble! It was the common fish that I was lacking, too, toward the end of the challenge. Tesla is adorable (and I love the name)! That’s funny about Sage! I absolutely love the house!


  2. I love the name Tesla and you’re right it has a super science associates name as Tesla was in a race for Ac/DC power with Edison back in the day!! I watched a documentary on it on National Geographic I think once. It was very interesting. Tesla was a great inventor and scientist!!

    Love your gardening strategies so happy you are sharing your tips!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading. That’s really interesting about the name Tesla. I found it on a baby name site that someone was looking for science names for their baby on! Just lucked out.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I love the name Tesla too. As to the toddler room I used a room off the gallery and just changed it a bit. I’m not that good on really detailed rooms like that.


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