TS4- ISBI Challenge 4.2: Heart Broken then Mended

Gen 4 Chapter 2


After the last chapter I decided that Jaci would go for Branden because he’s a bit cuter than Talon.  So she invites him out to brunch at Bear Grills


After ordering she tries a bit of flirting and he’s all for it.



Then they head out to Geekcon and she surprises him with a first kiss.


Things move pretty quickly from there and they sneek into the rocketship for some woohoo.  No worries, they’re safe… apparently since last time she saw him Branden got a job as an astronaut!


They become girlfriend and boyfriend.  I decided to take an actual selfie.


Things were going so good I had her ask him on a date to the lounge.  His brother Jason was there in a snazzy green suit.  I’m not sure if she wasn’t happy with her drink or with him talking to his brother.


Either way he seemed to want to cheer her up.  Totally autonomous.


I have NEVER seen this happen!  She started getting down on one knee to propose and he slapped the ring out of her hand!  Ohmygosh it was terrible!


She started crying.  He stood there smiling.  She was very embarrassed so I ended the date and sent her home out of fear she would be mortified and die!


When she got home she hid under the covers for a bit.


She tried to give herself a pep talk but I think she was so shocked it didn’t work very well.


She took a nice relaxing mud bath.  Basically I was trying to keep her busy and away from anything that might embarrass her more.


She ended the night with some nice icecream.  I know that always makes me feel better when I’m upset.  Although she ate it way to fast and got an icecream headache.


When they were sleeping it popped up that it was Lina’s birthday.  I was thinking there was more time.


Lina moved out and married Talon in CAS.  They moved into the apartment next door and Jaci gave them a key to the apartment so they could visit whenever they want.


Branden had to work until 5 so she had to find something to keep her busy.  She invited the group over to jam and they have a new member so she had to buy another guitar.  (I have the clubs module of MCCC that adds sims to clubs.)


Once he was finished at work she invited him out to a seafood restaurant.  She even ordered cupid juice to drink to ensure he was in a flirty mood.  I was going to have her try to propose again at the restaurant but somehow he got stuck in the bathroom!


I know you’re like what the heck?!  I was too.  It seems that Branden joined Club Cosplay and when they arrived at the park he started a club meeting.  I tried to get him out of that outfit and finally gave up and figured it would be a funny pic.  He said yes and she asked him to move in.


They celebrated with a bit of woohoo and called it an early night so they could marry in the morning.


Until of course Lina and Talon were fighting next door and woke them up.  Jaci was not amused.  Look at her face!


In the morning they all headed to the central park for the wedding… and mom showed up in her underwear!  I never thought to check her outfit.  Apparently whatever her formal wear was before was CC.


Look at these two.  It was worth the heart break I think.


It’s such a pain getting all of the guests back here for the wedding.  Especially when, like now, there’s more than 7 guests when you make a group to get them all there.


This is the first time I’ve had a wedding here and the fireworks have gone off at the correct time.


I love watching them from the sky.


The caterer showed up but only made a plate of sandwiches before she wandered off.  Jaci had to cook their wedding cake.  Branden was getting pretty tired since he was woken up in the middle of the night.


Cutting the cake.  Doesn’t it look like Lina is elbowing Branden in the face?  So funny!


This is Branden’s father Fransico.  If you’ve read the previous generation he was friends with Jaci’s mom Tess since childhood and when they all aged up I put him and her other friend Lex into a house with some ladies that MCCC got pregnant by them.  Branden’s mom has passed away already.

Chapter 4.3

Chapter notes:

I was enjoying re-starting my ISBI up to this point.  I had every intention of playing it some more and having them try for a baby.  But my enthusiasm seems to have waned.  I do plan to pick up this challenge and hopefully finish the darned thing but it’s kind of my policy to not force myself to play a challenge/story if I’m not interested and enjoying it because first it’s no fun for me and second readers notice when I’m not having fun.  So expect to see more of this family sometime in the future just most likely not soon.

4 thoughts on “TS4- ISBI Challenge 4.2: Heart Broken then Mended

  1. Sorry you’re not having fun but I know exactly what you mean 🙂 The proposal thing was … just, wow! I’ve seen them being refused before but never had the ring slapped away. Glad to know it was eventually successful. Perhaps Lina was elbowing Branden because of the “slapping” incident,lol.

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