TS4- Drifter II 003.5: Tesla Ages Up

House 003 Chapter 5


This garden takes so much time.  Then I realized she has free services!  There’s no reason for her not to hire a gardener to help out now that her gardening skill is maxed.  Even with the gardener it still takes a lot of time.  Sadly, this is the last time I got to see Fern’s mom, the house 002 heir Pepper.


This was adorable!


Both of them were helping her with the blocks.


His gardening skill is so high he can talk to plants.  At first I thought that the cowplant was fully grown and he was going to play.


I found a handy trick for feeding Tesla faster.  I open the fridge and drag food into Fern’s inventory then have Fern give the food to her and then drag what’s left back into the fridge’s inventory.  Works so much better and nobody is taking her out of the high chair.  Last time it was Fern doing it when I wasn’t paying attention!


Tesla moves closer to mom and dad comes out to check on her.  She is so loved.


After Tesla slips off to bed they decide to try for a brother or sister for her.


And they’re successful!


They’re both really excited.


Hurrah!  The cowplant is full grown!


Lazy sims are funny.  I wouldn’t want my main sim to be lazy but it’s fun to see him napping all the time in odd places.


Well geeze.  When I told you to do flashcards after her bath I didn’t expect you to do it in the bathroom!


Time to get another essence!


One essence of focus.


I love childish sims.  She’s very attached to that llamacorn toy.  If I put it in the toybox she’ll go in and take it out.


Who needs a table?


Birthday time!  Mom and daughter dance while they wait for the guests to arrive.


Blow out those candles!


Awe look at her!  I went with a short haircut since she had such short hair as a toddler.



That expression on her face!  Priceless.


The blonde dude is Ivy’s husband Tyson.  I love how everyone is using the bar.  I’ve had some houses that the sims completely ignore it.


That night Ivy invites Fern out for a girl’s night.  She doesn’t stay long because her needs were dropping so fast from the pregnancy.


She did meet an interesting sim named Salma.  We’ll see more of her later!


Tesla woke up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and did her homework while she was up.  Good girl!


Damion woke up super uncomfortable from needing a shower and I noticed his drained moodlet was gone.  Time for cake!  You’d think he’d have learned by now.


While the gate was unlocked Tesla ran in to play with the infamous creature.


Chapter 003.6

Chapter notes:

Crazily enough I have already completed all of the tasks for this house!  The house value is $50,128.  I’m just waiting for a few dragonfruit harvests so that I can landscape and do the finishing touches on the house.  Which is why I decided to have another baby.  Something to do while I wait for Tesla to age up.

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