TS4- Coven Challenge .05: Meet the Coven

Chapter .05

This is the introductory chapter to a challenge I’ll be doing that I wrote myself.  For more info on the challenge please see the page Vampire Coven Challenge.  If you’d like to help me test out the challenge I’d be grateful!

01-24-17_2-20-26-pm 01-24-17_2-20-44-pm

Our coven master- Keres Vass: One of the wives of their previous master.  She needed to get out from under his thumb.  He was very cruel to Keres because he saw that she could overthrow him.  Instead she decided to leave and take some others with her.

01-24-17_2-20-53-pm 01-24-17_2-20-57-pm

Rana Dune joined Keres when she left because she felt the old coven had “too much testosterone.”

01-24-17_2-21-12-pm 01-24-17_2-21-21-pm

Dario Egan joined Keres with nefarious plans.  He believes that he can overthrow her someday.

01-24-17_2-21-29-pm 01-24-17_2-21-36-pm

Hoyt Flynn left the other coven because he was afraid what would happen if the old master discovered that he’s gay.

01-24-17_2-21-42-pm 01-24-17_2-21-59-pm

Acheron Stiles escaped his father’s credulity by joining Keres.  He brought his three children with him but his wife refused to leave with them and married his father.

01-24-17_2-22-05-pm 01-24-17_2-22-11-pm

Kyran Stiles- the teenage eldest son of Acheron.


Vega Stiles- the child daughter of Acheron.


Shysie Stiles- the toddler daughter of Acheron.


The new coven escaped to Forgotten Hollow where a vampire named Vlad rules.  He has given them permission to live there and keep a small stable of humans because his hollow has become almost barren of vampires.  The house is in worse condition than they expect when they arrive.

01-24-17_3-20-17-pm 01-24-17_3-21-25-pm

The living/dining/kitchen area.


The kid’s bedroom.


The vampire’s sleeping chamber.


Ready or not let the Vampire Coven Challenge begin!  I plan to let them get settled in a bit and let me figure out some stuff before I start doing any rolling.

Chapter 1

20 thoughts on “TS4- Coven Challenge .05: Meet the Coven

  1. The vampires look great and I love your back story! I love how rundown the house looks. I’ve barely had time to make two vamps and move in lol. I’m going to play unchallenged long enough to get the hang of them. I plan to start your challenge tomorrow most likely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I built the shell of the house last night and I had the backstories written already too. It took me almost an hour and a half to create them in CAS!
      I don’t blame you for waiting to start. I have no clue what I’m doing. At this point I’d be surprised if I didn’t kill one!

      Liked by 1 person

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