TS4- Drifter II 003.6: Terrible Twos

House 003 Chapter 6


Poor Fern.  She was ready to have that baby!


She read to Tesla a bit but was driving me crazy because she kept stopping and putting the book away.  I’m wondering if it’s because of the MCCC mod, it has a thing for making sims put books away instead of leaving them all over.


attendtheopera yawn

Misfit was telling me about this but it was the circus.  Fern was invited by her sister Ivy to the opera.  Pretty neat!


She had just finished Damion’s birthday cake when she went into labor.


It’s a boy!  Meet Kelvin.  Kelvin is the base unit of thermodynamic temperature.  It’s the name I was planning to give Tesla if she was a boy.



Then Damion aged to adult.


He sat and talked to Tesla while she played chess.  Fern was going to play with her but there was someone at the door.


It’s the sim she met when she went out for ladies night with Ivy.  At the time I thought she was pretty cool.

salma 01-20-17_1-37-00-pm

She stole their candles!  Holy cow.  Fern asked her to leave.


I woke up Fern to change Kelvin’s diaper and of course Tesla has to go over there and get in the way.


Damion has been an attentive father with both Tesla and Kelvin.  It’s nice to see that not all uncontrollable parents are worthless with child care.


I formed a group and had them all go near the cake but Tesla and Damion started walking away right as I told her to blow out the candles.  I was hoping for that “I can’t blow them out” thing but no.  So I had to pause quick here.


Since Fern was there it reminded me that I had her and her hubby have a kid.


I used MCCC to summon him to the house since nobody in the household has met him.  Tesla was napping so she didn’t get to meet him.  He’s a cutie.


Kelvin aged to toddler.  Look at that face.  He’s planning trouble already!  He rolled the inquisitive trait.


I think their bedroom came out pretty nice.  Once he ages to child it will look better with a regular sized bed and night table.


Gah!  It happened again!  It’s always when they’re sleeping.  Luckily I’ve got the 5 required essences because I didn’t save another cowberry.


Ivy invited Fern out to eat.  It was breakfast but I guess the pre-made diner menu doesn’t have breakfast foods.  I’ll have to go change that.


His sleep schedule is all messed up.  He sleeps most of the day and is awake most of the night.  Of course he isn’t happy playing by himself like Tesla always was.  He wakes everyone up!


Because of Kelvin, Tesla’s sleep schedule is all messed up too.  He’ll wake her up and she’ll mess around the rest of the night.


When I started the game back up I was finally feeling like doing the finishing touches and landscaping on the house. They had only $30 left and that was with exiting build mode to sell whatever was in Fern’s inventory.  Tesla takes advantage of the new outdoor table to do her homework in the morning.


I messed up.  I meant to center the house on the lot before landscaping but completely forgot about it so there’s more room on the right.  I was trying to think what can I do to fill that empty space when I remembered the slide! Damion ran out there as soon as he woke up.


I used the poor cowplants in the front.  I put sand terrain paint under things that were placed on the ground because I figure it’s still Oasis Springs even if they have a fancy expensive lawn.  Here in Florida under the grass it’s always sand so it should be the same there.  I used the regular dirt under all of the planted stuff.  I love that birdfeeder.


Here’s the back.  I put in a pool to take up some of the empty space next to the garden and pulled the deck out a square or two.  I did put a grill out there and hopefully nobody catches fire.  I love the way it looks.


Inside I added rugs, plants and a few wall decorations.  Before putting this blue rug down I wasn’t very happy with the little living area but I think it ties it all together and looks pretty snazzy now.  Also I found a shelf big enough for the essences.  I’m not going to bore you with more pics of the inside because it’s not that dramatic of a change.  The funny thing is I’m so much happier with the house now that I’ve spent all this money on it.  The current value is $58,863 and I don’t expect to change anything after this.


I find the slide endlessly entertaining and am now happy I forgot to center the house because this is fun to watch since I’m basically just twiddling my thumbs waiting for Tesla to age to young adult.


I wasn’t really trying.  It’s what I switched to after Angling Ace.


Tesla is now on the second stage of her aspiration.  Whiz Kid is really the only one you can trick them into going very far in.


All that hard work is paying off!


Eek!  That is NOT the way to do homework!

dontwantto toywithme

Kelvin has turned out to be an absolute menace!  He’ll be hungry and I’ll have Fern try to feed him and he’ll refuse. The only part of the inquisitive trait I can see is that he constantly watches the others and does the what’s that to things.  He’s the worst toddler I’ve had so far.  I was actually looking forward to him at first but now not so much.

Chapter 003.7

16 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 003.6: Terrible Twos

    1. The opera thing was so funny, especially that she dressed up before disappearing off the lot.
      I never warmed up to Kelvin unfortunately. Fern was so close to Ivy I was hoping for another close sibling but it didn’t happen.


  1. I’ve never had that “invite out ” work yet. I say yes and the time rolls around and they never leave/call etc. it’s like it doesn’t happen at all.

    I do love Fern dressed up for the opera!! Most of my outing requests come for the Ruins and my sim is exhausted!!

    Sorry Kelvin is such a handful!! He sure is adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh not! I’ve enjoyed my inquisitive sims, but perhaps I wasn’t paying as much attention to their moods. The house looks perfect! Sorry you have to twiddle your thumbs so long for Tesla to grow up.

    Liked by 1 person

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