TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 2: Single Start

Chapter 2


Okay, if you’ve read chapter one you know this chapter is a do-over.  I started again this time with only our leader Keres (which I pronounce as series) I realized that I gave backgrounds on the coven members but not their traits and aspirations in the meet the coven chapter.  Keres means vengeful spirits of death and doom.  Her aspiration is Master Vampire and her traits are romantic, ambitious and jealous.


The first thing she did was go to the library to research vampire secrets on the computer.



Then once she’d unlocked the vampire tome she met the sims in the library.  It’s important for her to meet as many as possible especially since she’ll need to provide a food source for herself and her coven.


After spending some time chatting she’d met as many as I thought she would in this location so she went home.


There she bought a tome and began her research.


Until our welcome wagon of one showed up at the door.


Gee thanks Vlad.  Seems you don’t get this perk when starting with a big household!

01-25-17_8-07-51-am 01-25-17_8-09-28-am

Keres requested some training from her neighbor vamp Caleb while he was there.  She needs to get her skill up as quickly as possible.


Before he left she requested a sparring session which she lost.


Then it was back to her studies.  Perhaps in her old coven they only drank blood from the source?


Fish or frogs eh?  Nice!


Let’s go fishing.  With her skill so low she fished for hours and only caught like 2 fish.


I don’t care what they say, this need drops fast.


She got the Eternally Welcome trait (she already had the Bat Form trait) and went to her friend Bella’s house.  I deleted almost all of the pre-mades but kept a few households just in case the game didn’t populate with random townies fast enough.


Even though they’re friends Bella refused to let Keres drink so she had to take it forcefully.  As far as I can see taking a small sip as opposed to a deep drink doesn’t seem to affect their relationship levels.


Bella seemed oblivious to the whole thing and even wanted a selfie with her new friend.


Next Keres went to a club to meet more sims.  The more the better.


There she met Caleb’s sister Lilith.  Such a vampy name.


Then it was home to sleep in her coffin for most of the morning.


She woke up thirsty again.  I know that it won’t kill them but it makes them miserable plus I wanted to get her vamp skill up quickly so live feeding is better.  She invited this dude she’d met at the library the day before over.  His name is Salvatore.


I have no idea why they went outside to do this.  Even though she made friends with him he also refused to let her drink so she took a small sip from him too then invited him to live free in the house next door as part of the stable of humans.


He accepted.  He was homeless before so this is a move up.  I went to the house just this one time to mark it as played.


That night after reading more of the tome she went to Caleb and Lilith’s house and requested more training.


Then for fun they sparred.  Surprisingly she actually won this time.


She sparred with Lilith as well.  This one looked a lot like a catfight with lots of slapping.  Pretty funny to watch.


Yay!  She’s now on the 2nd level of her aspiration.


Time to see what the big deal about frogs is.  The plasma packs they make seem the same to me.  I think I’ll assign one of the coven members to fish and collect frogs.


She went to see Bella to request a sip but she wasn’t there so she took some from her husband Mortimer instead.


Then it was back to Forgotten Hollow to fish.  So, in my opinion, two days should be sufficient to start with just one sim.  Technically, you could start with all eight and just buy plasma packs off of the computer once it’s an option but this gives you a better head start on the leader’s skills.  After this, I’ll try adding some of the coven and see how it goes.

Chapter 3

14 thoughts on “TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 2: Single Start

  1. Yay I was pronouncing Keres correctly in my head! I was torn between Key- Rehs and rhymes with series and went with the latter.

    Ok so how are handling the stable mechanics wise? Are you inviting the Sim to move in to the main house then once you have their acceptance moving then via neighborhood management into the stable?

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Right. Once they’re friends enough to have the option then do it. I’ve also been having the other vamps introduce them to the leader just for an extra step.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Where are your house vamps coming from? I know you had a few you premade for story purpose that I assume you’ll add when appropriate to the story through household management but where will new vamps come from down the line that replace cured and slain coven members?

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Good question! There are several options. You can have one of your female vamps get preggo by another vamp of your choosing. You can turn one of your stable that you like. You can turn one of the vamps friends that you like as well. OR if one of the male vamps has gotten one of the stable pregnant and this resulted in a vamp child you can move them in when they age to teen. It’s up to you or you could make a roll out of it.

              Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, I’m using this one to learn about vamps too. People will read this one day and be like duh! I hadn’t thought of vamping Bella! Perhaps.


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