TS4- Drifter II 003.8: Enjoying the Final Days

House 003 Chapter 8


It was Saturday and I was trying to think of something for them to do all day.  Fern started out the morning giving Tesla lots of tips on cooking and fishing.  Unfortunately the handiness tips never give them any skill.



Then they were going to go fishing and swam through the pool to get there!  BTW this is the only time the pool was ever used!


While they were fishing I kept seeing Kelvin’s mood changing.  He’s a bit confused I think.


On Sunday I figured they’d worked on skills enough the day before and the whole family went out for lunch.


Fun was had by all.  I’m glad I thought to put in this 8 seater table.


Oh and when I was changing the menu to add breakfast items I built this little arcade into the back because the big empty space at the back of the lot has always bothered me.


They went to the park next and I had to watch the poor stuffed animals be abused again!


Tesla tries out some trick slides.


I had them play basketball just to see if it works because I’ve never seen anyone use it.


I’m so glad I gave Ivy a family.  As the second toddler I’ve raised I’m more attached to her than I usually am to the heir’s siblings.


Monday night they went to the Humor and Hijinks festival.  The teen with the green pants is Carson! (Ivy’s son)  He aged up.


Fern dared Damion to streak!  I really didn’t expect him to do it!


The only firework she set off and this happened.  Bad luck Fern.


After they got home this popped up.


Just thought this was funny.  I don’t know when it finally closed but it was open most of the day.


Way to go!


Damion aged to elder.


Then the next day Fern followed him.


The day after that was Kelvin’s turn.



He looks so like his dad!


They did homework together… this was Monday I believe.  I kinda high speeded through the week after the previous weekend.  I figured I’d pause and take a pic if anything exciting happened but the night after the festival Tesla decided to nap instead of sleep.  She woke up in the middle of the night and then almost passed out when she got home from school.  She’d go to sleep and then wake up in the middle of the night with all of her needs red!  This lasted almost a full week so nothing exciting happened.  They were invited places but she was always sleeping.


I thought it would be fun to have them go out with the family for the birthday instead of having a party at home.  It was really confusing.


The notification popped up while they were eating so as soon as they were all done Fern ordered the cake and added candles.  As you can see nobody but Damion really seemed to even notice.


Regardless it’s the end of house 003 and time to start house 004 with our heir Tesla.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Fern’s journey as much as I had playing and writing about it!

Chapter 004.1

Chapter notes:

The house is available on the gallery: Sultry Raines.  According to the gallery the final value was $81,049.  They also had like $20,000 in reserve.

12 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 003.8: Enjoying the Final Days

    1. Thanks! The park is the one I made my first go through and I just modified it with stuff from packs that have came out since I built it.


  1. They look like such a happy family at the end with all of them sitting around the table at the birthday party. Congrats on finishing house 3 and I look forward to seeing Tesla’s journey in house 4.

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