TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.05: An Unlikely Bargin

Gen 1 Chapter .05


Meet Cat Argeneau.  Her parents recently died days before she aged to young adult.  The hospital bills stacked up in the final days and the house had to be sold to pay for them leaving poor Cat homeless and with nothing when they passed away.  Since then she has been roaming looking for a place to call home.  On this day, this strange day, she stumbled upon what seemed like at one time had been a little community but it appeared abandoned.


She stood in the square looking around.  It was very pretty cool and a bit spooky.  It was surrounded by empty lots that looked like there used to be homes on them.  She was saddened thinking of whatever fate had caused such a neat place to become deserted.


She stood looking at the worn old statue and as she contemplated where she would sleep that night. Then she noticed a road winding up toward the mountains.


She had no where else to go so out of curiosity she followed the road until she came to a gate flanked by two huge gargoyles.  Speaking of huge the mansion was enormous!


She didn’t even pause to think about it.  She marched right up the steps to the door.  Perhaps whoever lived here could tell her what happened to the little town.


When the door was opened she did a double take.  Was that?  No way.  Couldn’t be!  He looked just like the man in the worn statue in the square!  She blurted this out and the man just gave her a unreadable look.


Well that was weird and disconcerting.  The man just disappeared into a cloud of dark mist before her eyes!  Cat began to think she was losing her mind.


A moment later the man, who she learned was named Vladislaus Straud, called to her from the adjoining room. After following him in and sitting down with him she asked about the whole poofing thing and he became quiet.


He told her it had been many years since he had any contact with anyone and he has fallen out of practice of hiding his vampire powers.  If Cat hadn’t seen it with her own eyes she wouldn’t have believed him when he said something so outlandish as that he was a vampire!  She asked him what she would need to do to become a vampire like him. At this point she’d do anything to fit in somewhere even if it was in this strange place.  Vlad sat looking at her in thought for a few minutes.


Then he walked her over to a book.  In the book he showed her a very complicated recipe for something called ambrosia.  It had diagrams of plants and instructions on how to graft them to create new plants.  He said he wanted human companions but he couldn’t bear to watch anyone else close to him die.  He said that in addition to some other requirements he needed her to provide this ambrosia on a regular basis to keep his companions young.  In return she and her heirs would become immortal.


He excused himself for quite a long time and when he came back he had a piece of paper with a list on it and handed it to her.   Before he pushed her out the door and gave her directions to the lot that would become her home he pleaded with her to be quick with completing her tasks.  Not only would it be better to become immortal while young but he was eager to have human companions in his household again.


A home!  Finally!  Cat was so excited and stunned she could hardly believe it.  With shaky hands she pulled the note out of her shorts pocket and looked over the rules she had hastily agreed to without looking at them first…

  1. No childe of mine will be uneducated and unemployed.  You and all of your heirs must reach the top of a unique career and become proficient in 5 skills of your choosing.
  2. It is important to have goals to aspire to.  Each generation should complete a set of goals they have laid out for themselves.
  3. Everyone should experience love and loss before taking on immortality.  It is also imperative to produce an heir.  You and your heirs must search and find their soulmate and woo them.
  4. I do not want to see another community torn apart and abandoned as mine was.  Thus I task you to visit other communities and build something nice for each one so that people will be drawn there and they will thrive.
  5. It saddens me deeply to see all of my hollow with no houses as I know it has saddened you.  I also task you with building a house for someone to live in in each of the aforementioned communities so that someone homeless may have a home.
  6. I would also like to see my hollow thrive again.  In addition to your heirs you should produce more children, grandchildren and so forth to fill new homes that will be built here.
  7. Life is lonely living with no friends.  Go out into the outside world and meet others.  Make friends and host parties in other communities.  Pass this task on to your heirs so that they will never know the pain of loneliness as you and I have.
  8. It is important to be able to have something to show for all of your efforts, thus you must contribute collectibles plus a painted portrait of all heirs to an immortal museum that you will build.
  9. Once you have completed the requirements above for your generation and your heir has been born bring me the ambrosia that I seek and I will make you immortal.

Chapter 1.1

Author’s note:

This version of the Immortal Dynasty Challenge was written by Pollyannasims.  The rules are here.  There’s actually more to it and it’s much more detailed than what I had Vlad write out.  I wanted it to sound like something someone would write but the basics are there.  When I started reading Pollyannasims’ play-through of this challenge I was intrigued by the idea of doing it with the goal of becoming a vampire, so we talked about it and decided that my sims would still need to make the ambrosia like any other person doing the challenge.  I just made it a requirement by Vlad to give it to him when it’s made since technically there will be no reason for my immortals to use it.  

As to the name Cat Argeneau… Pollyannasims asked me if I was going to do a naming pattern for this challenge.  I hadn’t really thought of it but once she gave me the idea I decided to use names of vampires from my favorite books.  Argeneau is from the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands one of my all time favorite book series!  Cat is from the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost, Cat’s husband Bones is one of the hottest male characters in the genre.

Using the heir rules from the legacy challenge website I’ve decided to go with Strict Equality… meaning the next heir will be a male and it will switch between female and male each generation.  This ensures I’ll get a chance to use some of the awesome guy vamp names!

I did this intro chapter as a story but I plan to continue it in my regular commentary writing style.  This one was just a bit of fun and quite stressful to tell you the truth.  I couldn’t control Vlad so I had to watch for him to do something and pause quick to take a pic.  Also, he started playing the organ and she REALLY didn’t like it.  I didn’t have mods in to make her mood fine again so I had to search for a cheat.  I’ll leave posing and story based Simlit to others who have more patience!

11 thoughts on “TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.05: An Unlikely Bargin

      1. Lol, each time you do a new one, I want to do it! I’m going to finish my toddler one before I do more though lol. I have toddler, drifter, master vampire, and the coven one going right now lol. This one sounds promising too! At least the toddler and the master one are semi short!

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  1. Ooo! I love it!! Such an engaging beginning and I can’t wait to see how Cat completes the challenges. Vlad is a perfect person promising immortality. Seriously exciting and thank you for giving the challenge a go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I was hoping you’d like it! I think I made a bit of a mistake in my start but hopefully it won’t be too bad in the long run.


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