TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 3: The Gang’s Together

Chapter 3

I brought in 3 more vamps to test out how things would go.  From the left we have Hoyt- name means soul his aspiration is SoulMate and his traits are outgoing, music lover and romantic.  Next is Dario- his name means possesses a lot, his aspiration is Master Vampire and his traits are perfectionist, ambitious and mean.  Last is Rana- her name means eye-catching and regal, her aspiration is Public Enemy and her traits are loner, hot-headed and non-committal.  Keres was sleeping so I played just them for a bit.

First, Rana and Dario got jobs.  Hoyt will be our fish and frog getter.  Rana joined the criminal career and Dario secret agent.  Later Keres joined the painter career.

While Dario does his work task the other two meet some sims at the library.  This has been a big benefit instead of buying a computer like I did last time.

Hoyt makes friends with this guy named Francisco.  I think he might be interested in more than blood.

Rana brought this lady Nicole home with her and Keres met her and invited her to live in the stable house.  She accepted and brought her teenage son Kurt with her.  (Is it just me or does she look all pale and vamp-like in this pic?  No worries I won’t vamp her I can’t stand her!)

Then Hoyt invited Francisco to meet Keres and she invited him as well.  Now they have 3 humans in their stable.  I need to figure up a feeding schedule!

When night fell Hoyt spent some time fishing but since he hasn’t read the Vampire Tome yet Keres had to make the plasma packs.  At least he’s better at fishing than she was.

In the mail there was a package of wolfsbane seeds.  Usually, wolfsbane is used in books and stuff in reference to werewolves.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  I think some of the recipes call for these seeds so they planted them.  (Although I found werewolves in Sims 3 ugly and annoying so meh.)

Dario started reading the Tome.  I keep forgetting to have them take their dark forms at home.

Keres was thirsty so she headed over for a meal.  It’s so much easier this way.

Keres offers Dario training.  There seems to be a cooldown on this interaction so obviously there will need to be some sort of training schedule too.  I need to figure out how often she should seek elder vampires to train her as well.

First time seeing plasma packs.  Keres is not impressed.  I wouldn’t be either.  They aren’t very filling.

Acheron shows up that night with his children.  We’ll start with him… Acheron- River of woe (And one of my favorite book characters.) his aspiration is Vampire Family and his traits are family oriented, cheerful and art lover.  His teenage son is Kyran- which means dark (Also one of my fav characters from the same book series… I didn’t plan it that way!) His aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy and his traits are materialistic and self-assured.  Next is his eldest daughter Vega- meaning falling star, her aspiration is Whiz Kid and her trait is genius.  Last is Shysie- meaning silent little one, she has the independent trait.  And so the coven is complete!

This was so weird.  Rana doesn’t have the klepto trait but I saw her using a tablet after she got home from the library and realized she brought it home.  I sold it and deducted the money they got only to have her pull another one out of her inventory later!  Somehow she had three of them!

Does she not look evil?  Toddler vampire be afraid be very afraid.  I couldn’t resist vamping her out until she ages to child.

I realized Keres still hadn’t painted for her job.  Too late she has to leave right after she started.  I thought she had more time.

Acheron starts reading the Tome while keeping an eye on his sleeping daughters.

After she wakes up Vega heads to the square to play some chess.  Later she finds some humans to join her.

Really though?  He got home from work and just stood there burning!  What if I hadn’t seen him to tell him to come inside?  Silly vampires!  Later Keres did the same thing when she got home.

The plasma fruit is finally harvestable.

Tasty but not very filling.

Still, it’s good to have lots of plasma options so they plant one.

Chapter 4

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