TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.1: Living in Sylvan

Gen 1 Chapter 1

Alrighty!  You’ve already met our founder here’s her aspiration and traits.

The lot trait for this generation.

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to start in Sylvan Glade or the San Myshumo park.  So I sent her to the park to first to see if it might possibly have some of the harvestables she’ll be needing.

After collecting all of the frogs I could find she fished for a while while I searched and searched the area for plants.

Then I remembered frog breeding and saw these two babies!  Score!

She took a few minutes to meet Liberty Lee.  I did leave all of the EA pre-mades in this save with the exception of a few I’ve married into other saves cuz that would just be weird.  I think Liberty will be our Willow Creek friend.  She seems pretty cool and I’ve never done anything with her before.

Sadly, I couldn’t find anything there except a potato plant.

She got all of her needs up at the park and headed to Sylvan Glade.

She got all the frogs first and then fished while waiting to see if anything was harvestable soon.

Things must be awkward in their house!

Woot!  She caught 2!

Holy cow this is awesome!

This is a really really great start for her money-wise.  She now has all the basics on her lot.  I had planned to take her back to the park to get her needs up but that was before her awesome catches!

She wanted to research vampire history to find out more about what she was getting into.  After reading a bit she discovered a book and purchased it so she can continue learning about them.

She stopped at a nearby pub for a quick drink of nectar fulfilling a few whims while there and meeting a few sims.

Then it was back to Sylvan Glade.  In my drifter saves I usually use moodlet solver potions and stay there for a few days waiting for things to be harvestable but I didn’t have that option this time and had at first planned to take a tent but that doesn’t give her an option to fulfill her bladder need.

That’s awesome!  Now we have less to graft.

Finally a few things (lily and snapdragon) were harvestable so she grabbed them and headed home.

Before bed she planted her prizes.  Did you know if you plant a cowberry it’s instantly worth $475 in buy mode?

In the morning she got a counter so that she could start cooking instead of eating non-filling quick meals.

Then she made her way to the city to see what GeekCon is all about.  She met a bunch of sims while she was there then headed back once again to Sylvan Glade.  At this point I think both her and I were sick of that place!

Uh, what?  She needed to go home and when I hit M this popped up.

Then Vlad showed up!  I guess he was checking up on her progress?

The problem was her needs were terrible!  He kept talking to her while she freaked out and couldn’t travel.

See!  Ohmygosh.  I thought she’d pee herself!

Fast forward past finally being able to leave the long conversation with Vlad… It’s the next day, Wednesday.  She got a job in the culinary career that morning and starts in two days.  She didn’t wake up until after noon so she got her needs up and headed back to danged Sylvan Glade where after fishing for a few hours the strawberry bushes were finally harvestable!  So from Sylvan, she got snapdragons, strawberries, lilies, and pomegranates.  Now she can graft to make dragonfruit for money and orchids to graft on the pomegranates to make death flowers.  First, she has to get her gardening skill up!

She planted everything before bed then had to water it when she woke up.  For some reason the ground on this lot is all weird and she couldn’t plant in some places so I just moved everything into planter boxes to make it easier.  Now that the mission for plants is over I’m worried that I waited too long to get a job but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Chapter 1.2

Chapter notes:

I didn’t create Cat myself.  I got her by randomizing sims from the gallery in CAS then changed her clothes and makeup.  I had planned to leave a note here so you can find her on the gallery if you’d like but when I tried to find her it brought up a bunch of sims like her all by different people!  So I have no idea who the original creator was to thank them.

At this point, I’m a bit worried since I haven’t worked on her career, aspiration or skills yet!  She’s barely filled any whims either.  My strategy was to get the dragonfruit going to have a good steady income while she also works on her gardening skill.  I had no idea it would take so long.  I had planned for her to begin her career on Weds not Fri.   I think my focus should have been career/aspiration/skills first and money 2nd.  I was just so sick of Sylvan Glade I wanted to be done with it.  We’ll see how it goes!

7 thoughts on “TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.1: Living in Sylvan

  1. Wow! So lucky with the fishing! And great choice for lot trait! Am I right in assuming that she’s going for vampiric law for one of her skills? I am trying to decide how the 15 level skill will work into the challenge. At this stage I think there will be two options 1) reach level 10 of Vampiric Law and Level 10 of four other skills OR reach level 15 of Vampiric Lore, L5 of dancing or photography and L10 of three other skills. What do you think?

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