TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 4: Settling In

Chapter 4


This call from Vlad popped up pretty much as soon as I started the game.  Keres got some special training from the big man himself.


I erm kinda forgot about poor Shysie.  It popped up saying she was very hungry and I was like what?  Oopsie!  That’s what happens when you switch between 3 save files all day.


Okay I don’t know whether to say it’s sweet that brother and sister are playing or that they look pretty darned creepy!


Rana’s job is driving me crazy.  She has to go to work at like 6pm or something so I have to send her over early on nights that she feeds.  Which means when I get back I have to que everything up for everyone to do what they were doing again.


Ugh.  Really?  How could I forget the darned nightlight!  You’re a vampire Vega!  How can you be afraid of a little tentacle monster?


Kyran was not happy about having to spray his sister’s bed.


Some of them took a trip to the library.  Dario needed to use a computer for work.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize until they got there that it was time for him to work already.  Hoyt talked to the librarian for awhile because I wanted another female for the stable.


Rana needed to perform mischief interactions for her job and this poor guy got stuck listening to her.


It’s just a fishy drink ma’am.  Nothing to worry about.  I don’t think she believed him because around this time no matter what he said she wasn’t interested and the small amount of friendship they had plummeted.


Since Kurt is a teen too Kyran always feeds off him.


Really though?  You’re going to go outside to hug in the sunlight?


Well dummy what did you expect to happen?  Fly back inside!


It wasn’t working out having Keres hold a job since she was barely sleeping and her energy need goes down so fast training everyone so since Acheron is home all day he’s learning to paint to help with money instead.


Oh no!  Toddler on the loose outside and nobody can go get her!  Good thing she doesn’t burn in the sun like the older vamps.


*sigh* Ohmygosh these vampires!  Was it imperative that that trash be taken out right away?  And really once it was taken out why stand there in the sun burning?


This guy Francisco from the stable is the one that Hoyt invited because he had other interests in him.  When he called wanting to come over I took it as a good sign.  But alas he was a jerk so Hoyt punished him.


Better luck with the next one.  Just leave him there.  He’ll wake up eventually.


Someone commented on my second chapter asking about my plans for Bella.  I hadn’t thought much about it but now I’m interested.  So Keres invited her to the stable.  Now we have 2 women and 3 men including the teen boy.


I really need to get their feeding schedules straightened out because it seems like every time I send them over to eat nobody can be fed off of.  So Dario flagged down some guy that was walking by.


Oh calm down woman!


I think Hoyt lucked out that he wasn’t interested.  What a slob!


Oh man was this annoying.  Keres’ fun was super low and I was thinking how much easier it would be if she had someone she could woohoo with.  So I decided to take Keres, Dario and Hoyt out to the nightclub to find some fun. It didn’t go very well.


At one point she had a fairly good romance bar with this guy.  Then suddenly he wasn’t into it.  The problem was I was queing stuff up and switching to the other sims so I didn’t realize it.  Dario flirted with a cute vampiress that the game generated but the same thing happened with her!  I didn’t see anyone for Hoyt so he just talked to random sims the whole night.


When they got home Keres gave Hoyt his training.  I decided to start doing it outside because sims kept pretty much walking through them while they were doing it inside.


I thought he had school soon so I had him do dark meditation then I realized it was Saturday and sent him to bed.


Had to check out what hibernation does.  It seems like the energy need fills up and the other needs are frozen but once energy is full they still stay in.  I’m thinking I’ll add it to the rules as a punishment.


This is so cool!  He was taking her to the potty chair when he just poofed as a bat into the bathroom with her.  I had him take her into the sleeping chamber to see if I had seen it right and I had!


I decided now that Keres’ energy isn’t horrible every night that she’ll spar with them all after their training.  The problem is that she needs to start getting more training of her own because Acheron and Rana are now both minor vampires and she’s still a little under prime vampire.


Awe.  I wasn’t even paying attention until the colors started flying!  Keres called Caleb over asking for training after they had gone for their feedings and little Shysie must have come out to see her daddy.


Hoyt had just started fishing when J Huntington called him inviting him out.  Apparently when I was trying to fix up Keres and Dario with people the night before they had become friends!  I know there was a flirty vibe for awhile the night before so I’m wondering if one of them autonomously flirted?  Anyways, J was totally into Hoyt.


Woot!  First kiss of anyone in the coven!  Vampires are lusty creatures after all.  They need to act like it.


J decided to go nap after the kiss and I was about to send Hoyt and Dario home when I hovered over this chick and Dario had a romance bar with her.  I was confused then I remembered she’s the cute little vampireress he was trying to flirt with the night before!  Her name is Masami.  I like her.  When I wrote the challenge I hadn’t known there would be randomly generated vampire townies.

Chapter 5

Author’s note:

I was thinking about how I had given the pronunciation of Keres name but none of the others.  So if you’re interested:

Rana- rain-uh

Dario- dare-ee-oh

Hoyt- huh-oi-tuh

Acheron- ash-er-on

Kyran- kuh-ear-ee-in

Vega- vuh-egg-uh

Shysie- shy-see

8 thoughts on “TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 4: Settling In

  1. I don’t know how you keep all three saves straight! Masami is a beautiful sim! That’s really cool that they can teleport as bats while holding a toddler! They sure don’t seem to understand that they can’t stay outside!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know how I’m doing it either. I keep forgetting that I want to change my Dynasty lot because I put it in the same place as the Coven! It’s jarring to go back to Drifter truthfully cuz I can control everyone in the other 2.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m with Misfit!!! How do you keep all these challenges straight!!??

    I was doing the sorta walk through for Vampires last week and kept forgetting I could actually control people. Haha.

    As for vamps going outside. I know!!!! Why are you outside right now??? You are uncomfortable and burning. But… just stand there it’s fine. Haha

    Glad Hoyt is getting some attention from J! Will J be in the stable or Hoyt’s personal love interest? Also will he be turned? I guess I’ll have to read and find out now that I think of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, it’s getting harder and harder to keep them straight and I’m so addicted to Drifter I’ve decided to post the other 2 less often. Maybe if I do the 2 I can control them in the same day it will be less confusing!
      I don’t have any plans for J other than a love interest for Hoyt right now. If it changes in the future I’ll have to give him new clothes, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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