TS4- Drifter II 004.2: Got a Rocket

House 003 Chapter 2


In case you missed it in the last chapter.


It was halfway through Sunday and she’d already gotten all the collectables in her neighborhood and the Oasis Springs park.  I’ve never been to the Hare Square park in drifter so I thought I’d take her there and bring along the family so she can spend some time with them.


Soon after arriving there I realized there’s pretty much nothing to do there except play chess.  So they went fishing.


I was just about to send her home from fishing because she was hungry when this guy Donte called her and invited her for a date.  He’s a vendor that she met at the romance festival.


Decent traits but no job and he’s married.


The next day it was back to work.  This was one of the most boring days so far.


She did get a promo to level 4!


And invited out later to celebrate.


This is the first time I’ve accepted one of these and I never realized that all of the co-workers show up.  It was pretty cool.


Sadly, no eligible bachelors fell into her lap that night.  Perhaps the romance guru was right?


This popped up in the morning… umm no.


A bit of a different day this day.


She claimed to be a criminal mastermind to this dude.


Then had to go waaay out here to yell at a tourist because there were no other tasks and her shift was almost over.


When she got home she bought the rocket.  I was waiting until after Monday’s bills.


Yay!  So exciting.


She worked on it all night.


She upgraded the simray to change clothes but I didn’t do the task for it because it takes so darned long.


Awe.  So sad.


I still have absolutely no idea how I’m going to build this house but I did give in and buy a really nice fridge.


Not sure if it will even work with this career but I figured why not?


Yay rocket completed!


A bit of fishing for fun.  She needs to meet someone to woohoo with or something.


In the middle of the night her brother Kelvin invited her to a party at The Bluffs.  I swear Grim is stalking her.


Awe, her daddy was there.  She didn’t stay long.  She introduced herself to the YA dj and then headed back to bed.


More inventing.


She didn’t have any other tasks I wanted to do so she had to torture this poor woman.


The torture was worth it!  Another promo.


She got this sad news after arriving home.


I looked up all of the plants that she might possibly need for serums and she was storing the ones she’d found in her inventory.  Then I thought why not just keep them all in the garden at work?  So I placed the planters and she planted them all.  I’ll just have to make sure the garden is tended so they’re available when she needs them.

Chapter 004.3

 Chapter notes:

At this point, I’m not sure if she’s doing well or not?  I feel like she’s not.  I suppose it might be a lack of house but I didn’t start the house until after the rocket last time either.  This chapter is 5 1/2 days.  The “house” value is $11,229 and she has 11 days until aging to adult.  I stopped after work on Friday and I plan to use Saturday and Sunday to find her a man.  I’ve looked in manage worlds because it doesn’t seem like there are many sims in the neighborhood and I was right, there aren’t.  I’ve got a list with 5 guy’s names on it but I’m not thrilled with any of them so we’ll see.  First, I have to graph out a house!

2 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 004.2: Got a Rocket

  1. Too bad she’s having trouble finding a man 😦 I think she’s doing good so far. It’s once you get to level 8 and 9 career that it seems really hard!! Good idea on having the plants available at the office!

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