TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.2: Go, Diego, Go!

Gen 1 Chapter 2


I really wanted to work on getting up Cat’s friendship with Liberty.  They met for coffee and ended up chatting with a bunch of sims in a group.


I considered this guy Holden for Cat briefly.  He had pretty good traits but I’m not that much of a fan of the yellow blonde hair so I decided to hold out to see if there’s anyone else.


The problem with having to be social is I feel like I’m making no progress so I had her do a quick painting before she headed home for bed.  This is the first time she’s painted even though it’s her aspiration.


She needed fun so she read the vampire book for awhile.  Not sure if reading about vampires before bed is the best idea!


In the morning she went to the museum in Oasis Springs and I was thinking if she viewed art she’d get inspired to paint but I think that might only be if they have art lover.  While she was looking at the painting Diego Lobo walked over and started talking to her.  Ya know he looks a lot like Wolfgang Munch if you ignore the goofy glasses and suit.


I was intrigued so she got to know him better.  He has a job and his traits aren’t horrible.


Since she still needed to get inspired to paint they cloudgazed for a bit.


She was about to go upstairs to paint when I realized that Alice Spencer-Kim had taken over the only easel!  I love that painting.  I thought it might be new but when I posted a pic of it on Twitter someone said they’d seen it.  I went back later to see what type of painting it was but I guess I left the lot before she could finish!  Bummer.


I decided to just take her to the art center because it has more than one easel and Diego went with her and chatted for awhile.


Yay!  I hadn’t expected a promotion the first day.


This garden got to be an anchor.  I wanted her to go places and work on skills and relationships but was stuck watering every morning for hours.  This day by the time she got done with the garden, work tasks and getting her fun up it was time for work!


At least this happened!  Two days in a row!


The fun need is so annoying.  She has to work hard at work and by the time she gets home it’s practically red.  She brought Diego to the library to talk while she played but he wandered off.


She needed mixology for her next promo and I originally took her to the art gallery to make drinks but the mixologist got there and she couldn’t do any more.  No promo that day.


She was finally fairly high friends with Diego and it was time to move it up to the next level.  So they met at the gallery and did some flirting.  He was all for it.  I doubt he gets many ladys dressed like that.


The darned game didn’t pause quick enough for the first kiss.  Here’s the second!


Malcolm you creeper go find a girl of your own!


New boyfiend selfie!


Despite her very flirty mood she got promoted again!


I had just taken her to the museum to paint when Diego called her out to eat.  Sure why not?  I need to go into this restaurant and change the menu because there’s barely anything to choose from.


After that they went to The Bluffs.


Yay they’re engaged!  I decided to just have him move in because spending time with him is taking so much time away from the other things she needs to work on.  Also, I was dying to get him out of those clothes!  Erm, that sounds naughty.


I actually didn’t change much.  The color of his earrings, gave him glasses and a new wardrobe.  I didn’t change his hair or anything else.  Those tattoos were there!  I knew he had an inner freak just waiting to get out.


I gave in and got a table and chairs since eating standing in front of the fridge won’t work anymore.


After Drifter it’s really weird controlling the other sims.  He’s tasting some of the drinks she’s making.  It was almost time for him to leave for work so I figured she could mix drinks until he left.  He’s a level 7 Arts Critic.  Since she has always had an interest in art and wants to be a painter extraordinaire it’s a pretty good pairing.

01-28-17_11-43-09-am 01-28-17_11-43-20-am

Okay so when Diego moved in he brought an insane amount of money.  I had written down how much she had before he moved in and deducted it all.  Then I got to thinking if she had married a random townie instead she would have gotten $20,000 when they moved in.  So I figured she could spend that amount on a community lot.  I built this little park in Newcrest.  I actually spent over $2,000 more of her own money and I’m still not satisfied with it so I plan to do more to it in the future.  I thought it would be cool to have the wishing well since I don’t have it in any of my other saves.

Chapter 1.3

Chapter notes:

Progress- Engaged to Diego; on second level of aspiration; cooking 5, gardening 4, vamp lore 4, painting 3; career 4; park in Newcrest.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.2: Go, Diego, Go!

    1. Ugh if you say so. I’m finding it very difficult truthfully. At first I planned daily updates for this one but I think I’ll be doing a few times a week cuz I have to really focus on what I’m doing without distractions!


      1. It is tricky! A couple of tips that I live by 1) find the five friends, add them to a club but ignore them until the adult stage. The relationship decay makes maintaining good friends too time consuming. Because you need to good friends when you become immortal it is the last thing I do. 2) Don’t worry about money- make that the spouses job. 3) At least one skills should be a fun skill and a skill you can talk at the same time so you can improve fun, social and build a skill at the same time!
        I hope that helps and I am loving reading your challenge!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s exactly the mistake I made at the start! I was too preoccupied with how my sim would make money! I’m so used to Drifter.
          That’s a great tip with the club! I was thinking a club wouldn’t be very helpful.
          I’m not sure if sims can read and talk but the vamp book increases fun.


  1. I can understand the part about it being weird to control other sims after drifting. I’m finding it weird in house 6 and my other saves I have going… switching back and forth can be hard!

    This challenge seems really tough, a real balancing act of skills, job, and socializing. I doubt I could do it half as well as you are!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is a tough challenge which is why I’ve only been posting once or twice a week. There’s parties too which I’ll start next time I play it.

      Liked by 1 person

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