TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 5: Training Problems

Chapter 5


I did this for a new banner because I wasn’t even playing the sims I had in my old one.  It took me forever to find some poses to use and set them all up.  It would have looked a lot better if Kyran and Vega hadn’t ended up so far over to the right.  I’m not thrilled with it because no matter what angle I went you didn’t see some of the others.


Erm?  So you’re holding your daughter right now cuz all I see is your arm coming outta your gut!


I had just started the game and thought why don’t I have Hoyt collect some frogs for a change instead of fishing. This was a huge lightbulb moment for me!  What I do is have him breed $10 frogs then pass them on to each of them in the house and if they need plasma packs they make one and then pass them on to the next!  The whole struggle of not having enough plasma packs is history!


Waiting for the frogs to spawn at some dude’s house.


I thought she was pretty so he said hi before heading home racing against daylight.


It was the weekend so while pretty much everyone else slept Vega played chess for her aspiration.


A little bit later J invited Hoyt out to eat.  I guess Hoyt had to explain why he wasn’t eating too.


For some reason it wouldn’t let me bring someone else along to chaperone.  Oh well.  Might as well take advantage.


Kyran gets his training.  Most of them are at the start of Minor Vampire and she’s at the end so she won’t be able to train them when it’s their turn.


Vampire squid!


I suppose when most of the house doesn’t need to use the toilet then it’s just another room to hang out in.


I tried having Kyran read to Vega for her aspiration but he kept stopping and I lost patience.  I doubt she’ll complete it at this point because she goes to school during the day and sleeps most of the night and the rest of the time I kinda just forget about her because she takes care of herself.


I really didn’t like that house that came with the game that I was using for the stable.  I went on the gallery and searched forever.  This is Affordable Vampire Home by Saffrom.  It’s $22,934 on the gallery and I went inside and sold anything that made it look too nice and cheapened it up a bit but from outside it looks nice.  I don’t know what the price difference is between this and the old one but I just won’t spend the $500 this week even though I did subtract it.


While I was at it I added a little overhang area for the vamps so they can go outside during the day.  Now that I look at it I’m thinking a bigger one with some garden planters would be a good idea!


I was determined to get Keres to Prime Vampire so that she could train Rana on schedule.  She went and asked Lilith for training.


And then they sparred and she beat Lilith.


Then she went to feed with a few others.  Here’s the living room of the new house.


And here’s the upstairs.  Now they all have a bed.  There’s a little vampire basement with a casket that would work if any of them do get the roll to try for baby.  So far none of them have.


After reading the vampire tome for awhile Keres is finally a Prime vampire and can train the Minor vamps.


Time for Shysie to age up to child!



This looked so creepy I had to take a pic.


While changing Shysie’s clothes I thought she looked so cool that I decided that toddlers and children just don’t get the skill to change forms but they have their vamp skin and eyes.  So Vega got a bit of a makeover too!  They look awesome.

Chapter 6

8 thoughts on “TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 5: Training Problems

  1. So the stable. I was thinking originally in my game it would actually be a regular house. But seeing your ‘vamp’ style I sorta like it. I think being perpetual meals for the coven would lead to some more gothic aesthetics in design choices!

    Vega and Shysie are adorable. I think similar to the Munsters daughter though even if my toddlers and children are born with the skin/eyes I’m going to change them in CAS so that their parentage is not apparent.

    Secrecy is going to be huge in my story. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well technically it’s the vamps paying for the stable upkeep so it makes sense that it’s decorated more in their tastes.
      Munsters or Adams Family?


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