TS4- Drifter II 004.3: Settling Down

House 004 Chapter 3


I finally sat down and graphed the house out.  I think it has the potential to look really cool once it’s finished.  For now, this is all we have.


When we left Tesla it was Friday night after work.  She did some stuff at home and then went to bed.  Her little brother Kelvin woke her up in the middle of the night saying she had to get to a party at The Ruins.  Since I’d decided she HAD to find a guy this weekend she went.


I noticed this guy.  I’m not a big fan of the dreadlock hair so I overlooked him.  She’d met him somewhere before because she knew him.  So she talked to him for awhile and got to know his traits and stuff.


Great traits, he’s a YA and he has a job!


This one’s worth becoming friends with, even if she is really tired.


After going home and getting a few hours of sleep she invited him out to lunch.  She does lots of flirting and he’s all for it.


Then a first kiss.


She brought him back to her place and asked him to be her boyfriend and they celebrated.  After that she invited him to move in.


Say what now?  I have no clue.  His age has been stuck at 1 days till age up since he moved in.


The game generated him some pretty good skills.


He got a haircut and some clothes that fit his tech guru career.  I also changed his name to Nolan.  I don’t know what it is with this game but I’ve had like 10 Nobuya’s in different saves in the last few months.  It’s really weird and I’m not a big fan of that name.  I figured if I kept the No it would be close enough, lol.  I have no idea what to do about his age on the other hand.


Neat sims are so strange.


I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted her to do.  Work on the rocket, collect, garden?


Oh forget it!  Let’s get married instead.


In the last house I put the cowplant behind the arch.  I figured this time I’d do it with the rocket.


I regret giving her that hair for her formalwear.  It looks weird on her.  Oh well.


First trip in her rocket and it’s for a bit of woohoo.


Must’a been good!


And then it’s back to work again on Monday.  She got to make the satellite but this was the only day she’s had work tasks for it which is annoying because I really want her to find an alien!


The day after that she made the cloning machine.


Promoted to level 6!


Do you know what that means?


Oh yea!


It’s nooboo time!  Last time I waited until level 8.  I would have waited until 7 but I don’t want her dying before the heir ages to young adult so I’m starting early and hoping for the best.  She’s 7 days to adult at this point and my personal cut-off is 5.


I thought we’d celebrate with a little transforming.


Eh, maybe not.  I was too afraid that she’d burn if she put it out herself.  The problem with that is she had this darned tense moodlet at work the next day so I kept having to get her doubly focused to cancel it out.  Maybe transform on the weekends?


After that I did the shell of the house.  Houses always look like they’re not going to amount to much of anything at this stage don’t they?  Let’s hope this one proves us wrong.


Her friend at work aged to elder.  What better way to celebrate than with some red hot serum.  Sadly all it did was make her have to pee.  Boring.


Second trimester rolls around.  I’m having a terrible time keeping up this garden.  I don’t know if I want to give up on it or what.  I hate to waste the points on free services to get a gardener.


After they went to bed I worked on the house some more.  It looks really freaking goofy at this point!  I did try out a few of the things I plan to do and it looks pretty cool.  I just didn’t want to spend so much money on decorative stuff at this point.  This chapter was 5 1/2 days.  The house value is $23,771 and they have $2,232 in reserve.  I’m not sure what to do with the house next and I’m waiting for the baby to be born to decorate the nursery.

Chapter 004.4

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