TS4- Drifter II 004.5: Refocusing Attention

House 004 Chapter 5


When I started back up I realized Caitlyn the alien didn’t have a bed so while I was in build mode I went ahead and did a little to the house.  It’s driving me bonkers that I don’t have the money to buy windows for this house yet!  And that’s crazy for me to say because windows are usually one of the last things I add.


Mona woke up Nolan in the middle of the night.  A pattern begins.


He went to take care of his needs and she pulled the tablet off the table and sat playing with it.  I thought that they could only play with the toddler tablet!


In the morning Tesla shared some breakfast with Mona before work.


Then she had a little work accident.  It left her dazed for hours and I had to have her do some extra stuff to keep her in a focused mood.


Then she got this sad news.  RIP aunt Ivy.


She got home and spent some time with Mona before bed.


She woke up Nolan again.  This time she was tired and he kept messing around instead of putting her to bed so she hit him!  I didn’t pause in time to catch it because I wasn’t expecting it.


After taking herself to bed she gets some sleep and then plays with Caitlyn.


Umm twice in a row now when Tesla gets home from work Mona is standing in this spot by the back corner of the house.


This ticked me off.  He stood there the whole time she ran out to see him and then as soon as she got to him he took off for the house.  Lousy dad.  I miss Damion in house 003.


That night she woke him up.  She just wanted him to take her to bed.  Instead he stands there like a dork singing. With Lucas in house 002 it was cute now that I see all of the sims doing it I find it annoying.  Luckily MCCC has a thing to stop it so I’ll switch that off next time I start the game.


She woke up from her nap on the chair and hit him again!  Their relationship is dropping quickly.  I don’t understand why he’s not doing the “check toddler” thing like all of the other sims I’ve played since toddlers came out.  It’s like he’s oblivious to her being there.


I ended up waking Tesla up to put her to bed.  I switched to Mona so you can see how red her plumbob was.  Tesla on the other hand was miserable at work the next day.  I didn’t think waking her up a bit early would make such a difference!


Maybe that’s why she had another “work accident” truthfully I was getting kinda ticked.  This happened twice trying to make a serum.  All 3 of her possible tasks were freaking serums!  I tried all 3 several times and she kept failing or this would happen.  By the end of the day her needs were absolutely horrible but she did manage to get the full task bar.  Whew!


Then she was promoted to level 8!

Authors note:  At this point in this house I’m feeling pretty meh about the whole thing.  I don’t like the husband or the alien friend and she’s barely gotten to spend any time at all with Mona.  If I wasn’t so far along in the house already I would re-start it.  I’ve been seriously considering it.  Originally, I planned to take a break from it and stop here but the next day I changed my mind and started up again.  Then I realized this chapter was only half done.  So here’s the rest of the chapter…


The decision I made regarding this house was to make sure Tesla spent time with Mona even if she had to take moodlet solver potions the rest of her toddlerhood.  This is the first bath she’s had!


A bit of fun with our girl.


Then she read her to sleep and took a nap herself.


After her nap she worked on the rocket until the morning then took a moodlet solver.  I’ve discovered that sims are absolutely useless taking care of toddlers when tired.  She kept canceling out things I told her to do with Mona and tried to go to bed even though it didn’t even show the sleep icon there.  It was weird.


Then it’s back to work for the same old boring tasks.


Including torturing her co-workers.  Notice all the crystals and stuff on the floor?  I didn’t want to accidentally sell them so I dragged them onto the floor until she needs them to build the portal thingy.


Back home Tesla was walking into the house and I noticed Mona was angry then it popped up she’d learned that Caitlyn was evil.

meanie misery

No more evil sims around my toddlers!


Yea you yell at her Mona!  Tell her to go away.  I was so ticked off.  She’s done it several times since this.  She’ll walk across the house just to “lecture” Mona and then Mona will get angry and she’ll get happy.


Mom quickly takes over the situation and cares for Mona’s needs since nobody else will.


It’s become a morning ritual that Tesla will wake up Mona and give her food then they’ll sit on her bed and eat.


The house is a freaking disaster.  Don’t mind all of the stuff all over the floor.  I’m waiting for the weekend to transform it all.

Chapter 004.6

Chapter note:

I’m writing this note the day that this chapter is published not the day that it was written.  Re-reading this reminds me now why I had such animosity towards both Nolan and Caitlyn!  I forgot about how they treated Mona!  It makes me angry just remembering it.  There were many times I wished that I had re-started this house but then I wouldn’t have Mona.

10 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 004.5: Refocusing Attention

  1. Wow I didn’t know the toddlers could hit an adult. He was being neglectful so he deserved it. I do have to say Mona did look cute sleeping on that chair. Its a good thing that Tesla is a very good Mom and Mona needs one.

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