TS4- Drifter II 004.6: Toddling Around

House 004 Chapter 6


Finally Friday!  She hasn’t had this task to run on the treadmill before.  I’ve never seen her athletic wear.


It was Tesla’s birthday so they all headed to the restaurant to celebrate.  Mona didn’t come with them but I clicked on her icon and bring her and then she was there and I just bought a highchair for her.


After eating some appetizers Tesla orders a cake and blows out the candles aging to an adult.


She enjoys a slice with her daughter not really caring that the others are there too.


After tucking Mona in bed for the night Tesla begins transforming all of the stuff I’ve laid out for her.  This isn’t nearly all of it!


Darned fires.  Once again they waved their arms in the air like they couldn’t reach it to put it out.  Thank goodness for sprinklers.  Annoyingly all the adults ran to the curb and left poor Mona in her room!


Since she was up and needed some fun Tesla read her a book before tucking her back into bed.


He was annoying the hell out of me!  He kept following her and trying to talk to her as she transformed stuff and she kept stopping to talk to him.  So she put him to sleep.


Onto the second load of stuff from her inventory!  She made a total of $9,353 selling all of it.  I did keep some stuff I thought was cool to decorate the house.


At some point in the night she took a moodlet solver potion.  Then it’s time for a late lunch with her girl.


Caitlyn the evil alien was being mean again so Tesla took just Mona to the park for the rest of the day.


While mom went to slide Mona got to know some strangers.  (Side note from the future: OMG it’s Bob Hay!  We’ll know his sister later in this house and in house 005!)



Then she made her way to the toddler area to play with blocks while mommy napped.


The strangers she’d met earlier came over to help her with the blocks.


Time to head home to bed!


While everyone slept I spent the $20,000 or so we had in reserve.  It looks so freaking awesome with windows.  I knew it would!  So here’s the view with walls halfway…


Walls up so you can see the lightwell in the center.  I think I’m going to change the flooring in there but I can’t find one I like.


And the outside.  She got that gnome transforming.  That fencing looks so neat on the top, I think.  I was itching to do more but alas I ran out of moola.


Back to our girls.  It’s their last breakfast together with Mona as a toddler because tonight’s her birthday!


I was trying to think of something fun for them to do when the notification popped up for the flea market.


Wandering… little scamp.


Watching the prefomer.


Meeting strangers.


Then while Mona got a little sleep the garden had to be taken care of.  I always forget about the gardens once I get a gardener!


10pm Sunday night Tesla woke her to blow out her candles.


Awe so cute!  Her aspiration is Social Butterfly, no surprise there.  Her trait is Squeamish, not thrilled with that one… they don’t like frogs or fishing.  I forgot to take the shot of her skills but she had pretty high in everything except thinking.

Chapter 004.7

Chapter notes:

The house is worth $53,006 but I still have more to do… house value can be checked off!  She’s level 8 rocket science skill and level 8 in the science career.  She still needs to travel to Sixam and get 3 items.  Mona has 13 days ’till aging to teen. This chapter and chapter 6 are one week.

18 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 004.6: Toddling Around

    1. Yea it’s a pretty bad trait for drifting but they also get grossed out cleaning and stuff too so it gets annoying in regular play too.


  1. Oh I meant to ask – have you tried freeze ray stopping a fire. Taylor did that and instead of being upset about the fire was all confident that it was gone.

    Love Mona! I’m glad you decided to focus on their relationship. Shame the others are being all annoying about taking care of such a cutie.

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