TS4- Drifter II 004.7: Mad Scientist?

House 004 Chapter 6


Dang!  What a thing to greet you at the start of your workweek eh?


It was collection day.  I realized that if you have them open up the mysims boxes it counts as collecting something. Last time I didn’t and it took half the day for her to get to 10.


Same thing different day.  I’ve started keeping an expensive crystal, a dragonfruit and an expensive serum in her inventory for this.  Wonder if her inventory is what’s making the bills so high?


Tesla is promoted to level 9!  One to go!


She was in a good mood when she got home so she worked on the rocket a bit.


Mona had just aged to child the night before so she never had to get dressed out of her pjs.  Yay for doing homework! I have the focusing aura strong in this house!


Then she plays on the tablet.  There was really nothing to do but watch her since Tesla was on the rocket.


This is the first time I’ve played since I got the Vampires gamepack.  I guess Caleb came to introduce himself?


Mona came out to see a real live (unlive?) vampire!


I told Tesla to ask Caleb to leave and go to bed.  I wasn’t really paying attention to the screen then I looked up and Vlad was knocking on the door.  Later I realized that just like the strangers that knock on the door all day there are now vamps that do it at night.  It’s quite annoying because high speed doesn’t work when they’re lurking there.


I noticed that Mona wasn’t in bed and realized that Tesla must not have asked Caleb to leave!  It appears that Mona wanted him to see the talking toilet.


He emptied the trash and zoomed out to the garbage can.  Tesla had to run to catch up to him and ask him to leave!


Yay time for the portal thingy!


Alright so here begins Tesla’s (or mine?) maddness!  The alien had an age bar full of bubbles and I figured I’d be nice and have Tesla make her a cake even though I can’t stand her.  She baked it but was too late.  Then I remembered that I had planned to age Nolan up via cake since he has that weird agebar that always says 1 day to age up.  He couldn’t!  It didn’t have the option!


Tesla upgrades the cloning machine to clone sims and I start considering whether I’ll try if the task comes up.


This looks so freaking cool.


Once her tasks were done she started working on the rocket at work because she’s level 8 rocket science and she needs to be 9 to do the next upgrade on hers.


I was thinking while she was at work that she had gained some weight over the years.  She’d made some of that slimify serum and I figured I’d see what it does.


Erm now she’s TOO thin!  Stupid Nolan doesn’t look impressed either way.  It angered Tesla!  I mean really, she didn’t even want to marry him he was just convenient at the time because she needed an heir and the guy she liked was married!


And so she built a room.


She put a firework in the room, had him walk in with her and lit it.  Then she walked out and locked the door.


Convenient glass door.  I think she’s starting to regret her hasty decision.  But really if he can’t age then he’ll be here forever.


I realized he could hide in one corner and not burn so I dragged crystals out to surround him.  Burn!  It was taking a very long time for him to burn.  Surprisingly long.  I mean everyone’s needs were super low and he just stood there burning on and on.

01-27-17_3-46-41-pm 01-27-17_3-47-38-pm

Our friendly alien friend thinks the whole thing is hilarious and stands laughing and pointing.


I think it was a vampire?  She extinguished the flames.  I was kinda relieved.  It was obvious he wasn’t going to die.


Don’t get all angry with me!  You were supposed to die!


The next morning Tesla asked a co-worker to test a serum.  She refused!


This was so weird I had to take a pic.  After the lady refused she put it away and then kneeled there for a minute then got up.  I really think she’s cracking.


Experiment number 2!  Can he drown?


We will watch and see!


Tesla goes inside to help Mona with her homework while attempting to drown her husband outside.


She was harvesting the plants and just stopped and looked at him for a long time.




By morning I knew it wasn’t going to work.  The friendly alien came out to bask in his misery.


It was like this for like 6 hours.

I even tried cheating and killing him with MC Command Center.  Nothing happens.  I don’t really know what to do! I don’t want this guy hanging around this save forever!  I don’t even like him.



Ah what the hey?  When I tried it with Brent last time I did house 004 it wasn’t successful.


This time it was!


At least it’s a cool name.


Yea this could get confusing fast.  Sidenote:  Nolan is back to swimming in the pool even though his needs filled up while she was at work.


The clone Kylee didn’t know she was created to be a slave to the family!  Mwahahahaha!

Chapter 004.8

romanticdoom teslableak

Remember this?  Darn you romance guru for being right!

20 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 004.7: Mad Scientist?

  1. Before I forget, for the collectibles, harvest plants! Each piece of fruit/ veggie counts as one collectible. You can get 10-20 collectibles on one plant! The attempts at killing Nolan were funny! Since it’s a glitch, you shouldn’t be breaking the rules to go into CAS and deleting him! Have fun with your clone lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I laughed at your attempts at getting rid of Nolan. I didn’t bother with my glitched spouse so he’s still roaming around. He doesn’t bother me but I know you don’t like yours. As misfit says as it’s a glitch it should be fine to delete him in CAS.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Damn Nolan is like a cat with 9 lives. Everytime you try to kill him he survives. LOL! Well I have a feeling someday his luck will run out. I do have to agree with everyone else though, since he is glitched I wouldn’t blame you for deleting him in CAS.

    Liked by 1 person

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