TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.3: Cat’s Clan

Gen 1 Chapter 3


I got some advise to create a club and add all of her friends from the different neighborhoods in it.  So when I started playing again Liberty was there so she asked her to be in her club Cat’s Clan.


Then Diego got off of work so they went to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar in Oasis Springs in hopes that she could meet someone from that neighborhood to befriend as well.


I wasn’t really paying attention to them, I was looking for friend candidates so I was pretty darned surprised when I heard the doom noise and saw the mixologist had passed away and Cat was making drinks!


It’s the Spencer-Kim mom but I forget her name.  So sad.


But what luck for Cat!  The replacement mixologist is Zoe Patel and she lives in Oasis Springs.  I thought she lived in Willow Creek but if she did then MC Command Center moved her.  So how about joining the friend club Zoe!


When they got home I bought Diego an easel so he can get his skill up for work and he painted this.  Poor guy.


In the morning they went to Windenburg to find a friend there.  Cat met Ulrike and got to know her a bit.  Sounds like she has a lot in common with Cat and Diego being a fellow art lover.


Diego dreams of not living on the lawn anymore.  I think we can make that happen!


Meanwhile back at the coffee shop Cat invites Ulrike to her club.  Now we just need someone from the city and Newcrest.  I looked through the sims living in the city and nobody caught my eye.  I may wait to see if MC Command Center moves a homeless sim in there.  Newcrest depends on her placing a house there and she just spent most of her money on a park.  Should’a done a house first!


She was just a sliver away from having enough skill to graft so she talked to the plants for awhile.


Finally!  She takes a cutting from the snapdragon and grafts it onto the lily.  Someday soon she’ll have orchids she can plant.


Then Diego needed to write a column for work so they headed to the library.  Cat chatted with Zoe while he wrote.


I decided to grant Diego’s wish for a little house.  I don’t have any plans to start the mansion anytime soon so I figured might as well spend a little on walls to give them a home.


It’s sparse but homey.


Since she’d almost completed the homestyle cooking skill she started working a bit on gourmet cooking.


Cloudgazing before work while Diego paints.  They’ve fallen into a rhythm now.


Then after she leaves Diego heads to the library to write articles and work on his book.


Cat is promoted to level 5!


I wasn’t sure how much mixology skill she would need and I keep forgetting to look.


I’m really loving these two together.


Liberty stopped over in the morning and Cat made her pancakes but she didn’t want any.


Cat plants the orchid.  I realized as I was writing this chapter that I hadn’t grafted the pomegranate with the orchid plant and jumped back onto the game to do so because I was afraid I’d forget.


The problem with making drinks to skill up and for work tasks is she keeps stopping to drink them.  So she makes some for Diego too.


When playing another save I realized that having a good relationship with co-workers is supposed to increase work performance!  I’d never realized that.  So she invited over the only co-worker she knew Akito and became friends with him.


Diego is promoted to level 8!


I keep accidentally clicking on work from home.  He had to recommend hangouts so he ran around the neighborhood and did it while Cat gardened.


I keep seeing people posting for a 10k house challenge on Twitter.  I got to thinking I wonder if any of these houses would work for putting into Newcrest.  After selling all of her garden produce Cat had this house built.  It is 10k Starter House by xBihzx.  I added a few extra touches so the total cost was $10,135.


I found a family on the gallery because I was feeling lazy.  They are Varn by Hockeysmurfen99.


Toddlers are so cute I couldn’t resist trying to find a family with one!  The mom’s name is Ida and she’s now in Cat’s club.  Just need a city dweller to complete it.


I saw this while I was paused looking around the neighborhood.  I thought it was funny.


Success!  This girl Joyce lives in the city!  She also works with Cat so being friends will have an additional unintended bonus.  She didn’t seem to understand why Cat was running over to meet her at first but she warmed up.  Must be city living that makes her leary.


Cat invites her to her club and now it’s complete!  Time for a wedding and parties to commence now that Cat has her friends!


I left this big so you can see everyone better.

Sorry guys but this is the end.  I really have no idea why I lost interest in this one but it’s been so long that if I decide to try the challenge again I’ll start over.

5 thoughts on “TS4- Dynasty Challenge 1.3: Cat’s Clan

    1. Oh yea Ida is married. I thought he was in one of the pics but maybe not. He was talking to Diego. I really like those 10k builds because now that I know we can add more than one house it makes it easier to afford more. Although I should consider saving up for another one in Forgotten Hollow in case I have a surprise like you had!


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