TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 7: New Leadership!

Chapter 7

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To begin his leadership Dario had a new house built.  I was feeling too lazy and frankly I just wasn’t interested in building another house so I got it off of the gallery.  It is Vampire Starter originally by SimsOnlineCom and then it was added on by Sesse0816.  There’s a huge price difference between the two versions.  I had to kaching twice to afford it but after I was done selling stuff, putting their stuff in that I kept and adding a bit more I was able to take away that $2,000 with some left over.


One thing I’ve changed my mind about is not trying hard to make money very fast.  I didn’t want to complete the challenge too quickly but truthfully it’s really boring if they aren’t all working on something.  Hoyt was writing books too and has published 3 already.


Rana was feeling playful.  Dario wanted nothing to do with it.  He had a lot of catching up to do if he wanted to get skilled enough not to lose the coven right away.  When I saw her doing this I realized that the vampire tomes transferred from the old bookshelf to this one like the stuff in the fridge!  Awesome.


Dario being the jerk that he is decided to feed on Keres as a last revenge.  She left the stable after this.


Then he used his new mind control powers.


On everyone roaming around too.


He visited Caleb and Lilith’s house and requested training but he didn’t do very well.  Most likely from using most of his energy mind controlling.


When Vlad came to visit Dario woke from his hibernation to see him.


After getting some more training from old Vlad they had a sparring session that Dario won.  I need to add some outdoor lights here. This is the place that he shines.  I did check his vampire powers and he only has one in strength and I know Keres had at least one so I’m just as mystified at him overthrowing her as I was when it happened.


Masami was having issues of her own.  Her needs were always horrible and she was driving me crazy.  Turn already!


Both Acheron and Dario did a lot of studying vampire lore.


Notice that the book changed?  It’s the final volume.  Thank goodness!


I just thought this was funny.  Little Shysie has such a different temperament from the other two.  To be fair Kyran was feeling the effects of the sun.


02-03-17_11-15-09-am 02-03-17_11-15-28-am 02-03-17_11-15-52-am 02-03-17_11-26-24-am

Freaking finally!  It was cool to watch but she annoyed the heck out of me until she turned.  I do like her vamped out look once I gave her a makeover though.


Dario had just a sliver more to get Prime vampire so he mind controlled some of his coven.


Finally!  Acheron is the only one close to him in power now.


Yay!  Now he can go back to making masterpieces!


What’s this cute little cottage for you ask?  I decided that after everything that she’s been through Keres deserves a happy ending.  She moved to this cottage in Willow Creek, married and had a daughter.  The build is by ruthlesskk but I didn’t write down it’s name.


Her hubby was found under the hashtag boredomcuties and was created by Simslover163.  I used play with genetics to marry them and give them a daughter.  I hope she has a very happy life and her descendants aren’t lured into the vampire life!

And, that’s the end of that one.  I can’t really say what it was that made me give this story up.  Perhaps it was the leadership change or the move.  Or the fact that I just don’t really like the Sims 4 vampires that much.  I still think the rules are good though and hope to try it again at some point.

9 thoughts on “TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 7: New Leadership!

  1. It’s a nice ending for Keres – maybe a happier one than if she’d stayed a Vampire. I would love to see the daughter grow up, hearing about how poorly her Mum was treated and set out to bring down Dario, Buffy the Vampire Slayer style!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww Masami looks amazing in her new vamped out style. I also love the guys sitting there studying shirtless *rawwr* hee hee.

    As the other ladies have said – I like that you gave Keres a happy ending. SimsLovers boredom cutie is perfect for her and their daughter is a cutie too! Her cottage is just gorgeous. I like the changes Dario made to the lair.

    My starter home is still a piece of crap haha. I love the shell, but I put wall scars, holes and spiderwebs all over the place, so it’s really bad. Haha. I need to get my vamps in and make some money to upgrade a bit.

    Liked by 1 person

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