TS4- Drifter II 004.8: Love Lost None Gained

House 004 Chapter 8


Ugh.  When I opened the save I was greeted by this sight.  This no aging/no death thing is driving me crazy!


I was about to delete him in CAS and just be done with it when I was thinking too bad there’s no way in CAS to just make a clone of him and assign it as Mona’s dad.  So I thought oh I can clone him!  I had to go into buydebug mode to get the cloning machine.


One clone coming up!


Meet Josef.


Are you freaking kidding me?!?


Alright so I went into CAS and deleted them both.  When I exited CAS it was back to the time I had started! Remember it was late at night in the last screenshot!  The pool was gone.  I am so confused but whatever.  I gained the time back that I wasted trying to find a way to keep him in Mona’s tree.


So Tesla helped Mona with her homework.


Then it occurred to me that rocket missions might increase the rocket science skill.  They do!  She was almost to level 9 and didn’t have work for 2 days so I was happy.


Really?  This is the least scary vamp I’ve seen!


Until this one!  So I did a pop report to see how many vamps are in my game cuz there were lots roaming around and coming up to the door.  Eleven!  What the heck?!?


I guess Kylee takes the slave role seriously.  She keeps cleaning.  Does the butler suit make them do that maybe?

01-28-17_9-00-35-pm 01-28-17_9-00-52-pm

Tesla was either on a rocket mission or upgrading the rocket and I noticed that Mona wasn’t sleeping.  Finally I found her in the closet in the other bedroom.  So cute!


She upgraded all night and took a moodlet solver potion.


Woot!  Another task to check off!

01-28-17_9-13-57-pm 01-28-17_9-15-08-pm

Poor Mona was sick.  She’s so adorable.


Tesla planted the U.F.O. seed she found while on a mission.


When she was invited to the Romance Festival I thought why not?  This was hilarious!  What on earth?

01-28-17_9-26-19-pm 01-28-17_9-27-26-pm 01-28-17_9-28-07-pm

She went back to the romance guru hoping that he’d give her better advise this time.  He didn’t.  She was so sad I sent her home.


More upgrading… installing the wormhole generator.


Yay!  Finally she makes it to Sixam and does lots of collecting.  She keeps 4 souvenirs.  I’m sure she’ll go back again and get some more.


Then since she had most of the day free she took Mona out for the day.


I saw this boy Colin Hay and had Tesla call him over so that Mona could meet him.  Perhaps a future mate?  That would be nice.


Then they went out for lunch.


And dessert.


She had just crawled into bed when Donte, the guy I had originally planned to get her with, called to invite her to a nightclub.  Maybe it’s a sign?


Their friendship was really low so they stargazed until they were friends again.


At first he was all into her and then he wasn’t… later he was again.  No surprise since he’s married.


Yay!  Is that the ghost of her dad?  Maybe.

01-28-17_10-20-38-pm 01-28-17_10-21-37-pm

Okay I will admit I had them try for baby but she didn’t get pregnant.  I had her call him over in the morning and try again and she didn’t get pregnant.  She’s almost to the top of the science career and that’s the last thing she needs to be done with the house other than Mona aging up and she’s 3 days to teen.  I see lots of high-speeding in my future.

Chapter 004.9

13 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 004.8: Love Lost None Gained

  1. Glad you got rid of him! I have a sim who is stuck with 1 day until aging up too. I hope she wont annoy me as much as Mona’s dad!
    Playing in the closet is very cute!
    Lol at the mask at the romance festival. I never saw a male guru.
    How fun you found a friend for Mona!
    Sweet that she got together with Donte, a shame he is married!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much but he was a jerk to Mona.
      The game paused with the lady in the mask like that. It was so funny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a female guru!
      Look forward to seeing more of little Colin in the next chapter.
      Donte was a last ditch effort to give Tesla a happy ending.


    1. That was exactly the problem! I rushed that relationship because it was the last weekend before she would get the promotion I was waiting for before she could get pregnant.


  2. I’m glad you finally figured out a way to fix the Nolan problem and congrats on Maxing Rocket Science. Hopefully she will have a better time with Donte.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think that there is an immortal sim kind of thing …. my friend had one that she saved him up at the gallery and I keep thinking I’m going to test it to see if he really is


    1. I don’t know. It said 1 day to adult but had an empty young adult age bar. He never aged in the whole time he was there. I could cheat him to adult or elder but he couldn’t die or blow out candles.

      Liked by 1 person

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