TS4- Drifter II 004.9: It’s an Ending

House 004 Chapter 9


Umm am I missing something?  At first I thought that the game sent the clone instead of Tesla but it’s her.


Luckily I had just opened the game before she left for work so I just exited and everything was normal!  Such weird things happen to me!



That’s level 10!  House complete!


This is how they were when she got home…


Then Mona came home and did the same thing.  I even had Tesla walk into their rooms to make sure there wasn’t some reason they weren’t using their beds!


Back to work for one last day.  She got a task to upgrade the portal thingy but not one to go into it.  Actually I’m kinda glad.  Last time it added like 10 more aliens to my game.


Then I was like why do the tasks she’s assigned anyway?  I just came to get all of her stuff that she had laying around the place.  So she made all of the serums that she didn’t already have in her inventory except the one that needs a deathflower and maybe one other.  At first I had her go to work and I didn’t join her but eventually I just had her quit altogether.


I think this looks so cool with all the elixirs up there on shelves.


And here’s the other side of the office.  Her trusty simray has been put to rest.


It’s almost time for Mona to age to teen.  So she spends a little extra time with her.


That much closer to an A in high school!


I wanted to complete the geode collection because I think they look so cool so I sent her to Sixam a lot.  Which resulted in a huge influx of aliens that I will need to delete before Mona starts house 005.


Okay now seeing Vlad on the other side of the door is pretty creepy.


Time for Mona to age up!  Why on earth did I have Tesla try for baby so late at night?


Oh!  She’s so pretty!  I left her hair just like that.  Love it!



Mona sat on Kylee’s bed reading after her cake so she climbed into bed with Tesla.  I find it kinda creepy.


See?  She’s gorgeous!


Tesla planted a cowberry she found in space.


Her brother Kelvin comes over and everyone gardened together.  Down Bessie!  No eating the heir!


This little girl Lilliana came knocking on the door.  I thought she was a cutie so Tesla invited her in.


She called Mona out to meet her.  I figured maybe they could be friends or something in the next house.


The next day was the flea market so when someone invited Tesla she brought Mona.  It’s so funny, pretty much every festival she gets invited but I swear I rarely know who it is inviting her!


I was just scanning the crowd when I hovered over this girl and saw Tesla knew her.  It’s Lilliana!  The girl that was at their house the day before.


Nope.  Not happening.  Sorry cowplant ya gotta go!  She left for school right after this and was miserable when she got home.


Holy cow!  The bills were even higher the week after this.


She does her homework all the time.  Even if she has the drained moodlet.


Awesome!  Level 3 start in 005!


I couldn’t figure out who this kid was.  It sounded familiar then after I closed it out I looked and he has the same last name as Lilliana.  But I couldn’t figure out how she could know some other teen.  Then I saw a sticky note with his name!


It’s this boy from the pool!  They must be close in age and he must be related to Lilliana.


So of course I had Tesla invite him over that night so I could get a good look.  Those glasses look goofy but otherwise he’s pretty cute.


The next day was Saturday so Tesla brought Mona and the other kids out to lunch.  Look at how she looks at him! Oh man my plans for house 005 are changing!


So here they are just having a nice lunch when…


Caleb forgets he can’t be in the sun and visits an outdoor restaurant!  *sigh*  Vampires aren’t very smart at all.


Everyone has to get up and go over to mourn.  The tombstone looked pretty cool so I made a spot for it there.


Freaking Donte invited Tesla to the Romance Festival.  I thought oh wouldn’t it be great if house 004 ended on a happy note with them finally getting together!  Umm no.  She asked him to break up with his wife and he shot her down.  She went home immediately.  So much for romance.  Tesla was doomed from the start.



The day before Mona’s birthday Tesla completed the geode collection!  It looks awesome.  I’m so happy!


Then late Monday night she woke up Mona to blow out her candles.


Chapter 005.1

Chapter notes:

Wondering about the title?  I had a terrible time thinking of one.  I had hoped to end on a high note but truthfully I was unhappy with how so many things ended up in this house challenge.  Several times I almost started over but decided not to.  So it might not be a happy ending for Tesla’s house but it’s an ending.  Time for Mona’s turn.  I think she has a head start at least.  If you’re wondering yes I did speed through pretty much all of the days in this chapter.  

House 004 can be downloaded on the gallery here: Raines Roost.  I have to say this may be one of my favorite builds to date.  I’m going to miss it.  The final value in game was $92,387 with $37,991 in reserve.

13 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 004.9: It’s an Ending

  1. Congrats on completing house 4! lol how cute that everyone was sleeping when Tesla came home from work.
    The elixers on a shelf look cool!
    The vampires do sound stupid.
    Sorry that Tesla’s romance didn’t work out.
    Mona looks pretty. I’m looking forward to her story in house 5.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Since I didn’t make a science lab in this house I was trying to decide how to integrate a bit of science into the house and on the last day I went to work with her I thought of the elixirs.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Congrats on finishing house 4 🙂 Poor Tesla 😦 Maybe she is better off without Donte. I’m looking forward to seeing how Mona does in House #5

    Liked by 2 people

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