TS4- Drifter II 005.1: A Rocky Start

House 005 Chapter 1


Here we are starting yet another house challenge.  This time we start with a drifting partner.  Meet Trey Cortez. Cortes was the last name of the drifting partner from the last house 005 challenge.  His son joined the heir in house 006 and his great-grandson married my house 008 heir.  I love having these extended family trees in the hood!  Mona seems a bit confused to see Trey there.


It was really weird starting this house and seeing house 003 across the street!

lottraits lottraits2

House traits.


Trey’s traits.  I rolled for them.


Mona’s traits in case you need reminding.


Pretty much nothing skill-wise.


Here’s where things started going downhill.  She started at level 3 but didn’t get the cash bonus or the bonus items. Tesla didn’t get it in 004 either but I didn’t think much about it.  For some reason Trey’s energy and hunger were low already.  Mona’s needs were good at least.  I did look on the EA bug report site and the no career rewards is a reported bug.  Oh well they’ll live!


One good thing about playing this neighborhood before is all of the collectables were ready.  So while Trey napped Mona ran around collecting.  Until…


She couldn’t do anything!


So they both just napped.  She didn’t really need it but there was nothing she could do because of being uncomfortable.


This is after selling the loot she got the night before.  As I was taking this pic I realized they needed an easel more!  *sigh* I’m totally off my game.  The no starting bonus threw my plans out of wack.


Trey fished for awhile.  I did have Mona fish but then…


So I sent her home.


Right after that her uncle Kelvin that lives in house 003 across the street showed up to welcome her.


I ended up just selling the blackberries she’d planted so that they could get an easel.


I was sick of this bench already.  Her paintings were barely selling for anything so hopes of a tent weren’t high.


Colin showed up and Mona talked to him for a few minutes before heading to nap.  He was still a teen so it wasn’t worth wasting the time.  It only took a few interactions to get them to friend level though which is surprising because they only saw each other a few times as teens.


With them both switching off painting pretty much all day they did end up getting a tent at like 1am.  Better than the bench!


Getting the inspiration up before work.


Trey’s first promotion.


She’s always freaking nauseous!


Mona’s fun was totally red and I was desperate to find some way to get it in control but didn’t have a lot of money to spend.  The yoga mat said fun and was cheap but it barely gave her any fun and made her focused.  I sold it and made her play on her phone like 15 times.


Mona managed to get her painting skill up despite the fun need and got a promo.


When I looked at her contacts and saw that Colin was a young adult I was really excited and had her invite him over. This was a mistake.  She flirted with him and he got mad.  She got embarrassed and I had her ask him to leave.  So much for using woohoo for fun.


Finally I remembered that they can paint and listen to the radio.  It doesn’t do much and it seems to slow them down considerably but it’s better than nothing.  Trey’s fun was so low he couldn’t paint and just danced.


This was hilarious!  Oh the things that entertain me!


Trey got his second promotion.


I’m actually not sure why I took this pic?  To show the fridge I bought?  No clue.


I bought them the only beds they could afford that wouldn’t make them uncomfortable (I thought) in hopes that they would need a little less sleep.


Mona got her second promotion.


They kept making poor food and I kept throwing it away.  I think this is her third salad.  Colin stopped by and Trey was just dancing so he talked to him for a bit.  By the time Mona got done cooking and made her way over he said he had to go!  Oh well, she has to work anyway.  She didn’t manage to get her work task done this day because her needs were just horrible.


In the morning she invited her friend Lilliana over to meet Trey but after introducing them she didn’t seem very happy.  Maybe she’s jealous because things have ended up so difficult with Colin.


While Mona went to work Trey put the moves on Lilliana.  She was all into it…


Until she wasn’t!  Dangit man.  These sims just don’t want to cooperate!  I ended up just making them cloudgaze for awhile.


Then we tried again.  That’s better!


They had just started to woohoo in the tent and I was going to invite her to move in when Mona came home from work with her fun in the red.  Poor girl could really use some woohoo herself!


Right then Colin called inviting her out.  Speaking of woohoo!


It took freaking forever for them to sit down to eat.  I almost sent her home but she didn’t have to work the next day so it was now or wait even longer.


Flirting with him was so easy this time.  Maybe it was the mood he was in the first time?  I think he was energized or something then.  So by the time they finished eating their romance bar was over half full.


Finally!  Her fun bar was still red and she was pretty miserable by the time he’d moved in after dinner.  Of course I gave him a makeover cuz those glasses had to go and with the hair he had I kept calling him Brett because my house 004 heir the first time around had that hair and looked similar to Colin.  One big surprise is that Lilliana wasn’t in the same household as him and isn’t even related to him!  I assumed since they both have the last name Hay and they aged pretty much at the same time that they were twins or something.  Tomorrow Trey will invite her to move in too.  Then I need to get going on a house of some sort.  They have $5,383 in reserve.  This chapter is 6 days.

Chapter 005.2

Chapter notes:

Both of them have level 5 painting.  They don’t have any of the other skills they’ll need for this house yet because it was so consuming trying to just keep up with their painting this first week.  Mona is level 5 and Trey is level 3 in the career.

13 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 005.1: A Rocky Start

  1. Looks like they had a bad start. Squeamish looks like a bad trait for your sims! I don’t think i have that trait in my game, it is from outdoor world, right?
    But at the end of the chapter they were doing much better. Woohoo! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hate the squeamish trait! They get uncomfortable so easily and it’s a drag for these type of challenged. Just a tip, reading the wilderness digest in the tent is a good way to get up fun, although now they are both dating they have a much more effective method.

    BTW Trey and Mona are cuties! Any chance they are on the gallery and would like to live in an immortal dynasty file? Newcrest is looking for new residents 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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