TS4- Drifter II 005.3: Engagements and Weddings

House 005 Chapter 3


I finally gave in and bought a stove.   I wanted to buy a nice one and saved up for it instead of buying a cheap one and selling it because there’s like 4 recipes she could make without one so there wasn’t that big of a hurry.


I’d had the whim to propose to Colin pinned for a few days and decided that since she had the day off it was the perfect time.


Then they spent the rest of the morning at the Hare Square park playing chess and chatting.  Yet another note from the future: Last chapter we saw the man with the black hair in the background at the Oasis Springs park.  Here he is talking to them at the chess table!  Make note of him for 006!


Awe!  Looks like someone might end up being a good daddy eh?


I felt kinda bad that all they had to do to entertain themselves all day was the radio so I bought them the penguin tv. This isn’t my color scheme I just thought it was funny.  Lilliana looks like she approves.



Mona’s first masterpiece!


Trey got promoted to level 6!


And Mona had enough points for this!


Mona spent some time before bed playing chess…


And Trey talked to himself for a few hours.


I love this little group.  They’re all good friends and they flock to each other.


Mona woke Colin up early the next morning to try for a baby.  I don’t want another heir’s birthday in the middle of the night like hers was.


Well, try and try again right?


Success!  Yay nooboo on the way!


Colin looks happy!


This was her work outfit that day.

01-30-17_8-59-14-pm 01-30-17_8-59-40-pm 01-30-17_9-02-39-pm

So now both couples are engaged!


So when I sent them home Mona came home from work and now look at her work performance!


Haha I have no idea what pose this is cuz I have a bunch in my poses CC folder.  They just automatically do it when they go to do certain actions like tell a secret.  (Haha it IS tell a secret!)


So apparently they can throw up in a broken toilet.  Learn something new every day.


I was trying to get all the family at the house so they could be there for the wedding but I was too cheap to pay for the $1,000 party.  Tesla couldn’t be invited over so I knew she was somewhere close.  She was fishing.  Mona told her she’s gonna be a grandma and she was really excited.


Back at the house.  Mona formed a group and brought everyone back here and then they all promptly walked off.  Oh well.  Wow Tesla has her arm through Lilliana’s brother’s gut!

01-30-17_10-18-46-pm 01-30-17_10-19-33-pm 01-30-17_10-20-36-pm

I thought that shirt looked really good with her dress.  I also thought that dress looked good with her pregnant.

01-30-17_10-22-16-pm 01-30-17_10-23-53-pm

They went for less dressy outfits.  It was such a pain trying to take these pics without seeing the people walking on the street!


After the failure to get the family to spend time together during the marriages I figured they could be forced together for a small reception!  The guy in the red shirt is Lilliana’s brother Alfred.  Her brother Bob never showed up.


Even here they share the cake if they cut it.  Good to know.


I had one of them tell everyone to take a piece and as they took it they stood up.  I thought it was pretty cool though how everyone stood eating and chatting.  Makes me sad that Mona didn’t have any siblings.


Then when their drinks arrived the plates were stuck to their hands.  They still drank but it looked really goofy. Then back to home.  This was fun.  It was nice seeing Tesla and Kelvin.


I sent Mona and Trey back to painting and their new significant others chased them over there!


I guess they gave up.


A little while later Mona was cooking when I realized something was missing!  Do you see it?  Or not that is.  The fourth chair!  Her mother must have stolen it!  And on that high note, I’m ending this chapter.  Mona’s in her second trimester so there will be a nooboo in the next chapter!

Chapter 005.4

Chapter notes:

Not much has changed from the last chapter since this one was 3 days and I spent about a day on engagements and marriages.  The house value is $28,670 with $8,911 in reserve.  Mona is level 7 in the painter career and level 8 painting skill and level 3 logic.  Trey is level 6 in the painting career and level 8 painting, level 3 photography and level 3 charisma.

 Another note from the future: I read these chapters the morning that they are scheduled to be posted to edit them if they need it and I have to say how much I’m enjoying it since (at least to me) it’s been awhile.  Seeing Mona finding out she’s pregnant and getting married got me all teary eyed.  It was great to see Tesla and Kelvin too!  Plus it’s been fun playing where’s Waldo with some of the sims that I recognize that you’ll see in the future.  I hope you enjoy the mysterious clues!

16 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 005.3: Engagements and Weddings

  1. Caught you with your story. Congrats on the weddings and nooboo on the way. Looking forward to seeing what the finished house will look like. It seems mahoosive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really was a big house and I wasn’t altogether satisfied with the odd floorplan in the end but could never figure out another way to do it. Thanks for reading!


  2. LOL At your Where’s Waldo comment. And a stolen chair! OMG too funny. The weddings were beautiful and you took great shots at them and the reception. Too bad about the stuck plates, although it was pretty funny. At least the plates didn’t follow them home!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. It really was. I’d use the fullhouse mod to add all of the invited sims to the family which was usually a total of like 25 sims! Then I did all of these posed shots. Too much trouble really but for some reason I enjoyed it.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. What a crazy undertaking! I bet the shots you got out of it were amazing, though. I’ve never tried much in the way of posing other than using the “go here” and making them do what I want before grabbing a screenshot. I did use the overstuffing mod for more sims in a house, but for other reasons, usually. I have yet to download a single mod in sims 4.. just haven’t felt the need for it. That may change, though, you never know when EA might accidentally “break” the game so that it needs the mods.. (although the lack of story progression and the automatic culls of previous generations is annoying, just not annoying enough to start modding).

            Liked by 1 person

            1. The screenshots were pretty cool. I did a lot of posing when I was attempting to do stories instead of commentary. It didn’t last long. It’s very frustrating.
              I’ve been using MC Command Center since I starting playing again in April. I love it! Sims get married and have babies. There are generations in townie family trees. That’s in addition to all the other stuff it does like pause on zone which I can’t live without.


  3. Haha – I saw the picture of the wedding, and thought “That shirt and dress go really well together” and then read you commentary and you wrote the same thing! So glad to see a nooboo on the way and happy couples 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re so nice to give your sims proper weddings. I never remember to. Both my sims did get married, but with no help from me. They both autonomously eloped. Haha.

    I’m glad you managed to trick the family into celebrating somehow. Even if it meant you lost a chair in the process. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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