TS4- Drifter II 005.4: Such a Good Dad

House 005 Chapter 4

01-31-17_5-10-07-pm 01-31-17_5-11-18-pm

I didn’t realize that Mona went to work an hour after Trey so I just took some pics of her 3rd trimester belly.


Her needs were so horrible after work that I didn’t manage to get a chance to have her paint until the middle of the night!


It’s a boy!!!  The first boy heir!  Can you tell I’m excited?  I took absolutely forever choosing a name for him and then ended up changing it when he aged to toddler.  Originally his name was Maximilian, but after giving him that name I kept thinking Max Power from The Sim Supply’s YouTube series!  It had to be changed.  So his name is Ashton.


Before running off to work Mona hired a nanny just in case Lilliana or Colin didn’t take care of him but Lilliana went right in and fed him.


Oh geeze.  A miserable nanny.  Just what I need.  Side note: I later discovered that she is a vampire.  I don’t see her burning in this pic but her name came up when I pulled the report with MC Command Center.  Needless to say I deleted her when I started 006.


Then Mona showed up!  It said she was done with work for the day!  She should have gotten a promotion that day but after apparently leaving early her performance went way down.  This is the second time and I’m starting to worry.  If this keeps happening there’s a good chance I’ll fail this house.


I was so ticked off about her leaving work that I ended up spending like an hour decorating the house.  Lots of blue to celebrate our first male heir!


Holy cow!  It took 2 showers and some woohoo to calm him down!


While I was building I got to thinking that I had so much extra space I should try out having a butler.  His name is Chase Xian.  Why do I always get service workers with mohawks?  At least it’s entertaining.


This is my first so I’ve never seen this.


The butler is probably wondering why he’s just standing there watching him fix the toilet.  That’s kinda creepy Colin.


Trey aged to adult.


Shortest marriage ever.  It popped up saying they were married and then he turned to a ghost!


I’ve heard people say that butlers don’t do much for babies but this one does.


She does not look enthused.  Another baby coming to the house soon!


Ashton ages to toddler!


The same trait Kelvin had.  Hope he’s a better toddler than he was!


Isn’t he so cute?  Looks just like his daddy!


Mona invited Tesla over to meet her grandson.  I’m glad that she did…


This was a few hours later.


Lilliana is childish so she plays with him a lot.  I think she’ll be a good mom.


Hooray!  He’s now the same level as Mona.


The butler gave him that sippy cup.  He carried it all around the house.


I knew he’d be a good dad!


The butler sat there reading this book for hours.  He kept stopping and the icons for hungry and tired would appear. Finally I just reset him and he went to eat and sleep.  Poor guy.


This is what he was reading.  Isn’t Alfred the butler from Fresh Prince?


I ended up buying a highchair because I realized that the uncontrollable sims won’t feed him without one.  Or at least they weren’t.


Then Colin aged to adult.  It drove me crazy trying to get them all in the room for the cake.


In the morning it was Mona’s turn.  I didn’t bother trying to get everyone together for the cake this time.


I’m gonna keep saying it.  He’s a great dad!  After the last house I’m relieved.


No it wasn’t the green headpiece I was interested in.  It was the orange shirt!  He didn’t have any orange at all on kids yet so you can imagine how excited I was!


So cute.  I adore him already.  I’ll be crushed if I fail the house at this point.


More adoring the daddy.  I think it makes it so much more special that it’s all autonomous.


Our second baby is born!  His name is Toby.  I didn’t dither over a name as long this time around.  Hopefully he will be close to Ashton.


Originally I had planned for Mona to have another baby but after the whole work thing I decided Lilliana would have another.  I actually meant for her to try for baby the day Toby aged up but for some reason I did it a day early.  Oops.


It was Trey’s day off and he had already found a teen girl with green makeup so after re-arranging all of the stuff I figured out that all he needed were white socks/tights/leggings.  Then I saw this angry girl walking down the street and thought how goofy she looked… then I realized she has white on her either tights or leggings, I’m not sure.  He ran out and got her pic and the treasure hunt is complete!  I’ll post the pics in the next chapter since this one is long enough.


Finally!  She should have gotten this like 4 days ago!

Chapter 005.5

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 5 or 6 days?  I didn’t write down the day.  I’m sure that confuses you because I’ve never mentioned the fact that I changed the days in different lifestages before starting this house.  There’s still the same number of days altogether but baby is 1 day, toddler is 6 days, child is 11 days, teen is 11 days, young adult is 16 days and adult is 30.  The baby-teen stage is the same number of days we had before getting the extra 7 for toddlers.  I made adult longer hoping it would keep parents from dying and losing children in the neighborhood because I have MC Command Center set to have kids at adult but it’s not working out so I might tweak that one and make it more even with adult.  I already talked to Vihisha about this change so no worries.  Note: At the start of 006 I changed it to 26 young adult and 20 adult and set MC Command Center to pregnancy at young adult instead.  I kept having to go into manage worlds and age the elders with kids back to adult.

The house value is $48,567 with $8,699 in reserve.  Trey is level 7 in his career, level 9 painting, level 5 charm and level 4 photography.  Mona is level 8 in her career, level 9 painting and level 4 logic.

14 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 005.4: Such a Good Dad

    1. I really have no idea why I had so many kids. Most were from game generated families. I think I have so few now in 006 because for some very annoying reason I don’t understand all of the furniture disappeared in almost every house in my save!


    1. I was thrilled to have a male heir! He’s the first! I don’t know why my NPC’s always seem to have mohawks but I find it so funny.


  1. Haha. Finding the right aging in MCC is a bit of a pain. I think having them have kids as yas, as cruel as it seems, is a good plan. That way if they have the kid in the last available day, they still have all of adult to raise them.

    The only thing I’ve noticed is sometimes the spouse will be old and die and remarry and stuff. But I didn’t want to force yas to only marry yas.

    Love the kids, they are so cute. I think I have your house 4 issue this time around. The twins were a blast, but my two kids this gen almost made me tear my hair out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not even sure what my MC pregnancy settings are right now. I had a flood of marriages and pregnancies and turned the settings down.
      I had a really annoying toddler in house 007 too. I swear there are hidden traits!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In my case it was the adults. They kept getting into each other’s way and I have some odd lag resetting that terrified that they come and take a child before I could get them food. I think I’m in need of a game repair.

        Liked by 1 person

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