TS4- Drifter II 005.5: Treasure Hunt

House 005 Chapter 5

The photo treasure hunt is complete…


purple bottom


pink accessories


blue skirt


red hair


yellow shoes


brown headpiece


orange top


black fullbody


white leggings/tights


green makeup

There were so many kids that it became my goal to have all kids for the treasure hunt.  The girl with the green makeup is a teen.


Here they are.  I tried to make some sort of a pattern but gave up.


Ashton’s like what’s that?


He’s a dancer just like his daddy.




Playing with mommy.


Toby ages to toddler.  He got his daddy’s hair!



Colin immediately takes over.  I thought sims other than the parents had to be specified as caregivers to take care of other kids in the house but he did.


First, this was pretty darned funny.  He was super tired and his mom put him in this highchair and went to take a nap herself.  Second, I discovered something interesting.  He woke up and yelled and the bubble over his head showed his mom.  She woke up from her nap and walked in and took him out!  I didn’t know toddlers could do that but I saw him do it again later that day… yeah she put him in and left him again.


I’ve never noticed the “maintaining high relationships with co-workers” part!


So to test it out Mona invites the only co-worker that was available to the house to become friends.  It was odd, she knew 5 other co-workers but Trey didn’t.  I’m a bit confused about how the whole thing works.


Trey gets promoted to level 8!


The co-worker Maximus started painting and when Trey got home he painted next to him and they became friends too.


Wow he missed his daughter’s birth to be there!


Wow Toby is a chunky monkey!  It’s because the butler fed him constantly I think.


They had almost $20,000 in reserve so I decided to do more to the house.  It was getting kinda annoying looking at drywall and concrete floors in half the rooms anyway.  The biggest change is the kitchen.  I’m not done with it I just ran out of money.


A little bit of family time before mommy has to go to work.


It’s another boy!  His name is Griffin.  No more babies!


Trey surprisingly gets another promotion to level 9!


Then Ashton ages up to child.




Then came the total aggravation that was Toby’s hair.  I went into CAS to change Ashton’s clothes and for some reason Toby’s hair kept changing color.  I would fix it and exit CAS and it would be a different color each time.  I tried the mirror.  I repaired my game and cleared my cache files.  Nothing worked.  Finally I used MC Command Center to take just him into CAS alone and that worked.  But it was like an hour later before I thought of it!


Uncle Kelvin died.  He’s the last of Mona’s family.


Griffin turned out to be a very fussy baby.  He cried over and over and kept waking the other two boys up.


See here they are staying up all night because each time they go to bed Griffin wakes them up!  Also, the butler got stuck reading again.  I wasn’t paying attention until I saw him doing all the hungry and tired actions.  I keep having to reset him.


Poor Toby!  I was about to move the cradle out of the bedroom but it was almost time to age him up so I didn’t see the point.


Mona catches up and is promoted to level 9 too.


And Griffin ages to toddler.  I actually missed the notification and kept wondering when is that kid going to need aged up?  Then I looked back and there it was!


Oh boy!  My first wild child!

Chapter 005.6

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 days.  Ashton has 21 days before aging to young adult.  The house value is $66,365 with $8,775 in reserve.  Trey is level 9 in the painter career, level 10 painting skill, level 6 charisma and level 4 photography.  Mona is level 9 in the painter career, level 10 painting skill and level 4 logic.

14 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 005.5: Treasure Hunt

  1. Awwww, Taylor was a chubby toddler, I think they’re adorable. And Taylor is still my absolute favorite Drifter, edging out Shannon, barely. Maybe cuz I wrote that gen in diary format?

    Anyways I think I figured out that you are taking pictures of your house at night. Haha. I’m on my phone so they’re kind of small. It’s looking great though!

    Liked by 1 person

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