TS4- Drifter II 005.7: Meet and Greet

House 005 Chapter 7


Griffin finally aged to child.


I swear this kid is always stinky!


Mona should be getting a promotion and this popped up!  They are constantly sick!


She got promoted anyway.  Once the sickness went away it showed the inspired from cloudgazing the rest of the day at 0 time left.  Weird but I’ll take it.


The two brothers hanging out.  I wish I would have had Mona have the second child instead of Lilliana but I was afraid it would make it too hard for work.  I do adore Griffin though so I guess it worked out.


Okay so, I liked having Mona meet Colin when she was a kid so much that when she was pregnant up to a few days after Ashton was born I wrote down all of the kids names that were born.  This little boy is Leroy Fulton and when I saw him at the park I realized he was on my list.  Which started my obsession with her meeting all of the kids on that list.


While at the park they were invited to the Curry Festival.  Gotta see if anyone can be a champ!


Good job Ashton!


This is the most I’ve seen use this table at one time.  I had to take a pic to commemorate it.


It was Saturday so they headed to the park again.  I think this kid is Tyler.


They went to Hare Square later to look for any of the other kids but it was the same one again.


Did I seriously forget the nightlights?


As you can see 3 of them were already sitting in their room eating.  They did this all the time, it drove me nuts. Ashton woke up Trey to spray under the bed.  Although neither of them went back to bed that night anyway.


Another kid!  This is Sunday and they went back to the park.  This is Carlo.  Note from the future: Ha!  Poor Carlo, if he only knew the things in store for him in a few short years!


When they went out for lunch later Carlo was there with his parents.  I wanted Mona to go talk to him at his table but instead he got up and went to hers.


Everybody had to go to the bathroom so I was just kinda twiddling my thumbs when I realized that’s a kid sitting by herself!  Apparently she was alone because as you can see she’s ordering.  Mona introduced herself.  Her name is Dylan.


What on earth?  That’s the men’s room too!  How’d Lilliana even get in?


I tried the Hare Square park again with no luck.  I really wanted to find all of the kids while they were children because you can’t tell teens are teens in this game and it would have made it a lot harder once they grew up.  I was scanning the sidewalk the day before Ashton aged to teen and happened to see this little girl.  Mona ran out to meet her.  Her name is Karlee.


She invited her to hang out at the house and then I realized all three boys were sound asleep!


It’s Ashton’s birthday!  Mona invited all of the kids she met too.  Two of them already aged to teen.  I’m not too fond of the one with the blond and blue hair, Tyler.


Ugh the game wouldn’t pause fast enough!


Here he is!  He’s skinny as a rail.  Must get that from his dad’s side of the family.


02-03-17_5-19-22-pm 02-03-17_5-52-55-pm 02-03-17_6-02-49-pm 02-03-17_6-04-02-pm 02-03-17_6-50-28-pm

A fun day was had by all!  I looked and Ashton doesn’t even know two of the kids.  Oh well, guess I’ll have to get them together again and see what happens.

02-03-17_7-12-06-pm 02-03-17_7-12-58-pm 02-03-17_7-15-06-pm

This is the first time since the start of this house that Trey has cooked… at least that I know of!  I have no idea why he wouldn’t just get a quick meal.  I stopped him from cooking and had Mona finish it and cook a bunch of meals to fill up the fridge.  The butler rarely cooks.  All he’s really good for now that there aren’t any babies is cleaning and repairing and even that I have to make Mona or Trey tell him to do.  Shortly after this they dismiss him.  Then everything in the house breaks.   Go figure.


Just thought this was funny.

Chapter 005.8

Chapter notes:

It was great having so many kids back then but around the time I started house 006 almost every house in EVERY neighborhood somehow lost its furniture!  MC Command Center (and I assume the regular game too) won’t move anyone onto a lot without beds so the game is a ghost town until I take the time to either place all new houses or go into each and put beds into the empty houses.  Either way, it’s going to be a huge undertaking.  If you read my failed attempt at 006 you’ll see most of these kids.  In the actual one, you’ll only see one of them. 

10 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 005.7: Meet and Greet

    1. I did. I need to go through all of the houses before I start part 2 of house 007 and see what’s going on with nobody being moved in.


  1. The furniture disappearing is a major annoyance, I suppose you might be able to stop it by having your elders move out… But I hated the way that setting broke up couples just because one got old. I’ll have to try the furniture thing, maybe if you catch it fast enough … Otherwise I’ll just redownload them from the galley.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still haven’t figured out the furniture thing. Pollyanna said that if you place one item of furniture in build mode it comes back but I tried and it didn’t work.
      I did the elder thing once but it was in my rotation and it moved my sims out too! That setting needs some major tweaking. I wonder if anyone uses it?


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