TS4- Drifter II 006.1: [FAIL] Rough Living

House 006 Chapter 1

Note: If you didn’t notice the big [FAIL] in the title I’m pointing it out.  I decided to publish all of the chapters from the failed attempt at once and post them on a separate chapter index in case someone wanted to read them.


It’s time for house 006 extreme edition!  I did it before, let’s see if I can do it again without the help of moving sims in right away and getting jobs for the starting bonuses.  Ashton Raines is our first male heir.  He is joined by his drifting partner Aubree Saeki.  They look at the absolutely gigantic lot in awe that they must build a mansion here! Side note: This is the first time I’ve played on the Oakenstead lot since my legacy when the game first came out!


House traits.  Umm doesn’t gnomes cancel out gremlins?  I guess we’ll see.


Aubree’s traits.


I have no idea how he managed to get those satisfaction points!


All of that painting skill was from his mom talking about painting!


I guess they fixed the weird bug that filled the needs when they used the cake.


Aubree was elected to run around and collect since Ashton has some fishing skill already.


Upgrade part!  Awesome cuz he really needed to pee.


See?  No fence yet just a potty as close as possible so he wouldn’t have to go as far.


A little later they had some good catches in addition to frog breeding ($30 frogs) and I noticed that this fridge was a bit more than the cooler.  Couldn’t afford a counter yet but they can get quick meals.


Then they get a counter and Ashton makes a little to put in the fridge for later since he has some cooking skill.  Most of that is from his mom talking about cooking too.


They both napped over and over on the benches that night.  You can see Aubree in the distance.  They were so tired the next day I decided a tent is a must.


Aubree was getting dirty after doing the collecting and I was trying to decide what to prioritize to buy first.


Then she decided not to fish anymore and made up my mind.  Also, take note of the dude fishing with them… you might also remember him as the man in Hare Square park in 005 that talked to Mona and Colin.


This was all they could afford.  They still can’t be on the lot the same time but it should block walkers from seeing.


Having a chat while taking a break to eat.  Fishing together should build social but it doesn’t.


There aren’t many elders at all so I was surprised to see three of them at once.  Technically there aren’t many sims period.


Hooray a tent!  This is the end of the 2nd day.


Leroy was the only one of the kids that Ashton met in 005 that had aged to young adult.  I figured if they had to they could sleep in shifts sharing the tent but I really wanted one of the gardeners there so he invited him over while I crossed my fingers that his last trait was good.  They look miserable because of the dirty bowls all over the ground.


After discovering that his new trait is active Ashton works on becoming friends.  Could y’all have picked a worse spot to cloudgaze?


Then Leroy moved in!  I also discovered something pretty cool about him…


His mom used to work with Tesla in the Science career!  See who his dad is too?


She’s the blonde dancing in the back!


He’s dubbed the gardener/gatherer and cleaning person since he’s neat.


Apparently he doesn’t like Dylan.  Too bad cuz if she moves in she’s working with him!


I noticed Mona standing by the mailbox so Ashton ran over to give her a hug.  I guess if there’s no door they lurk at the mailbox.  He invited her to fish with him but she stopped pretty quick and I remembered she’s squeamish!


This is the first that any of the plants have been harvested so they all had a full harvest in them.  Leroy ran around and harvested grabbing any collectables on the way while the other two fished.


After selling all the fish they’d caught there was enough for an easel.  Ashton starts his new job of painting.  He won’t have any additional tasks.


Yay!  Now messing around with all those aspirations pays off!


Leroy starts planting the strawberries and snapdragons.


Not bad for his first painting!


They all take a break to eat and Leroy cleans up now that they finally have a garbage can.  It must have been driving him crazy since he’s a neat sim.


I had planned for Aubree to write books not paint but the computer is $800 and an easel is like $350 so she’ll paint instead I guess.  Poor Leroy is back to the garden.  After this I made the others go help him but they didn’t finish until like 2am!  The non-house is worth $13,033.  I actually have the house graphed out already.  I know it’s shocking.  I’ve never graphed a house out before starting but I had some spare time to look at floorplans on my phone.  Hopefully it will be as neat as I think it will be!

Chapter 006.2 [FAIL]

9 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 006.1: [FAIL] Rough Living

    1. I’m so glad that you liked Leroy and his parents! We haven’t seen the last of them! I really enjoyed the second try so I’m not upset about the fail at all.


  1. I’m glad you decided to post the failed chapters. I like to see stuff like that, because it reminds me that failing is sometimes not that bad of a thing.. you learn from it and move on. Plus, I think it’s hilarious that what you wished for (alien baby) came true in a big way… I’m just glad you weren’t too far into the house before it happened!

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