TS4- Drifter II 006.2: [FAIL] Someone May Need to Die

House 006 Chapter 2

Note: If you didn’t notice the big [FAIL] in the title I’m pointing it out.  I decided to publish all of the chapters from the failed attempt at once and post them on a separate chapter index in case someone wanted to read them.


It always surprises me that half the time when the mailbox is in a proper place the mail deliverer “can’t reach it” and yet when I put it back by the desks she can!  Whatever.


Back to the grind of painting.


They all needed fun so they fished because fishing is fun but it goes up very slowly and is really only helpful if they are fishing for a long period of time.


Ashton was able to get it but Aubree hasn’t gotten enough points yet.


Dylan finally aged to young adult so Ashton invited her over to see what her last trait is.  It’s jealous which takes her out of the running as wife material.  Jealous sims annoy the heck out of me.


That’s weird.  Apparently Carlo lives with her.


Two for the price of one!  I already did their makeovers at this point.  You know how they lived together?  He’s introducing himself here.  Sims is so goofy.




He went right to work on writing.  There was only one problem…


Really though?  Energized?


Dylan on the other hand went right to work gathering.  Last time I did house 006 I only had one gardener and regretted it.  This time I’ll have two to garden, gather and fish.


Leroy had this.  So funny!


Keeping track of all of them is utter chaos.  As soon as I look away one is running into the tent to look at the wilderness guide or dancing to the radio.  Which I ended up having to put into inventory because it was waking them up.


Neat sims are so weird.


Carlo woke up and aged to young adult.  His last trait is outgoing.


I figured if Carlo aged up then Karlee most likely had too and I was right.  Her last trait was childish which is really her only good trait.


Her after her makeover.  When I saw how she looked without the glasses I had to leave them off.  Surprisingly when I moved her in I realized that her mother is a really pretty sim that always caught my eye when she was walking by house 005.


Lazy is actually a good trait for a writer but slob is just gross.


Karlee had this tablet in her inventory and I couldn’t drag it out to get rid of it so I had her place it herself.  Then Dylan ran over and picked it up.  Greedy.


Ugh!  Why the heck did you clean in the first place?


My little gardeners.


Okay when I graphed this house out it seemed so big on paper.  I was very wrong.


Look how small it is!  I think I’ll need to go look at my previous house 006 to compare the room sizes.  Luckily building materials sell back for the same price you paid.  Note: That house was NOT too small.  I ended up making it bigger and THEN it was too big!


That energized moodlet is really annoying.  I have to have them take thoughtful showers and have all these lamps out too!


Leroy had enough points for free services.  Don’t mind if I do!


They were driving me nuts standing in front of the fridge eating.  I would have to que them to eat then “go here” away from it then que the next one to eat.


Dylan had enough points so I thought why not?


Upping fun a bit while doing their assigned task.  Their friendship is hardly red anymore working together so much.


Aubree’s first masterpiece!


Then Ashton gets his first next!


Ohmygosh!  So it’s really ironic because I said in house 005 that my guys never get abducted!


At least he’s not upset.


Oh man.  I only left room for two children in this house and I thought that would be plenty.  If it’s twins someone will have to die.  As much as I wanted an alien baby this is the one house I don’t want one in!  Note: I never in my wildest imaginings would have thought it would be twins so I actually thought it was funny saying someone might need to die.  I never really thought I’d have to consider that option!

Chapter 006.3 [FAIL]

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 days.  The non-house is valued at $17,274 with $22,205 in reserve.  I plan to stick with the floorplan I already have just on a much bigger scale.  With a baby on the way they need some sort of shelter.

10 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 006.2: [FAIL] Someone May Need to Die

  1. In my house 6, Melany is a jealous sim. She even got sad moodlets from seeing the other sims being cute and in love. Not a trait I’ll willingly play again. If I can avoid it, I will. The hubby in that Apartment Switch challenge that had those twins had “Jealous” as well, and he was constantly tense from worrying about his partner. Sounds like my brother-in-law and annoys the heck out of me! Yet another reason I wasn’t sorry to re-start that challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My sim in my whim challenge married that Akira guy from City Living and he was jealous. Several times he screamed at her for no reason when she was just talking to another sim. I did not like it at all and will avoid it like the plague.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s too funny. The sim I was talking about is Akira. I actually married him in two different saves. So much so that my daughter banned me from marrying him in a third time (but he was just so EASY! He practically invited himself into the houses.) To prevent it, I had my restart be a guy so I wouldn’t’ be tempted to chase Akira again.

        Liked by 1 person

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