TS4- Drifter II 006.3: [FAIL] Family Reunions

House 006 Chapter 3

Note the title says [FAIL] these fail chapters are mostly for me because I didn’t want to lose the work I’d done or the memories.


No you didn’t just skip a bunch of chapters!  I have all of the houses from the first time through in NewCrest so I decided to visit house 006 to see the room dimensions and maybe get some ideas.  I was a bit surprised to find that the rooms are almost the exact same size as the house I showed in the previous chapter!  I figure it must be because it’s on a 50×50 lot and this one was on a 50×40 lot.


My next experiment was to try to gauge how large the porte cochere needs to be.  I figure since they’re usually used as an overhang for cars to drive through that a car would be a good way to judge the size I’d need.

02-05-17_10-26-53-am 02-05-17_10-28-06-am

I actually did much more than this using money cheats just to see what things would look like then I sold all of it back and cheated the money back to what they had.  This is what’s left.  Originally the upstairs bedrooms were all the same size but when I put the stairs in they were totally off center.  I have no idea why.  So I had to move the room sizes around a bit to compensate since I’m going to attempt a balcony type thingy up there.  I hope it works!


Then it’s back to work to earn more money for more building!


I gave in to the fun need and bought a tv since it won’t wake anyone up anymore.  I think it’s so funny sizing up the penguin one.


Dylan started getting some grafting done but it’s kinda difficult with the other sims to keep busy so she doesn’t get much done at a time.


Seriously?  Would you believe I forgot?  Too funny.


Only Ashton and Karlee were awake and when I saw them working in separate rooms I thought it was a perfect opportunity.


A little bit of flirting…


A first kiss…


A rose and asking to be his girlfriend…


Then a bit of fun.  So far they’re the only ones with a bed yet.


It had just started high speeding with everyone sleeping then I saw poor Carlo pop out of his tent.


02-05-17_12-51-06-pm 02-05-17_12-53-08-pm 02-05-17_12-54-45-pm 02-05-17_12-57-03-pm

It popped up that one of the roommates parent died and I decided that Ashton should introduce Karlee to his family and also just to see them again just in case.  They had a great lunch and it was so good seeing them.  I’m glad that Toby and Griffin will still be there.  I need to hook them up so they can make little Cortez babies!




Much quicker than I had expected but he wanted it so who am I to refuse.  When I saw this area behind the house I thought it would be a beautiful romantic spot.  I love finding these hidden treasures in the game.  Note: I’m pretty ticked that I used this spot in the fail because I really liked it!


Karlee invited her parents over to meet her new fiance.  Isn’t her mom so pretty?  Her dad doesn’t seem too pleased with the news.


I think these two will be the next to get together.  They now have quite the friendly relationship bar considering they disliked each other so much when they moved in.


I gave in and bought a stove.  I didn’t want to spend too much on one yet because I plan to get the most expensive one later.  I forgot she’s a vegetarian and had her cook eggs and bacon for breakfast.  I had to quickly stop her from eating them!


First, awe look at them coming down the stairs at the same time.  Second, it’s strange to see anyone out of their one outfit they’ve been wearing from the start since they all have been sleeping in tents.


Carlo is pretty much always miserable.  He’s way behind Karlee on book writing.



I have to admit I’m enjoying it though.  I’m pretty sure it’s not twins because Ashton and Karlee had the option to try for baby and when they saw their families there was the option to ask them to move in.  Note: Apparently those options mean nothing.  I looked next time there was a pregnancy in the non-fail and it was the same.  Move in was even there when the house was full!


More grafting.  She hasn’t even gotten all of the snapdragons grafted onto the strawberries yet.

02-05-17_1-44-31-pm 02-05-17_1-44-59-pm

I’ve gotten so accustomed to ignoring the annoying sims knocking on the door all day and night that if it wasn’t for everyone else seeing their families recently I might have overlooked him.  This is Dylan’s dad.


After her dad left Leroy got the courage to try a few flirts.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  We’ll have to see how it goes in the next chapter though!  And we’ll meet that alien baby!

Chapter 006.4 [FAIL]

Chapter notes:

This chapter is almost 3 days.  The chapters in my last house 006 were a lot less days in a chapter too.  I’m not sure why? The house (yay there’s a house!) value is $41,798 with $28,976 in reserve.  I thought I’d do the bulk of the building at the start of each chapter.

6 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 006.3: [FAIL] Family Reunions

  1. I always assumed as you did, that sims worked out whether they were having twins when the pregnancy started, so if there was still a “try for baby” option, then it wasn’t twins in an almost full house. Turn out it seems it spawns whether you have multiples when giving birth so you can’t gauge it by whether they still have that option or not. On that note, I’m glad I had the second couple in my house 6 go ahead and get pregnant at the same time so the game was forced to have only one baby for each of the couples (since they were both pregnant and the house only had two spots.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m assuming that if it was originally twins and someone else gets pregnant it must change. I might test it out someday using MC Command Center to cheat and make one pregnant with twins.

      Liked by 1 person

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