TS4- Drifter II 006.4: [FAIL] Alien Twins

House 006 Chapter 4

I’m not even going to beat around the bush here guys.  As you can see in the title it was twins.  At first I figured either someone needs to die or I’m going to have to change my mod to allow more than 8 sims.  I decided against a mod almost immediately cuz that seemed way too cheaty and I’ve had a bad experience with that in the past.  Thinking of killing one of them made me really depressed.  Plus, I got to thinking how hard it will be trying to make money with twin toddlers in the house!  It would most likely take one if not two of them taking care of them full time!  Lastly I went into my previous house 006 and compared where I am now to where I was at this point then and the house is seriously worth like 1/4 the amount! So although this isn’t technically a fail I’m calling it a fail.  I saved the twins to the gallery and I plan to use them in another challenge or two.  I’ve always said if I fail I will still post the chapters so I’m going to finish up what screenshots I’ve taken so far.


Remember in the last chapter how I was so confused about the top floor being off center from my plans?  Well it turns out when I deleted the pantry downstairs I didn’t compensate for the loss of the two squares.  Geeze.  It took me forever to figure it out!


Here was the front of the house.  Once again this took me forever and I wasn’t really happy with how it turned out in the end.  The “really cool” porte thing on the left side wasn’t working as planned because I forgot it adds a foundation to anything.  I was planning to delete it and just do something with columns on the ground and a roof. Not what I had wanted at all.


Those stairs took forever once again.  For some reason the fence and the handrail kept coming out different colors no matter what I did!  Finally I thought maybe it’s the lighting and threw some stairs on the lawn to test it out and sure enough outside it looked right.  I made a hole in the roof just to see and viola it looked right!  I had several lights on in there so I could see so I have no idea why it was like that.


The downstairs was just kind of a muddle still.  I put some archways in and that’s about it.


Back deck and the garden squeezed into the back corner.  Originally I thought this house was too small.  So I made it a bit bigger.  But in the end it was too big and I was thinking about rebuilding it anyway.


Here’s what it looked like in map view.


These house traits are so goofy.  You shouldn’t be able to have both.


I actually made him do it this time.  Having a neat freak around comes in pretty handy!  You could see those puddles from map view!


Everyone is amazed by the talking toilets as they always are.


The irony in this whole fail is that I was constantly forgetting that he was pregnant because I was so focused on the house.


This is the next day.  I thought this was a really good pic.  The lights look pretty neat.


Since everything broke and then was fixed again poor Leroy had to mop all over the place.



I was planning to set these two up eventually.  I realized that they barely knew each other.  I think I spent too much time messing around trying to get relationships up and stuff.


Speaking of which I just wanted them all to be able to sleep in beds so I was trying to hook them all up to just get rid of the tents.  Every time I looked away someone was reading wilderness digest in a tent!  I think Dylan was so hot and cold because she’s a jealous sim but I’m not sure.


I sent them to fish together.  I also think I spent too much time having them fish which isn’t always very profitable.

02-05-17_7-18-13-pm 02-05-17_7-19-12-pm 02-05-17_7-55-48-pm

Finally I got them together and had them go back to work.  Turns out that they couldn’t use the gate the way I had it set up and the gardener never tended the plants.


I thought it would be cute for Carlo to call Mona to go to the hospital with him.  Not really.  He complained about his problems to her and she did this talk to the hand type thing and right after I took this pic she left.

02-05-17_8-09-04-pm 02-05-17_8-16-21-pm

So when the first baby which was a girl was born I was all excited and had my son help me think up a name cuz he’s all into science stuff.  We decided on Andromeda for her.  Then he walked out of the room and when it popped up to name the twin boy I gasped so loud he heard it across the house!  The boy is Orion.


I was seriously so shaken up that when I tried to decorate the nursery I just couldn’t.  I have no idea why it was so darned important to me that they had a finished nursery but I threw this one down off of the gallery and it cost like $12,000!  What on earth?  This just goes to show what state of mind I was in.

02-06-17_7-30-18-am 02-06-17_7-31-31-am

I aged them up when I got back on the game the next day after deciding to re-start the house.  You can download them on the gallery here.  I plan to either use them in a toddler challenge or my dynasty challenge or maybe both? Either way this isn’t the last you’ll see of these little scamps!

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