TS4- Drifter II 006.1: Let’s Try this Again!

House 006 Chapter 1

A/N: If you didn’t already know I ended up having one of my male sims abducted in my last attempt at this house and he had twins leaving no room in the house for an heir.  I decided to call it a fail and restart.  You can read those chapters here.  Some of the starting info is the same as there because I copied it here for those that don’t want to read the fail chapters.


It’s time for house 006 extreme edition!  Ashton Raines is our first male heir.  He is joined by his drifting partner Selena Marcus.  In my failed attempt he was joined by a girl named Aubree but she wasn’t saved to my library so I had to find another.  I got her off of the gallery which led to some problems.  She had skills, satisfaction points and a job!  I spent forever in CAS making her over and I really liked her so there’s no way I was going to start with a new sim.  I had to get a UI cheat mod and adjust all of her traits back to 0 and then I bought a potion of youth with her satisfaction points and sold it to get rid of them.  The aspiration she had done was the city one so no worries there. Whoever put her on the gallery didn’t note all the skills and such but must not have played with aging on because she was at the start of young adult.

noskills selenatraits selinatraits

I posted the skills there so y’all could see they’re gone.  She rolled awesome traits.

On to Ashton…


I have no idea how he managed to get those satisfaction points!


All of that painting skill was from his mom talking about painting!


I guess they fixed the weird bug that filled the needs when they used the cake.


I decided to re-roll the house traits since gremlins and gnomes canceled each other out.

02-06-17_9-44-45-am 02-06-17_9-46-55-am 02-06-17_9-58-20-am

Day one with these two was pretty much exactly the same as the previous time except that Selena actually caught some fish while Aubree didn’t.  Those tunas look so big but they sell for $1-$5.


By the time they had to stop fishing they had a toilet, fridge and countertop.  Not bad considering they had nothing that morning.


At least there are benches!  I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going high speed since they were sleeping…


Stupid vampires!  Last time I went in manage worlds and deleted all 20 of them before starting the house but it took forever and I didn’t feel like doing it again.  Now I’m wishing I would have.  I don’t think as many will spawn here because there is less traffic in this neighborhood.  A/N: I did delete them all but one later although that didn’t help.


In the morning after a bit of fishing and collecting.  No more taking turns using the toilet while the other fishes off the lot!


I wanted them to get as many satisfaction points as possible because I want them to get the marketable and creative visionary traits.  So to get the points from the first part of Freelance Botanist they each planted 10 things and watered them.  What really surprised me is that they sell for more after being planted.  I knew that happened with cowplants but I had no idea it was other plants too.


I was surprised to see that there were some harvestable strawberries and snapdragons so I threw them on the lawn to be planted too.  I was about to buy a tent and then I thought it would make more sense to buy an easel to get them started instead because they should make back the amount for a tent by nighttime.


Then I was thinking.  I saw Ashton planting all of this stuff and too bad Leroy wasn’t here to do it.  Then I remembered he moved in on the third day last time so he might be a young adult already.  He was!  Then I made another decision…


Tesla used to work with his mom Susana near the end of her time in the science career in house 004 and his dad Jamel keeps popping up so I’m pretty familiar with him too.  Since they’re elders I figured I could fill the house to 8 and still be able to have the heir later.


Yay!  So I know what you’re thinking.  I was thinking it too.  It’s day 2 and I just moved 3 more sims in without even a tent for them to sleep in!  I figured they can earn some money fishing or whatever and if I don’t have a tent they can rotate sleeping on benches.


Jamel has a level 6 fishing skill so he was catching them pretty fast and some big ones too.  C’mon guys earn your tent!


These two are getting along much better than Ashton got along with Aubree the first time around.  They’re always seeking each other out to chat.


I have no idea what happened.  Did Leroy become invisible in this pic or did I just turn the camera completely the wrong way?  Anyway, it was supposed to show him up late gardening while the other four slept in tents.  Yep they did manage to get some thanks to a few good paintings and Jamel’s fishing skills.

susanaretirement jamelretirement

Wait.  What?  I wondered why she wasn’t in the science career anymore.  It was one of the reasons I moved them in. Apparently the game will sometimes retire townies.  I had no idea!  This is an awesome turn of events and will help so much even if it isn’t a lot of money compared to what some paintings make.


With their unexpected windfall I buy them all easels!  All except Leroy of course.  He’ll be gardening and gathering just like last time.  I know Jamel could have fished but I thought he’d be happier painting with his wife.


Haha at least I got Leroy in the pic this time!  The night before he barely got any of this planted before he had to go to sleep.  Luckily once he was getting tired some of the others were waking up and he had a tent to sleep in.


Fast forward to the next day.  Apparently the only pics I took of from Sunday were paintings which I decided to post at the end of this chapter.  I was just getting Leroy ready to tend the garden when I saw this girl walking by the river. I thought isn’t she pretty?  Then it occurred to me!  Instead of moving the same sims in I did last time I can pick some others.  I think she looks like her and Leroy could really get along.  Better get to know her first.  She might be mean or evil or non-committal.


Hurrah!  And she has a job!


Better get that relationship up so she can move in.


I was really excited to see this… A/N: She quit within a week!


Then I was going to give her a makeover and I saw this!  I swear the aliens are stalking Ashton!


Here she is after the makeover.  I made her second outfit with those snazzy purple boots she was wearing.  I went to see what her alien form looked like in CAS and she didn’t seem to have one.  Either that or I messed up somehow.


What on earth?  I guess you’re shocked that she’s an alien too eh mister mailman?


She doesn’t start work until that night so she might as well make herself useful.  I figure she’ll assist Leroy in her down time.  She has no skills so this is as good as anything.

For your entertainment: Paintings…

02-06-17_1-35-58-pm 02-06-17_1-52-10-pm 02-06-17_11-33-50-am 02-06-17_12-54-39-pm 02-06-17_12-59-10-pm

I decided to keep these ones because I thought it would be really cool to decorate the house based on whatever paintings are in the rooms.  I figure there’s no big deal of keeping them instead of selling for money because in the end they add value to the house and help with the painting requirement for the aspiration.

Chapter 006.2

Chapter notes:

I was expecting it to be a drag starting this house over.  I figured everything would be almost exactly the same but after the first day it wasn’t and I’m enjoying this so much more.  I do plan to move two more sims in.  I definitely don’t want to move Carlo in because I plan to use him and the twins in other challenges but as to Karlee and Dylan I’m not sure.  Leroy has a young adult guy in his relationship panel that I think I want to meet before I decide.  Who knows?  Someone else might walk by and catch my eye!

This chapter is 3 days.  The non-house value is $15,198 with $5,585 in reserve.  Keep in mind that I’ve kept 9 paintings total at this point.  I didn’t take screenshots of them all.

A/N from the future: I can’t tell you how happy reading this chapter made me!  Seeing the gang again and even the paintings that decorated the house!  It’s a great feeling.  I hope you all come to love them at least half as much as I do.

14 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 006.1: Let’s Try this Again!

  1. Glad it’s a good start for you. I was worried it would feel boring starting over. Glad to know it wasn’t. That’s too funny about her being an alien. I find out people are aliens all the time in my other saves. I’ve not managed to find one in drifter yet except for house 4 where I was supposed to find one. Guess I’ve been lucky.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought it would be boring as well. I was pleasantly surprised. I think part of it was that I didn’t do everything exactly the same after the first day.
      No clue what’s going on with the aliens! It’s an invasion!

      Liked by 1 person

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