TS4- Drifter II 006.3: Heat of the Moment

House 006 Chapter 3

As you might remember from the previous chapter I had $65,000 to spend building a house.  It took 4 1/2 hours and almost all of that money!  I stopped when it was just over $1,000 for traveling money and also because my head was starting to swim from staring at the screen so closely.  I built much differently than usual as you will see and I’m extremely pleased with how it’s turned out so far.  So without further ado, the house!

Building photos:


First, a reminder of what it looked like before.  Most of the current $50,000 lot value is thanks to all of those paintings on the wall.  You’ll see more of them later!  Let’s get to it!


I think I mentioned at the end of the last chapter that I found a house that I loved the outside but that the inner floorplan wouldn’t work.  Would you believe I have never done this before?  Yep!  I have always graphed out my houses based on inside floorplans and then worried about the outside and especially windows last.  What I ended up doing was gauging the size of everything by the windows.


This is a little bit further along.  I wanted to see how the front porch/balcony and columns looked.  I was quite pleased.


The sides of the house were a bit harder because I wasn’t really sure how big to make those rooms.  In the end by looking at the floorplans I figured that the room on the left was square and that there was a window after the room on the right so it would be about two windows wide.  One of the reasons I fell in love with the picture I based this house on was all the balconys!  There are going to be even more.


Here is the downstairs at this point.  I added another easel for each of them so that I can que up two paintings at a time.  After I built that bar (which I love) I considered not even having a dining room but there’s all that empty space that will need to be filled somehow.  The kitchen will have two stoves and refrigerators.  I’ve never done that before but thought it would look neat.


And here’s the upstairs at this point.  I built the rooms around the balconies so that each of them would have access. All of the room’s color schemes will be based on a large painting and whatever color their bed will be when they can afford the expensive ones.  Originally the rooms were larger but it just looked goofy so I made them smaller and added the study and central hall area.  At this point I had worked on the house for a total of 2 1/2 hours and realized it was after midnight and my brain was starting to get all foggy!  I had $16,678 left.


Here’s the sight that greeted me when I started the game back up in the morning!


This and the following pictures are where I got to before hitting the $1,000 mark.  This took me two hours.  I’m attempting to do a sort of mishmash of flowers and plants along the front and sides of the house and I will admit my brain wants to make all things equal so I have to force myself not to look at the other side while doing it!  You may also notice that the wall of paintings is gone.  I used all but one of them!


Here is the rear of the house.  I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the kitchen garden there or not.  First I want to see if they will tend the plants with that tiny fence around them.  I left quite a bit of space in the backyard.  I think it’s 20 squares because I have some plans that I think will look really cool.


Here is the downstairs.  I am not sure what I want to do with that empty space to the bottom right.  For now I’m just leaving it as is.  The dining room is themed after the painting you can see on the wall.  The kitchen and area to the right are based on five paintings of which you can see three.  The rec room to the far left is based on several other paintings that aren’t pictured here because I haven’t decided where to put them yet.  I did the painting room in a bright yet sparse coloring not wanting to distract from the painting itself.


Upstairs!  Bottom left is the children’s room.  I had a terrible time finding a color scheme for this room.  I had five like-colored fun paintings to put in there but nothing looked right.  Surprisingly I decided on grey.  Two of the walls have a fun pattern while the other two are flat grey for paintings.  Above that is the master bedroom and bath.  To the right is a communal bathroom and a small bath attached to the bedroom to the right of that.  That room has access to two balconies.  Down from that the room is a bit plainer and unfortunately you can’t see the colors on those walls or the study walls.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour!  I’ll try to keep the rest of the chapter a little shorter than usual to compensate.

Back to work…


Umm I said let’s get to work?


Speaking of work.  I want nicer easels!


Diane helps me discover that yes they will step over the tiny fence!


Okay so there were several pictures that I left out of this chapter of how no matter where I put the bar they wouldn’t use it.  Currently it’s all over the place because I kept moving it to see what they’d do.   When I realized I’d taken so many and really they were just of sims standing in front of the refrigerator instead of sitting down I just deleted them.  I kept this because I took it when I realized with beds they now change their clothes!


Thinking diapers already Ashton?


Awesome!  We can use that somewhere.  Also, I was able to replace some of the ones I’d already kept with higher valued ones as they made them.


Awe!  That didn’t last long.  I will miss them.


I saw Karlee standing at the front door pouting and I had to laugh.  If you didn’t read my failed 006 this is the girl that Ashton ended up with.  Maybe she had a feeling what was going to happen next!


Toby from house 005 invited Ashton to the Romance Festival.  After they got there I never saw him again.  He wasn’t even there when I tried to form a group with him.  Anyway time for these four to drink some flirty tea!


Ashton dragged Selena over to the arch and begged her to marry him!

02-07-17_3-18-33-pm 02-07-17_3-19-01-pm 02-07-17_3-19-42-pm 02-07-17_3-20-11-pm 02-07-17_3-20-23-pm

I wanted his family to be there too and kept having him call them and invite them to the lot but they never showed up.


Leroy is overcome by all of the excitement of the festival and as soon as Ashton and Selena have finished their vows he drops to a knee and proposes to Diane.  It was so exciting people were taking pictures with their phones!

02-07-17_3-24-00-pm 02-07-17_3-24-39-pm 02-07-17_3-24-54-pm

I didn’t get as many pics of them.  It seemed like every time I paused I’d realize it was the same pic I had taken of Ashton and Selene.

02-07-17_3-30-59-pm 02-07-17_3-31-35-pm

Back home to celebrate!  I keep forgetting that Diane is an alien.


Ashton felt bad that his family missed his impromptu wedding so they invited them all out to breakfast.


The whole time I was looking at all of my elders and taking them in knowing this may be the last I see of them.  I’m so happy for these two.  Her mom may have never found real love but Mona surely did.


Once the food came there were lots of jokes and laughter.  Everyone seemed to like Selene.


As they were getting ready to leave Ashton gave everyone a hug.  I’m sure he’s missed them too.  We should have Toby and Griffin to the house sometime.  I still need to find them some wives.  I actually did that once but that was in the failed attempt.

Chapter 006.4

Chapter notes:

This chapter is a bit under 3 days.  It’s hard to believe it’s only been 9 sim days since Ashton moved out!  I’m sure you’re curious about numbers so here we go: House value is $162,582 with $65,386 in reserve.  The only things I’ve added to the house are some upgraded bathroom stuff and of course the more expensive paintings.

16 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 006.3: Heat of the Moment

    1. Thanks! I’m so excited that everyone got to see the house (or part of it) today! The weddings were so fun even if the family never showed up.


  1. Loving the house! One of these days I need to be brave enough to try to build a house from the outside in based off a photo. I usually build inside out, like you… this last house 6 of mine I had an idea of what shape I wanted, but no details.. and I did end up sizing rooms based on window sizes, too. Your house is turning out really nice!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh! Good luck!

        I just finished house 6 (yay!) and picked the contestants for house 7 part 1.. so now I just have to write up the end of house 6 and a contestant bio page for 7. I want to write them while my brain’s still fresh from playing mostly because I’m sick and I don’t know how much I’ll remember tomorrow. LOL

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh I hope I feel better soon, too. The whole family’s sick with some viral sinus thing. Unpleasant in the extreme, and not much the docs can do other than a round of steroids and cough syrup. Both of which taste crazily bad. LOL

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