TS4- Drifter II 006.4: Circle of Life

House 006 Chapter 4


I figured I’d take some shots while testing to see if things worked.  I needed to get through the landscape requirement and was pretty excited about it this time.  I didn’t learn how to landscape until house 007 my last time around and the 006 house just had a ton of those gumdrop bushes to meet the requirement.  So this is the meditation/relaxation/zen garden area.  I’m really happy with it.  Here they were testing out the meditation stools because I used moo to place them.


Now they’re testing the yoga mats.  They work too!


Then the hot tub.  I know it’s kinda odd for me to put in a hot tub when there are unfurnished rooms but none of this build has been normal so oh well.


Last she tested the pool for me.  It has a overhang to block out those harmful uv rays.  I thought it was a cool way to get the last of the column requirement.  I was also super excited that with the spa type environment the water with petals actually looked right!  I’ve never used it.


The only thing I did inside was work more on the kitchen.  I’ve finally found a bar placement that seems to work and boy am I relieved.  You wouldn’t believe how long it’s taken me!  Also bought a fridge and stove.  I doubt that painting over the counters will stay there.  I had actually just moved it out of the way elsewhere and forgot about it. I did put windows in all the bathrooms because I didn’t meet the window requirement.  This was surprising because it feels like there are so many!


Not bad for a few hours work eh?


Time to get back to work!


This is a very strange painting.  I don’t think I’ve seen it before.  I think I’d remember something that weird.


She came to repair again and I was looking at how pretty she is!  Then I had a lightbulb moment!


I married her to Griffin and I found this other girl for Toby!  I kept her hair because it’s so pretty but gave her hats in all her outfits.  Toby’s wife turned out to be an alien which should be interesting.  What’s up with all the disguised aliens all of the sudden?


Speaking of aliens!  Ohmygosh guys!  It happened again!  Leroy was fishing and I was with Diane in the garden when I heard a weird noise.  I looked over and he was being abducted!  Thank goodness I decided to move his parents in so there would be 8 sims in this house!




This made me laugh even harder!  His dad, Jamel painted this one pretty much at the same time as he was being abducted!  Coincidence?  I think not!


Here’s the bills.  I wonder what they’d be without Frugal?


I’ve never had sims so drawn to the yoga mats before!  Get back to work Tobias!

susanaearned jamelearned

I got the notification that their long lives were coming to an end so I thought I’d see how much they’d earned.  Quite a bit it turns out!


Ashton got a promotion at work and I was surprised to see Trey invite him out to celebrate.  Mona was there too.  It took forever to get a pic of just them.  Also, right after taking this pic this popped up…




Here’s Toby’s wife Katherine.  Griffin’s new wife wasn’t home but she’s come to repair a few times since then.  I’m a bit confused as I have this house marked as played that they kept their NPC jobs.  Whatever, not going to complain.


I was trying to get a pic of everyone talking but they were all bunched up in the bathroom!


Finally!  I had to make him go into the living room and call everyone over out of the bathroom.  A big hug for dad.


Selena tries out the motion gaming rig which reminds me that I still have to do the rec room.


Here’s all of them standing around telling jokes.  After this they were getting tired so it was back to home.


Awe!  This popped up in the morning.


I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.  I was having Diane graft in the garden when the camera suddenly shot over here.


I couldn’t get a pic with the walls up.  That room is kinda narrow.  It was kinda odd that all of this was happening right behind her and Selena continued painting almost until the end.  Then she just gasped at Grim and started a new painting!


Leroy was at the river fishing and missed his parent’s deaths.  He returned to find them gone.


Back to grafting.  I have to admit I was surprised how much of this I could finally get done without Susana and Jamel there.  It was hard to micro-manage so many of them which is why Leroy spends quite a bit of time fishing.  A day or so later I finally finished all of it.  Thank goodness that’s done.


When Ashton got home from work they tried for a baby.  I’m not messing around and waiting and then having another freaking abduction!  It might seem kinda bad that as soon as they died I had them get pregnant but really it’s the circle of life!


And we’ve got a nooboo… most likely nooboo’s since there’s the leyline trait and I got them both the fertile reward. Can you tell I really wanted twins?


Ashton was psyched!

02-08-17_9-03-24-am 02-08-17_9-03-09-am

I was thinking it would be cool to have a little tool shed next to the garden.  I’ve always wanted to use those tools hanging up.  While I was searching for them I found some other clutter type stuff that I threw around the house just so I wouldn’t forget to buy it later.  I think it’s a cute little addition.


In the morning I noticed that Selena doesn’t have a belly at all.  Which is really how the first trimester should be in this game.  Have you ever seen a 1-3 month pregnant woman with a giant belly?  I haven’t.


Tobias published his first book to Literary Digest.


Ashton got promoted to level 4 and got the easels I wanted!


Tada!  It looks so much better.  I mean this is a mansion, they need nice easels not the ones that look like they’re about to fall apart!


Selena’s second trimester starts and there’s the little nooboo belly!  Ohmygosh I can’t wait!  I’ve already saved a bunch of names to the notepad on my phone.  But that will have to wait ’till the next chapter because this one is pretty long already.

Chapter 006.5

Chapter notes:

This chapter is about 3 1/2 days.  It’s surprisingly only been 12 days since they moved here!  I’m thinking I’m going to try for Rosebud again.  The house value is $262,443 with $71,482 and that’s with most of the house unfurnished!

10 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 006.4: Circle of Life

  1. I love the zen garden!! So pretty!
    that painting sure was weird. I never saw it before.
    Oh oh, another alien abduction?! Why are the aliens invading our house 6! lol Good thing there was no room for an alien baby.
    Congrats on the nooboo! I’m sure it will be twins! I’m looking forward to see them! Twins are always so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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