TS4- Drifter II 006.5: Mansion Baron

House 006 Chapter 5


I figured I’d just start with this little tidbit and then the house tour.  I kept going into build mode and adding more stuff as I thought of it throughout a day so you might notice in the actual chapter pics that some things aren’t there yet.  I’m really proud that I managed to do this without buying the $15,000 violin, of which I bought 2 last time, or just throwing stuff that I didn’t really want on the lawn which I also did then.  Each time I exited build mode with my finger on the printscrn key hoping it would be the time and my patience was rewarded.  I think this splashscreen looks great!

House tour…


The kitchen was completed with a bunch of clutter and overhead cabinets… Now that I look at it there might be too much clutter!  Oops.


The formal dining room.


The rec room.  Behind Diane there is a karaoke machine and foosball table.


Next to the kitchen is a nice little sitting area.  I went with plain colors because the paintings are color enough.


On the other side is a grand piano.  Since starting the building of this house I’ve been lost trying to decide what to do with this space.  I think it turned out pretty nice.


Upstairs we have the master bedroom.


Leroy and Diane’s room.


And Tobias and Ciera’s room… yes I do know that the rooms are supposed to have single beds.  I’ll put them in before the end.


The study is a smaller room so it was hard to get a pic with the walls up.  There are bookshelves on the sides of the desks that you can’t see.


The front of the house.  I added quite a bit more landscaping here and a bit to the back too.


Then here’s the back.  At first I was going to leave the balconies empty but in the end I changed my mind.


And last we have the large balcony shared by the master and child’s room.  I realized that I didn’t have any toys anywhere!  I’d planned to put them in the rec room which originally seemed like a huge room until I started to put a few things in there.  I had a house in my rotation that had kids toys on the balcony and I always liked it and that’s what gave me the idea.  This and the other balcony decorations were what helped us complete the aspiration.

On to the chapter…


I couldn’t find Leroy and he was outside talking to this vampire.  I thought she looked pretty cool when I was deleting them and kept her.  Of course the game just keeps making more but that’s besides the point right?


First vampires and now more aliens?  What is this world coming to?  At least this time it was Ciera that was abducted.  It was really funny because I was in build mode and I saw her by the front door.  I figured something I moved must have somehow moved her down there from her bed or something.  Then I started again and went to send her to bed and she had the abduction icon!  What’s going on with these aliens?  I’m sure it’s some sort of invasion!


I think they really like that painting!  I keep having them make abstract large because I’m trying to replace some of the less expensive ones throughout the house.


Diane aged up to adult.  Selena had just started her third trimester in this pic.


I always forget what sims are childish until I put toys out.  I was going to get a pic of her playing with a toy when Selene walked out and she asked to feel her belly.  Much better pic!


Poor exhausted mommy to be.  She pretty much napped until dark when I just sent her to bed.


This is the first you’ve seen the nursery.  Really I wasn’t happy with it.  I had this idea of putting up paintings that had like colors but surprisingly there really aren’t many primary color kids decor and I went with this grey theme instead which changed again when the baby was born.


Yep I said baby.  Look how much I was anticipating it being twins!  With leyline and both of them having fertility treatment it was still a single birth.  I was extremely disappointed to say the least.


The requisite sparkle pic.  Her name is Freya after the Norse goddess of love.


The second bassinet is sold and the room is re-arranged.


I was wondering where everyone went.  I gave them some free time while I got over my shock of non-twins and girl heir.  At least this balcony is getting a lot of use.  And to think I was going to leave them all bare.


That night Susana visited!  She matches the little central hall area.


I’m thinking I might go for this again.  Haven’t decided yet.


It was so nice having controllable sims with a baby.  I’m sure Tobias will have a high relationship with her since he was in the study all day and so the closest to her.


Then it’s time for little Freya to age up to toddler.  I was a bit shocked to see that red hair when I remembered her mom’s is pink.  I’m not sure how the game determines hair color in that case.  I think it’s awesome, I love red hair.



After several attempted rooms that were weird shapes I found this one that I liked for her on the gallery.  I’m sorry but I must not have written down who made it.  I thought I saved it to my library but I guess not.  I thought this one would transition well into the child stage and then I found a teen room I think I’ll use.  Of course I guess if they have another baby and it’s a boy I’ll have to change most of it.  I don’t know why I have such a hard time with kids rooms. I just never feel like mine look good.


I didn’t change much really, just made all of her clothes match and gave her a second outfit.  I was thrilled when I was trying to get this pic and realized that she got her mom’s green eyes!  Red hair and green eyes, she’s gonna be a knockout!  Watch out boys!

Chapter 006.6

9 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 006.5: Mansion Baron

  1. I love the house! looks great. Very nice kitchen. I love the lamp above the piano, nice touch. I love the wallpaper in the master bedroom, it looks pretty. I never thought of doing a black and white nursery. It works really well.
    Aww congrats on little Freya. She looks adorable!

    Freya looks a lot like Luke (heir to house 6). I posted a picture of him earlier on the forum when I saw your heir.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I loved that light over the piano but most of the time it wouldn’t show it. I would have to mess around with camera angles zooming and stuff to get it to show up for a pic.


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